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How my client Rebecca got clarity and stepped further into her soul mission…

My client Rebecca sent me her testimonial after a business reading.

Client testimonial - lady who's smiling

  • This is what Rebecca said on April 22nd:

"My reading felt very accurate to how I've been feeling about my business development. Right away Morgane picked up on the word "stagnant" and she gave me very specific feedback from my higher self. By the end of the reading and inner-reflection, I was surprised how Morgane was able to pick up a lot of the pieces about my healing journey and how it relates to my business. I was able to identify where I needed to shift my energy, to be in alignment to my highest self and embody a more empowered vibrational frequency."

  • This is her next feedback on May 7th

"It's a completely different view now and you were the start of the whole experience to expedite the knowing to materialize"

I could tell you the transformation that happened for her after the reading, but I will copy/paste her own words in the remaining part of her testimonial:

"As an example, my original "tagline" of: "clarify, simplify and consciously understand the truth of your business and represent who you are to your clients" held onto my inner child wounding energy around being misunderstood, confused and truth seeking. There needed to be more depth and specificity about transformation within my tagline instead, which is more tangible then philosophical. I realized that stating the "truth" was actually a stagnant energy and didn't really show the potential of what my future clients would experience. So that needs to change. I want my business to reflect who I am becoming rather then who I was in the past and this reading helped me recognize this. The rest of my takeaways were about my own themes around femininity, my dad's influence and how my higher self wants me to trust in her surrendering and flow, to meet her there and support myself. To let go of the discouragement I felt. Interestingly, once I talked to Morgane and she received what she needed to do a reading, I did have a dream about my dad and I, and felt some tension in the dream. This felt like further confirmation to me, to trust in Morgane's reading and implement the wisdom received or otherwise trust it's all coming together. I really hope you can do the same, and receive exactly what you need to take the next best steps. Thanks for the reading, Morgane!"

My tips to uplevel your business and life

So here’s what I'd advise if you're wanting to work with a shamanic coach to uplevel your business and life: ⁣

1) Be open to receive, even if it's surprising or confusing at first.

2) Take what resonates and leave the rest - guidance is here to help you and launch your healing process, if something doesn't resonate straight away, maybe it will later, maybe it won't, and it's ok, the energy will always do its work. ⁣

3) Guidance doesn't bring you 100% of the solution, I'm not here to take your power away, but instead, to ignite your self-reflection and help you shift your perspective.

In other words, if you're looking for someone who has a magic wand to do it all for you, sorry to bust your bubble but 1) no one has a magic wand and 2) no one can do it for you

So if, like my client Rebecca, you're saying yes to yourself and are ready to put in the work, I'm here to tell you that when you believe in yourself, magical things happens and the shifts happen fast!


You can achieve anything you decide to and it's time to believe in yourself!

I hope this inspired you and if you'd like to get in touch, you can do so via my contact page from there, you can either email me or book a free clarity call :)

See you soon and have a great day/night!

Much love,