How to recognize your 6 extrasensory perceptions

Just like we have physical senses, we also have "etheric" or subtle senses, called extrasensory perceptions (aka ESP).

I have identified and experienced 6 of them that I am hereunder going to describe:

  • clairvoyance: clear seeing, seeing through your mind's eye aka the 3rd eye

  • clairaudience: clear hearing, hearing through what some call a 3rd eye, hearing disembodied sounds/voices that some from more subtle planes

  • claircognizance: clear knowing, you know something without knowing how you know it, you are tapping into the Universal Consciousness and Knowledge

  • clairsentience: clear feeling, you are feeling other people's feeling in your own body, it can be emotions (especially for empaths) but also other people's pains

  • clairolfaction: you smell etheric/disembodied smells (ex: you see someone cooking on TV and you smell it, you catch a whiff of roses when your angels are around...

  • clairgustance: you taste disembodied flavors (ex: if you see some food at the grocery store that you have never tried before, you intuitively know how it tastes, you can also happen to have a random taste in your mouth, one day I happened to have the taste of cigarette in my mouth and I've always been a non-smoker, I was just tapping subconsciously into a soul connection's frequency), this one is the rarest one to experience as far as I'm concerned.

I heard before that we all have a dominant clair. Personally, I have experienced that my dominant clair will vary according to what my Higher Self and Spirit Guides want me to experience and develop.

I hope that helps :)

For more details information, I wrote a book about ESP, giving more details and information about each one of them from my own experience, you can get it here.

I'd love to hear what your experiences have been, make sure to follow me on Instagram and let's connect :)

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