How to grow from a painful situation

From a soul's & growth perspective, it doesn't matter who or what hurt you... it really doesn't matter, whoever/whatever hurt you is teaching you something about yourself if you are willing to look.

Real growth and healing happens when you can see how YOU react.

Are you here for yourself? Are you beating yourself up? Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Or are you willing to turn things upside down and make yourself stronger than ever.

What your trauma and your past has taught you is very personal and it varies for everyone but there is one big line that is common to all of us, trauma survivors and people who have had a painful past: we are still here today, standing up for ourselves. How do I know? Because I am here, writing this and you are here, reading this. So we have this in common. It doesn't matter if you feel hopeless right now, because you are reading this, which is a proof that you still have hope!

Don't trust the hopelessness, trust the part of you who found your way to this post. Trust the part of you who's looking for uplifting messages, who still wants to believe that life can get better because it is the truth, it not only CAN but it WILL get better. You just need a boost, you just need a hand, someone to show you that the tunnel has an end and that you are reaching the light at the end of it.

So if you need a hand, I'm here, grab my hand, I'll show you your own light. If this helped, drop a HAND in the comments below, share with a friend and let me know if I can be of any help.