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  • Morgane Self-Leadership Mentor

How to answer your soul's calling and release resistance to embrace your passion

If you feel that you've lost your enthusiasm...

Your job/business suddenly feels "meh" (even though you love what you do)...

And you tend to feel "heavy"...

That's your sign to consider the bigger picture!

🤔Wth do you mean by "consider the bigger picture", Morgane?

Ahhh I'm glad you asked!😃

Actually I mean 2 things that are interconnected...

✧ your passion aka your soul's desire 🔥


✧ the energy perspective ⚡️

So in this article, we're going to talk about:

- Your soul's perspective aka your heart's desires

- From an energy perspective

- How to know that your passion is calling you

- What to do once you understand that your soul is calling you

- How to gain clarity, confidence and the unshakeable mindset to follow your passion's calling

How to answer your soul's calling and release resistance to embrace your passion
Personal Development, Energy & Subconscious

Your soul's perspective aka your heart's desires

We are all born with a life purpose and soul gifts that we chose to uncover and use during this lifetime.

What I mean by soul gifts: innate abilities, things you're naturally good at or you have no problem learning and mastering.

Ex: you can draw, you can sing or play an instrument effortlessly, you have a highly developed intuition, healing abilities, etc.

(side note: it doesn't mean that these things can't be learnt, obviously)

These gifts are part of what makes us unique. When we uncover them, we reach more alignment, more joy, more fulfilment, because that's our zone of genius, what gives us motivation, inspiration, energy and makes us feel fulfilled, like we're doing what we came on Earth to do (which is personal and unique o each of us)

So when we are playing small or when we have been doing the same thing for a while (as much as we love what we do - whether it's a corporate job, your own business or your work as an artist) something starts to feel off because it's YOUR SIGN that your inner wisdom is calling you to get to the next level.

Let's work together to uncover your soul gifts & cleanse your energy so you can gain clarity & confidence to make things happen, with an unshakeable mindset for a fulfilled life. You can book your free consultation here (no strings attached).

From an energy perspective

2️⃣ The energy around you will start responding to your soul's calling, you'll start seeing more of what you don't want anymore🤨

(and yes "WTF? is going to become your mantra 😅)


As you/your consciousness expand(s), old things are going to come up to be released, and these things aren't yours, they're part of who you are, they have contributed to building up your identity (the famous ego... Freud's defense mechanism in psycho-analysis) but it doesn't me they are WHO you are at core.

You are not your wounds, your trauma, your thoughts, your feelings or your emotions. Just like you are not a body, you have a body, you are not muscles, you have muscles, it's the same with emotions, thoughts and feelings - you have them, you are not them!

In the same way, you are not the limitations from your mind, your wounds, other people's projections, traumas, ancestral patterns (that need to be broken), DNA parasites and other "invisible-yet-very-real" things.

I could go on and on about how much the "invisible to the eye" can impact us but that'd be going off on a tangent, check out my "energy cleanse" service to know more about what I'm talking about

❣️ So, I hear you say "ok good to know, but what do I do with that?"

How to know what your passion is calling you (+a bit of my story)

That's actually a podcast episode that you can listen directly here (or if you want to subscribe and save it for later to listen on Spotify, click here)

What to do once you understand that your soul is calling you

I'd say don't freak out and don't give into the illusion of the void you're feeling, don't associate it with being depressed or anything negative.

Take it as a sign that more is to be uncovered, and it's positive, it's beautiful!

It's all about mindset. Had I known what I'm telling you right now more than 10 years ago, this would have changed my life and made everything easier to navigate. Yes, it's easy to think "I'm lost, what do I do now" but it doesn't have to be negative! You get to choose how your experience will be: it can be hard or it can be uplifting.

Mindset is key is implies the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, when you align both and also work on your energy field, that's when true shifts happen for durable results.

And that's cool because that's exactly what I specialize in 🤩 I'm inviting you to a free consultation to have an assessment of your situation and how you could define and reach your goals with more clarity and confidence, it's a no-obligation no-brainer call.

Click here to book it.

How to gain clarity, confidence and the unshakeable mindset to follow your passion's calling

🌟 Ready to Reignite Your Enthusiasm and Purpose? 🌟

Do you ever feel like your enthusiasm has dimmed?

Is your job or business starting to feel a bit "meh" or "flat", even though you used to love it?

Do you find yourself carrying a heavy feeling that weighs you down?

If you're not ready to work with a personal transformation coach, (that's totally cool, btw!) here are a few tips for you :)

🔥 Own your gifts:

Unbury the treasures of your soul and ignite your inner fire! Discover your innate life purpose and soul gifts that make you truly exceptional.

How to do that?

Think of your childhood... as children, we tend to naturally gravitate towards what makes us happy (ahem, before society tells us who we "should be")

What did you used to do?

What do you still enjoy nowadays?

How could you bring more of that into your life or your business/career?

Yep, those can seem simple and easy, but I'm all about back-to-basics techniques, of course during my 1:1 sessions with my clients, we do deep in a way that feels light and joyful (we're here to heal and shift things, not for the heaviness, I'm all about freedom: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual!)

🌟 Elevate Your Energy, Elevate Your Life:

It's not just about what you do, but the energy you radiate! Learn to align your energy with your heart's desires to materialize your vision with ease.

Energy goes where it can flow, right? That's a law (think of water... clogged pipes...) so we remove what's standing in your way so you can shift fast and learn how to clear your own obstacles after our work together is over (my goal is to empower you and give you simple - yet powerful - tools and techniques).

To do that, you need to remove anything that's draining you (as much as possible), shift your perspective and see where the distractions are, then you can consciously choose what you want to put your energy into.

You can also learn to cleanse your own aura with this podcast

💪 Break Free from Limitations:

Overcome the voice of (self-)doubt and societal "norms" (what is "normal" anyway?! 🥱🙄).

Develop an unshakeable self-confidence, enabling you to step boldly into your next level of success.

My free guide can help you.

🌌 Navigate the Shifts with Ease:

As you ascend, old patterns resurface for release. Embrace this cleansing process and transform obstacles into stepping stones toward your best self.

🧠 Master Your Mindset for Lasting Transformation:

Discover how to align your conscious and subconscious mind through reprogramming your patterns and your subconscious identity. That's the secret door to open when you want to get durable results that propel you toward your true calling.

💫 Guided Support Along Your Path:

This journey isn't meant to be walked alone. Dive into personalized guidance and energy work to accelerate your growth and embrace your soul's vision.

Ready to reclaim your enthusiasm, reignite your passion, and live a life of purpose and fulfillment? Say YES to your soul's calling and become unshakeable now!

Visit the Unshakeable page.

And of course, if you have any questions, contact me.

Take care,


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