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Hidden factors holding you back & how to shift your perspective to live your meaningful purpose

Hey there, fellow passion-led human!

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated despite being a high achiever who's fuelled by passion and pours your heart into anything you do? You're not alone.

Sometimes, it feels like you're putting in all the effort but not seeing the clear results you desire (and when I say that, I always think of a hamster running in a wheel... or even of Mario in Super Mario Bros 2 - World 2 with the quicksand, remember? Or is it just me?)

Well, guess what? The solution (and the cause…) is within your subconscious programs, stories, and energies!

In this article, let's uncover the hidden factors that are holding you back by diving into some signs or symptoms that are felt from these hidden factors and explore why they might be hindering your progress. As you’re reading this, you’ll be gaining more understanding and clarity, and once you gain clarity and shift your perspective (you'll see how to do that below).

Lastly, you'll see how to unlock your subconscious mind and how to stop subconscious actions so you can be on the path to your next-level success and to live your meaningful purpose!

Enjoy the read! :-)

Hidden factors holding you back & shifting your perspective to live your meaningful purpose | Personal development & subconscious work | Blog article
Welcome to this article about personal development, energy & subconscious work

Uncovering the hidden factors holding you back from living your purpose

Operating from Old Subconscious Programs

Picture this, you're running on autopilot, following patterns and behaviors that were ingrained in you a long time ago (in childhood, mostly from caretakers and anyone you spent a lot of time with and/or saw as an authority figures, including teachers or even a peer you admired).

These subconscious programs, formed through experiences and beliefs, can keep you trapped in a cycle of limited thinking and repetitive actions, creating recurring patterns.

It's like driving with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake, resulting in a lack of momentum and progress - you feel like you have a sticky paper on your hand and it won't get unstuck (or worse, chewing gum stuck in your hair!!!)

Stuck in “old stories”

We all have stories we tell ourselves, whether it's "I'm not good enough" or "Success is only for others." or even "Maybe one day, I'll finally be successful... hopefully!"

These narratives shape our mindset and become self-fulfilling prophecies (remember, what we believe becomes our reality). They create a glass ceiling, preventing us from unlocking our full potential and experiencing the breakthroughs that can free our mind.

Energy Drain and Lack of Clarity

Ever feel like you're lost in a lost countryside road on a foggy day?

Lacking clarity on your goals and the steps to get to your destination?

Negative energies and unresolved emotions can drain your energy resources, leaving you feeling “blah”, focusing on the “wrong” things (aka "feel good" things that make you feel accomplished but that aren't moving the needle forward - I've been there too!) and making you feel disconnected.

All of these are causing distractions. Without clarity, it's challenging to make confident decisions and take purposeful actions towards your desired outcomes.

From reflecting on why you're feeling stuck to shifting your perception of your current state that you perceive as "stuck"
From reflecting on why you're feeling stuck to shifting your perception of your current state that you perceive as "stuck"

How to shift your perspective and break through towards your next level

1) Take some time for self-reflection:

You can journal to identify and challenge those old subconscious programs and limiting stories.

Ask yourself “Is this true right now?” Awareness is the first step towards change.

(Side note: don’t judge yourself, don’t get carried away into these scenarios, just observe, giving yourself some grace)

2) Create empowering beliefs:

Replace self-doubt with empowering beliefs that support your growth and success. Cultivate a solution-oriented mindset that is proactive and constructive, ask yourself the right questions, those which generate "a-ha moments" and make you move forward.

3) Clear energy blockages:

Meditation, journaling, going for a walk or any kind of movement (even dancing as you vacuum-clean your house, yep!), energy healing and energy clearing can help you release negative energies and regain balance. Clarity emerges when your energy flows freely.

4) Seek Support:

Don't hesitate to seek guidance.

Some subconscious programs and energy blocks are deeply rooted and you might want to get help from a professional to help you accelerate your process and release these from the root cause.

Surrounding yourself with uplifting and supportive individuals can accelerate your transformation (but beware of trauma bonding! It’s a trap!)

If you’d like to know more about what it looks like to do energy and subconscious work to fast-track your results, you can either:

- check out my Unshakeable program to rewire your mindset & develop the confidence to create your thirving business/life.

- feel free to book a free consultation with me, we will chat about your situation and you’ll get a free assessment.

Shift your perspective and release subconscious blocks
Shift your perspective and release subconscious blocks

How do I unblock my subconscious mind?

The fastest way is to work with someone who has experience in dealing with patterns, self-limiting thoughts & programs as well as trauma and who can also clear the residual energy from these patterns so they don’t come back.

But here are a few tips:

Use visualization:

Visualise the highest vibrational version of you, that version of you who already has everything you desire, describe how he or she dresses, talks, acts, what does her or his day look like, etc.

Use feelings and emotions:

As you visualise, you also want to focus on the feelings and emotions. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not real (yet!) so use that to program it.

Learn to observe:

The letter O of my R.O.S.E. framework is for Observation, remove all distractions from your life and respond from a place of power, instead of reacting impulsively (I explain how to do that in this book: "Understanding triggers and impulsive reactions: the path to self-mastery")

How do I stop subconscious actions?

2 things: self-awareness and mindfulness, both are connected, in a sense…

Developing self-awareness

This means being aware, not only of what you do and say, but also how you feel, what you think and how your body responds to different situations.

Mindfulness is the fact of being fully present in the now moment.

The “now” is the only moment that exists in this physical reality and being in the now is a gift, that’s what it’s called “present moment” (well, at least that’s how I see it) because when you’re fully present in the now, you know you’re doing your best, you’re taking part in life (instead of thinking about it) and that’s how you can be more efficient, productive and cultivate clarity (instead of having your mind going in all directions, here, there, “I need to do that, I haven’t done that yet, omg the laundry is not folded…”)

So when you’re consciously aware of your internal and external environment and trust yourself, that’s how you can uncover subconscious actions and decide to create change when you notice one!

Isn’t that powerful?

It's time to break free from these “invisible chains” (as I call them) holding you back!

By addressing those old subconscious programs, rewriting limiting stories, and restoring clarity to your energy, you'll pave the way for unleashed success.

Embrace this expansive journey of self-discovery and watch your perspective shift, opening up new possibilities and propelling you towards the results you desire as you keep moving forward to live your meaning purpose.

Remember, you're a powerful and unlimited human being and you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

I hope this helped, feel free to contact me for any questions,

Much love,


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