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How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and shift into a self-leadership mindset

In this article, let's talk about 5 tips to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, I'm giving you a small reminder to keep going because your goals and dreams are really worth it.

We'll also talk about what a self-leadership mindset is and what happens when you step into your full potential.

Enjoy the read! :-)

How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and shift into a self-leadership mindset
Personal development, Mindset & Self-Leadership

How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable (5 tips)

1) Learn to feel safe within

independently from what you're going through, you can learn to get back into your center and feel peace within minutes or even seconds.

(this happens when you regulate your nervous system and it doesn't seem as hard or scary as it is)

2) Trust yourself

How would you feel if you knew - you REALLY trusted - that you have your own back and that you wouldn't be hard on yourself if something would not go your own way, but instead, you'd KNOW you can grow and still be kind to yourself as you move forward?

Wouldn't that be great? Yeah, it's SO life-changing!

3) Doing your best is enough

The best remedy to a lack of self-confidence is to know that you're doing your best. None of us can know what we don't know yet, so don't try to guess the perfect way, just do your best and trus tyou will adjust along the way.

4) Don't force

Your next level might be flagged as "out of comfort zone" right now but remember that if you have a desire in your heart, it means you're meant for it.

Walk your way up without forcing, but by being gentle as you move through resistance and blocks, keep asking yourself empowering questions and the doors will open and sometimes the best and most productive thing you can do is to take a step back and pause for a second to gain perspective.

5) Taking full responsibility for your actions and dreams!

You're unshakeable when you take responsibility for any results, any consequences of your actions and trust that you're equipped to handle anything that'd come your way.

Own your gifts, capacities and talents, make sure you're making your own dreams come true (and not somebody else's!)

That's how you become Unshakeable

Unshakeable is my 8-week mentorship that gets you to develop an Unshakeable solution-oriented mindset.

Learn to get focus, clarity and solution-oriented mindset in every situation as you pursue your next big goal.

Unshakeable is your blueprint to navigate life with more ease.

Are you ready to step into the discomfort and unlock a life of next-level expansion and possibilities?

This journey of personal development and transformation is so rewarding.

Having epiphanies and seeing more pieces of the big puzzle come together is one of my favorite feelings...

When you move past your mind's limits and create a life that matches your soul's vision, you feel fulfilled and peaceful ! ✨🌟

And yes it's possible !

Check out my Unshakeable page and let's chat about it if you're unsure ;-)

Small reminder: keep going!

This is your reminder to keep going, if you ever needed one

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."

- C.S. Lewis

Becoming Unshakeable doesn't happen overnight and it's not a destination - that's a concept I adopted - or let's say I put words on - back in October 2021 (because I've been into this field since 2009)

Becoming Unshakeable is about resilience, having a solution-oriented mindset and embodying your leader self (that's why my podcast is called The Self-Leadership Podcast)

What a self-leadership mindset really is

Being a self-leader to me means to lead yourself no matter what and to take ownership of your actions, reactions, emotions, thoughts.

It's about knowing you're always growing and improving because you deserve the best, because you know this false matrix is full of limitations and mind control (or mind restrictions and mind programming).

You're self-employed because you crave freedom, you are working on building your dreams and not working to make someone else's dreams come true. You're craving this freedom at a mental, emotional, physical and financial level. You broke the mold from birth, you're not meant to fit in.

That's exactly how I felt back towards the end of 2013 when I lost my job and decided I would open my own business and I made it happen. And I've been helping my clients do the same. We're not meant to be repeating patterns and self-limiting programs inherited from our Ancestors and imposed by society.

Escape your mind's prison now, reach for that next big goal and transform your "what if" into "That's what I'll be working on next!"

Contact me if you need help to work on getting clarity and focus to reach your next big goal, that's what I'm here for - no strings attached :-)

What happens when you break free from your mind's limitations and unlock your potential

3 benefits of breaking free from your mind's story and stepping into your true potential (aka your soul gifts):

1️⃣ Stand in your power:

Breaking free from limitations allows you to stand in your power. And the more you stand in your power by owning who you are and staying centered, the more you discover your unique strengths, talents, and abilities.

2️⃣ More fulfilment:

When you align your actions with your passions, values and aspirations, you create a deeper sense of meaning in everything you do. By pursuing what truly resonates with your authentic self, you wake up each day with a renewed sense of purpose, excited about the possibilities that a day new offers.

3️⃣ Inspiring self-leadership:

As you embody your leader self more and more and embrace your uniqueness, you become a source of inspiration and motivation for those around you. By embodying your authentic self and pursuing your passions, you can inspire others to do the same - that's how you create change in the world.

Remember, you have the power to break free from limitations and uncover your soul gifts. And my mission and purpose is to help you live your mission and purpose :-)

Contact me for any questions,

Take care,


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