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How to go from idea to thriving business without detours

In today's article, I want to share the "what not to do" and how you can accelerate your journey to having a thriving business in a durable way thanks to mindset and subconscious rewiring.

Here's the map of the article:

Enjoy the read and if you'd like to work with me, check out my services or contact me here.

How to go from idea to thriving business without detours
Mindset, energy and subconscious work | Self-improvement and self-leadership blog for business success

Here's what I'd tell my past self to do to start turning my passion into a thriving business

But first, here’s what I wouldn’t do:

❌ I wouldn’t invest money in endless courses to improve my skillset because my imposter syndrome said I’m not “legitimate” enough

❌ I wouldn’t invest that much money in business strategies (ex: how to create an offer, how to launch, how to use social media…) because that's all external strategies and what's external can't make up for what's "missing" internally

❌ I wouldn’t waste any second in learning any “manifestation technique” to get my desired results because as much as I consciously want something, if there's resistance at a subconscious and energy level, no "manifestation technique" will ever work

✅ BUT I would dive deeper into the root cause of “money blocks”

Because the day I realized money blocks were not about money, everything changed!

Yes, you heard it right, money blocks have nothing to do with money itself.

Money is energy, and if you can’t see it for what it is, if you place it as something external or hard to get, then you’ll be struggling.

Money blocks have a deeper root cause and it's all related to your relationship with yourself and your core programming from childhood and your soul's story.

I created a free training to teach what I’ve learnt about money blocks and what really hides behind them... because there’s a difference between knowing you’re worthy and feeling worthy… you can know you deserve all the good things in life but if you don't feel it with every cell of your being, there will be resistance...

The content of this training is activating and will give you perspective shifts so you can feel worthy and deserving.

Make sure to grab it while it’s free via the "free hub tab", or email me “ACTIVATE” here and I'll send the link to you!

A beyond-the-obvious approach to break past income plateau

Break free from the wheel-spinning cycle in your business and life thanks to a "beyond-the-obvious" approach ! 

As a passion-led individual, this fire in your heart is your engine.

What you do for a living is more than work, it doesn't feel like working because it's what you were naturally built for

Yet, you've reached a plateau in your progress and you're unsure how it happened and how to get out of this uncomfortable feeling.

So you're working harder, pushing through, being hard on yourself too, wondering what you're missing.

Hint #1

The solution is not to keep forcing and pushing through because that's giving into the same energy. You're already doing all the things!

Hint #2

Plateau is generally a sign that you're meant to level up and that can be uncomfortable

The solution to move past the plateau?

Shift your focus because the more you think you're stuck, the more you will feel stuck 

Look beyond the obvious (what your conscious mind is telling you)

Shift your perspective, pause and re-assess...

When the grind feels like a roadblock, it's time to shift perspective and navigate the unseen aspects. 

And it can be challenging when you're so deep into the picture, which is normal, you're used to thinking and doing things in a certain way. Sometimes we lack discernment to spot the root cause of what's making us spin our wheels.

As a coach with over 14 years of experience in energy work and using my extrasensory perceptions (especially clairvoyance and claircognizance), I bring a unique perspective to help creative entrepreneurs and artists like you break through their plateau.

We dive into the energy levels and subconscious beliefs holding you back.

It's not just about what's visible – it's about unlocking the potential that lies beneath the surface.

It's about becoming more of who you are before society told you who to be and how to behave, act and react.

Ready to break through your blocks and elevate both your business and life? 

Check out my services for the different options to work together

Here's a guide:

  • Want a single session only to clear a specific block on your way to reaching your goals? then a Breakthrough session is for you

  • Want to stop spinning your wheels and make any strategy work by clearing any limitations, doubt and money blocks? then Unshakeable is for you

  • You're a newly established or future entrepreneur? then Ignite your vision is for you!

  • If you want pure energy work: a reading and a reset, then check out the energy work section here

  • You don't want any sessions at all but only support via text and voice notes? Then Power Up - Pocket Coaching is for you!

Unapologetically own your genius while you focus on crushing your business and life goals (without getting lost in "what ifs")

Imagine how your life would be if instead of wondering what your next step is, or how you're going to make it happen, you'd just follow your intuition, trusting your creative genius...

How would it feel to be focusing on reaching your goals, knowing that being yourself is enough and you have all it takes?

I see you, feeling that burning desire to turn your passion into a thriving career. But hey, I also feel those annoying whispers of self-doubt, the boring voice of imposter syndrome, and the weight of perfectionism holding you back.

But here's the magic: Your dream identity of creative fulfillment is not just a dream "somewhere up there", it's not unrealistic; it's a tangible reality waiting for you. 

If you can imagine it, it means it already exists - otherwise how could you imagine it, right? Right!

It's simply a matter of bridging the gap between the reality that you are now experiencing and the reality that you desire to experience.

It's not separated from you, you don't need to because a "better person" (whatever the F that means, "person" is nobody, "person is outside of you"). You just need to embody who you already are and who you have always been before your caretakers shaped your beliefs and society told you "who to be".

🌹 With my R.O.S.E framework and my unique approach that mixes deep energetics, subconscious work with personalized coaching, we'll nurture that confidence, break free from the doubts, and unlock your creative flow. Your passion is not just valid; it's your life force that can transform your life if you give yourself permission to unleash it.

It's time to (re)write your story, from uncertainty to unapologetic passion, from pleateauing to thriving creativity thanks for my Unshakeable program.

From doubt to crushing your goals through subconscious rewiring

The reason why focusing on "what ifs" will keep you denying your capabilities and distracted from crushing your goals 

Can you imagine a life where instead of pondering your next move or worrying about the how, you effortlessly follow your intuition, trusting in your creative genius (because after all, that's your soul gift!). Imagine concentrating on your goals, secure in the knowledge that being authentically yourself is more than sufficient—you've got all it takes.

I know that you have the burning desire to transform your passion into a thriving business/career.

And, I also know the boring whispers of self-doubt, the voice of imposter syndrome that comes like a party-p**per, and the burden of perfectionism holding you captive.

But here's the truth: Your dream life and the vision that you have for yourself is not something that's out of reach or that will happen "one day maybe if you're lucky"!

It's a tangible reality awaiting you on the other side of fears and limiting beliefs!

If you can envision it, it already exists—how else could you conceive it, right? Exactly!

It's merely a matter of bridging the gap between your current reality and the one you yearn to experience. You don't need to become a "better person" (whatever that means—personhood is nebulous, external). You just have to embody who you truly are, the essence preceding the influence of caretakers and societal expectations.

🌹 With my R.O.S.E framework and a unique blend of deep energetics, subconscious exploration, and personalized coaching, we'll nurture confidence, break free from doubts, and unleash your creative flow. Your passion isn't just valid; it's the vital force capable of transforming your life if you grant yourself permission to set it free.

Check out my services here or get in touch now!

I'm looking forward to helping you change your life and thrive!

Take care,


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