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How your habits contribute to your success (or not...) | 5 habits to set yourself up for success

If you want to be successful and reach your next level in life and in your business, you need to look at your whole life and what needs to change.

Today, we'll focus on habits because habits actually reflect our whole life at all levels: mentally, emotionally and physically.

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” - John C. Maxwell (Author & Speaker)

Let's dive in:

How your habits contribute to your success (or not...) 5 habits to set yourself up for success personal development blog article

How your mindset and life experiences define your habits

Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do" - and how true is that!?

If our actions define who we are, our thoughts and emotions define our actions...

If you were raised in fear as a child (like myself) or more generally if you went through trauma, this has shaped you in a way that you're "trained" to lookout for danger (no judgment here, I went through that myself, I totally understand how it feels).

It was vital for you to be hypervigilant as a child and make sure there was no threat. Survival instinct takes over when we're very young children and can't take care of all our primary needs ourselves.

But of course, even if now you know better as an adult and as an entrepreneur, there are scars in your unconscious and in your energy field - so to speak.

Your experiences have shaped you and you have developed habits based on your beliefs to keep yourself safe.

If you're used to having a negative self-talk or to be hard on yourself, this will show in your daily habits.

If you hold self-sabotaging patterns in your energy field, your habits in daily life will reflect this.

The external is a reflect of the internal - As within, so without, it's a Universal Law...

So, you might be thinking "ok good to know, but how do I change that?"

By analysing!

Analyzing your current habits - journal prompts
Journal prompts to analyze your current habits

Analyzing your current habits - the role of your habits in your success

I'm inviting you right now to analyse your current habits and your current life situation. Grab your journal and your favorite pen :)


Please do this with love!

The goal of this exercise is to be real and honest with yourself and observe without judging yourself.

If you feel emotions rising, hold space for yourself as you're feeling the emotion fully without suppressing it or rejecting it.

Place your hands on your heart center and take a deep breath.


Let's go...

We're breaking this down into 4 levels and I'll give you questions / journal prompts to help you analyse.

First, write down your main goal(s), whether it is for your business, your relationships, your life in general, it doesn't matter, write what you truly desire.

Mental habits:
  • What type of thoughts do I entertain? (ex: worst-case scenario, solution-oriented, maybe you need to first imagine the worse before finding acceptance?)

  • How do I talk to myself? (ex: negative self-talk, being hard on yourself...)

  • What do I really believe about myself and my ability to success in reaching <insert desired goal here> ?

Emotional habits:
  • Do I allow myself to feel all my emotions (the "good" ones and the ones I consider as "bad")?

  • Do I judge myself for my emotions or my emotional reactions?

  • Do I emotionally abuse myself? (ex: playing a song or playing memories that are hurting you emotionally and make your cry)

  • What kind of activity tends to drain my energy or create a contraction in my body?

  • Who do I love to be around? Who don't I feel great with?

  • What time of the day and during which activities do I feel good?

Physical habits:
  • What is my daily routine?

  • What is it that I'd like to improve? (Make 2 columns: habits that don't support my highest good | Habits that support my highest good)

  • How do I feel about my diet? (here "diet" involves food, drinks but also what you consume in terms of information)

Now, take the goals you listed and for each of your answers to the questions, ask yourself

  • "Is that supporting my goal and my highest good?"

  • "What is the role of this habit on my way to success?"

If it's a yes, keep going.

If it's a no, ask yourself "what can I change or tweak?" and see how to actually bring that change in your reality.

For example, if you tend to imagine the worst-case scenario all the time, ask yourself how is that going to support your goal and bring you success?

If you're wishing to create more financial prosperity and you keep saying "I'm broke", you could reformulate this into "I'm actively working on creating financial freedom" (for example) so that your thought pattern becomes a habit and supports your desired results and success!

If you'd like to read more about how energy works, you can check out this article (click the link and it will open in a new tab): The reason why you're not reaching your next level of success despite taking action and working hard

5 habits to implement now to start your new life and create more success
Create a life you feel good to live

5 habits to implement now to start your new life and create more success

I want to share 5 habits, I feel it's a good start so you don't overwhelm yourself.

Remember, change resides in small details and a steady pace guarantees durable results.

To accelerate your results, you need to change at different levels in a way that each new habit supports your other new habits and of course your end goal and overall desire for success.

1) Mentally --> reformulation

Become aware of each thoughts and when you notice one is not positive, reformulate it.

Train yourself to think in terms of solutions - in other words, turn your "impossible" into "I'm possible" and always remember the Universal Law of Polarity: everything has its opposite so if you think there is a "problem" there is always a solution - take it as a fact!

Trust that everything is "figureoutable"

Train yourself to use positive words, words and expressions that have a positively high vibration.

2) Emotionally --> Cultivating gratitude

Don't allow yourself to stay in lower vibrational emotions, observe the emotion in question and let it flow.

Remember you are not your emotions, they are energy in motion.

Cultivate gratitude, every day when you wake up say "thank you" for a ne day, every night when you go to bed say "thank you" for the teachings that the day has brought.

More generally, I recommend having a journal of gratitude or making it a habit of writing things/people/situations for which you're grateful for every day.

3) Energetically --> set boundaries & recalibrate your energy

If someone is making you feel drained don't spend your time with them or set clear boundaries and be mindful who you allow in your space.

And yes, you can set boundaries and still be kind :-)

The law of Resonance states that any energy contained in your energy field will create a resonance phenomenon with external events of the same nature. If you hold the belief that "success is hard" or "success doesn't last", guess what? You'll be facing inconsistencies.

You can deprogram your subconscious and remove these energies imprint from your system. I can help you with my 8-week Unshakeable program to develop an unshakeable solution-oriented mindset & overcome the limitations holding you back from having a thriving business through energy and subconscious work and a tailored coaching plan

4) Physically --> positively high vibrations only (or as much as you possibly can)

Avoid junk food, refined sugar and any excess of any kind. Feeding your organs with nutrients that will help you build a healthy system and healthy thoughts too is very important!

We are what we eat and remember how refined sugar and some junk food affect the brain. When you consume food that is heavy or hard to digest, your system requires more energy in these organs, you might feel slow or sluggish during digestion and your brain won't be as clear.

You want to support your system by feeding it good food so you can function in an optimal way.

5) Daily routine that supports you

More generally, you want to avoid spending time in the social media rabbit hole, time yourself, define a certain amount of time and stick to it.

Meditate as much as you can

Spend as much time as possible in nature.

40+ ways to raise your vibration

I'm here sharing one of my most played and downloaded podcast episode :-)

12 habits to implement and cultivate for success | Re-program yourself for success in your business with coaching & energy work

Here is a complementary podcast episode (update of March 15th)

I hope this helps.

If you need help you recalibrate your energy and align with the energy of success, feel free to book your free clarity call here or join Unshakeable here.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Take care,


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