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The solution to heal fear of lack | Free self-improvement resources

Let's talk about fear of lack and what it really is.

But before we start, let's remind ourselves that fear is part of human nature, so I'm not talking about denying your feelings or closing your heart.

If you've been following me for a while or if you've worked with me before, you know I always encourage everyone to always feel their feelings and allow them to flow (they're called "emotions" for a reason - not "e-stuck", emotions = energy in motion, you get my point ;) ).

What I'm talking about here is not to remove your feelings but to opening yourself to them so you can heal faster from whatever hardship you're facing in your life.

Here is what this articles is tackling:

- The origin of fear of lack

- Shifting from fear-based programming to Trusting that possibilities are endless

- Self-trust is unlimited: you can always have more

- Journal prompts to ditch fear of lack

The origin of fear of lack

Fear of lack can have many different origins.

For example, if you or your parents or grand-parents have experienced the war, it's very common to develop a fear of lack during war times. It's normal, it's human.

This is therefore passed on through DNA, in the way you were raised, the programming and limitations that were passed on to you.

Side note: I'm here talking about fact without any judgment, only compassion. I'm all about uncovering limitations and blocks to move to your next level and we need to talk facts and face the truth to grow :)

There's also another factor that creates a fear of lack: society in general (independently from the war situation and national or international contexts I mentioned above), starting from school.

Have you ever been encouraged to think for yourself at school?

Have you been encouraged to open your own business?

Have you been trained to manage your money and deal with finances in a way that brings you profit?

If you have, I'm really happy for you because I genuinely believe that it's how society should be.

I personally have never EVER heard any teacher empower us from my 1st day in kindergarten to my last day at University...

We (= all my classmates and I and everyone I knew in school or at Uni, also a lot of people I have met in my life) have always been trained to be afraid of failure, being told that we should "do this and that otherwise no employer is going to want to hire us".

We have been programmed to have a scarcity mindset: "it's hard to find a good job", "you need to have a secure position in a company"... all of this relates to fear of lack: lack of job on the market, lack of opportunities for evolution... and that's a terrible way to program children.

We shouldn't be on Earth to live a life of struggle. We are here on Earth to grow and expand, to live from our passion and share our gifts with the world.

Having prosperity shouldn't be hard or shouldn't be limited to a certain group of people.

You have the ability to create anything you desire in your life - Photo credit: Yohann Lc via Unsplash
You have the ability to create anything you desire in your life - Photo credit: Yohann Lc via Unsplash

Shifting from fear-based programming to Trusting that possibilities are endless

It's time to shift from limitations and fear-based thoughts to unlimited opportunities and possibilities. It's time to trust that there is always more than enough.

It's time to trust yourself. That's how you can get more in alignment and can find your life purpose (or step into it even further if you have already found it). When you trust yourself more, you trust life more too.

Now you might be wondering "yeah cool, but how do I trust myself more?"

That's where I step in with a resource that can really help you get to your next-level of self-trust *tadaaa*

Get my *free* Self-Trust Building Masterclass here:

Self-trust is unlimited: you can always have more

You might be thinking "I already trust myself" and I don't doubt that you already do, of course you do :) but remember we're talking about next level here! To reach your next level, you need to dive deeper into yourself and look at the areas where you hold a not-so-obvious lack of self trust (let's be honest, we can ALWAYS use more self-trust because growth is unlimited :) )

In the meantime, I'd like to share a few journal prompts with you to help you tap into this feeling of peace and unlimited possibilities.

JOurnal prompts to help your heal fear of lack and tack into the energy of prosperity

Journal prompts to ditch fear of lack

I'm inviting you to tap into this feeling of prosperity and abundance of opportunities. I'm inviting you to trust that the Universe always has your back.

Feel how your body is responding as you journal upon these prompts. Your body and your heart will NEVER lie to you!

Here are some journal prompts to help you tap into the energy of prosperity:

  • What would your life look like if you were not afraid of lack/failing/missing out?

  • How would you feel if you trusted that you're always creating aligned opportunity?

  • How would your life be if you knew you could turn any situation into a teaching and grow from everything life throws at you?

  • Who do you need to be to embody prosperity?

I hope this article was helpful. If you need to chat about it and you're REALLY determined to end this cycle of lack and limitations, I'm inviting you to book your free clarity call HERE.

Much love,


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