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Let's clear money blocks, shall we? From scarcity mindset to prosperity mindset

Today's blog is all about prosperity mindset and money...

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Let's clear money blocks, shall we? From scarcity mindset to prosperity mindset
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Can we make money a normal conversation?

(It’s about time I talked about the elephant in the room aka how you can rewire your “money blocks” to increase your income)

If you’ve been following me for a while on social media, you might have noticed that I haven’t been talking much about income or helping clear what we call “money blocks”…

After assisting a client increase her income by 78%... Then reach her biggest month ever...

In other words after I got real-life proofs...

I thought I was doing my potential clients a disservice by not talking about money.

So yes I’ve been holding back...

And while money is not the only motivation for us, passion-led people, to be self-employed, it’s still something that comes into play.

Financial freedom as important as emotional, mental and spiritual freedom.

And yes, I can also help you clear “money blocks”, blocks to receiving more prosperity in general... like I have done for my clients in private.

Are you feeling like you’re capped at an income plateau?

Are you feeling emotions like guilt or shame when it comes to money?

Are you judging yourself for wanting more financial freedom?

One of my clients who left her 9-to-5 to follow her passion and now has a thriving business came to me because she felt she had a block to receiving, creating an income plateau.

So we tackled this in a session, we went deep, she’s going all in.

The next thing you know, she texted me the following month saying she made more than 8k that past month - her biggest month ever!

And it doesn’t stop here… our next session that tackled money block also was a success.

Less than 24 hours after clearing what was in her way, she enrolled a new client into her program.

She got these results because she’s self-empowered and was ready to shift her perception, see her worth and she allowed herself to receive.

We cleared what was in her energy field and in her subconscious.

Clearing doesn’t mean “wiping” everything, but more precisely bringing everything up to her consciousness mind so she wouldn’t act from unconscious patterns.

Instead she could gain understanding (we’re all about epiphanies!), shift her perspective so she could feel ready to receive more, feel worthy of receiving more and own her gifts.

And this could be you too!!! You can create the financial freedom to live your life as you please.

So it’s time I’d stop playing small because my job is to assist holistically and it’s about time I’d also include money in the picture.

My clients get these types of results and you can too! I can guarantee your perception of yourself and of money will change!

If you KNOW your time is NOW and you’d like to know how we could help you shift your money blocks and increase your capacity to receive more money and overall prosperity, then Unshakeable is for you!

Seeing money for what it is

How would your life be if you could work on shifting from scarcity mindset to prosperity mindset so you can see money for what it is?

That is to say an energy exchange!

I recently faced a decision that tested my belief in abundance. A potential client approached me, seeking my guidance. But deep down, something felt amiss.

I could have helped her and receive the money in exchange, but I also knew that would have affected my peace and wellness.

So instead of being in scarcity mindset and “doing it for the money”, I honoured both my new potential client and myself by referring them to another facilitator who was happy to take her on.

Having been raised in scarcity mindset, in the past, I’d either have forced myself to do some work that was draining or I’d have been beating myself up for missing an opportunity to earn more money.

But today, i’d gladly refer any unaligned cases because I trust that more money is coming my way.

You see, scarcity mindset can push us to act out of fear, making choices that don't align with our true purpose.

But as passion-led entrepreneurs, our businesses are more than just money-making ventures; they're expressions of our hearts and souls. Our work is not just about money; it's a calling, a mission to make a positive impact.

Money, at its core, is an energy exchange. It's vital to maintain a balance in these exchanges, ensuring that both parties benefit.

When we operate from a place of prosperity mindset, we can make decisions that honour our mission and serve our clients authentically.

So, I challenge you to ask yourself: What is scarcity mindset causing you to do or not do?

And most importantly: what are you doing to challenge this scarcity mindset and shift to a prosperity mindset?

In my 8-week program Unshakeable, we tackle scarcity mindset and “money blocks” so you can expand your ability to receive, feel worthy of creating more income and allow yourself to thrive!

After all, you didn’t follow your passion to just struggle to make ends meet, right?

You are worthy of receiving more!

Having more money won't "fix" your scarcity mindset"

Are you experiencing “feast and famine” cycles in your business or career as a creative entrepreneur or artist?

Or hitting an income plateau as hard as you try to scale?

I have a secret for you…

Working harder and pushing through won’t help…

I used to push through and work harder, thinking that once I’ll have more income from my business, my “fear of lack / scarcity mindset would be fixed”

Because after all, in the corporate world, I was used to dealing with big amounts of money… So I thought if I could get back to that level of income, I’d be ok.

But actually, you need to think about it this way:

  1. you don’t have to “fix” anything, you’re not a broken car, you’re a whole human being who simply has limiting beliefs (like all other humans in this planets)

  2. it’s actually when you shift from scarcity to prosperity mindset that you will invite more money in (not the other way around)

Energy goes where it can flow. Money is energy.

If something is hindering the flow, there will be resistance.

You want to expand your capacity to receive in the 1st place and feel worthy of each and every cent you want to receive

The real question is, how to shift from scarcity mindset to prosperity mindset?

And here's my answer...

You could create a list of affirmations, repeat money mantras and keep working harder…

Or you could rewire your subconscious beliefs and deprogram the scarcity mindset that isn’t even yours in the first place but a programming you got from your environment as a child. And that’s something I can help with - like I did for myself and for my client who saw an increase of 78% in her income.

We cleared some resistance around receiving more money and feeling worthy of charging a fee that feels like a balanced energy exchange.

Here’s what she said:

“Never made so much money in one month… And the best about it is that I feel I deserve it, which helps me understand how far I’ve come, as if I thought about it two months ago, I would have said “I don’t think “I am enough” for this much money”

This could be you !

This is a glimpse into how I help my clients develop a thriving business through mindset rewiring with my R.O.S.E. framework©.

  • R is for Realization: first bring awareness on what’s standing in their way in their current situations

  • O is for Observation: once you've gained awareness, you detach from the mind’s stories and become the observer, that’s when you deactivate impulsive reactions

  • S is for Shift: Once you’ve observed, you can respond from a place of power (vs reacting impulsively, or getting lost in a loop of thoughts, perpetuating the negative pattern)

  • E is for Expansion: once you’ve detached from the story, you can create new habits, thoughts and patterns that will enable you to grow and expand

More info here.

The era of struggling is over, unlock your financial flow!

Who wants to declare it with me?

You’ve been told life is hard...

It’s hard to make money…

Especially if you’ve been raised in an environment where scarcity mindset was prominent.

So when you made it public that you were following your passion and becoming an entrepreneur, you’ve heard all kind of remarks… and you’re expected to struggle…

I've heard things like:

“Do you think that will work?”

“Isn’t it risky? you should get a job and secure your retirement”


Societal conditioning can impact you sometimes…

In moments of doubts, and frustration, when you’re feeling that you’re plateau-ing in spite of your hard work, those remarks are coming back to your mind…

So you work harder to prove to yourself (and others) that you can make it, that you can indeed make a good living out of your passion.

And also, let’s be real. Being busy is praised by society because it’s associated with “being successful”, which encourages the spirit of “struggle-preneur”

And this keeps perpetuating in our reality, so we never get out of struggle / “hard-work mode”.


Because we subconsciously agreed to take on this identity

And what you identify with is what you subconsciously agree to in the first place.

When you’re exposed to a certain way of doing things, your subconscious takes it on as a truth which forms an “identity” and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy

“My family struggled to earn money so I guess I’ll be struggling all my life”.

Even if you know it’s not true and you can (and will) create more income and prosperity, the subconscious belief is still there, pulling you back to what’s familiar.

Or maybe you’ve been told “life won’t be easy, study hard to get a good job”… and here you are, as a CEO of your own business feeling like your to-do list never runs out.

And I’ve been through that! Even if I was refusing this reality, I was hooked into “struggle mode”, doing, doing, doing, because “it can’t be THAT simple”, right?


The truth is that it can be simple and it’s not more money that will help you get out of scarcity mindset. Because money is something external.

But once you bring healing to the original belief / wound that created the scarcity mindset in the first place, that’s when you’ll invite more money.

It’s one thing to understand that, but it’s another to actually DO it!

And I’ve learnt this the hard way.

Let me tell you that NO external strategy will make you more money if you don’t believe you can receive more.

If you’ve been taking action and not seeing results, it doesn’t mean anything bout your worthiness or your “good-enoughness”, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve your dreams to come true.

It simply means you have a subconscious belief that’s opposed to your desires because it was seen as unsafe in the past (probably other people’s projected fears and limitations)

What if you could rewrite the script and shift this subconscious identity and belief so you can stop struggling and constantly being in action mode.

Instead, you could pause, re-evaluate and say YES to living your life and creating your thriving business according to your own blueprint and healthy/proactive set of beliefs!!!

How to unlock your financial flow and what to do to thrive in your business/career

If I had to start over from scratch building a thriving business from my passion, let me tell you what I'd do...

But first, here’s what I wouldn’t do:

I wouldn’t invest money in endless courses to improve my skillset because my imposter syndrome says I’m not “legitimate” enough

I wouldn’t invest that much money in business strategies (ex: how to create an offer, how to launch, how to use social media…)

I wouldn’t waste any second in learning any “manifestation technique” to get my desired results

BUT I would dive deeper into the root cause of “money blocks”

Because the day I realized money blocks were not about money, everything changed!

Yes, you heard it right, money blocks have nothing to do with money itself.

Money is energy, and if you can’t see it for what it is, if you place it as something external or hard to get, then you’ll be struggling.

I created a training to teach what I’ve learnt about money blocks and what really hides behind them because there’s a difference between knowing you’re worthy and feeling worthy…

The content of this training is activating and will give you perspective shifts so you can feel worthy and deserving.

Make sure to grab it while it’s free, via this link:

From leaving her 9-to-5 to having a thriving business following her passion within 9 months of working together

My client came to me when when she was still working at her 9-to-5.

She was planning to open her own business and had actually started her activity. She was hoping that one day she could leave her day job that was paying the bills but leaving her depleted, anxious, affecting her mental health and overall wellness.

Her goal was to follow her passion and use her innate abilities to build her thriving life of time, location and financial freedom.

She focused on developing her innate abilities and refining them as she was clearing the impact of her childhood trauma and working on her mindset.

Through my unique R.O.S.E. framework that took her from Realization to Expansion, she was able to:

  • develop the awareness of what was blocking her,

  • learn to deactivate her impulsive reactions and find more peace within,

  • shift her old habits into new and healthier ones that support her vision

  • expand beyond what she could have thought being worthy of

After a few months, she was able to to leave her 9-to-5, create more time and location freedom for herself.

After 1 year in and clearing money blocks, she not only increased her income by 78% but also reached her biggest month ever so far. She’s now in constant flux of new clients, enrolling them in her program with ease.

And this could be your story too! Mindset IS a business strategy. When you clear your blocks and fears (that we all have because that’s part of the bundle that comes with this meat costume here on Earth), you’re free to receive more prosperity, to spread your message and share your gifts with the world.

8 weeks from now, your business/career (and life) could be totally different…

  • Instead of doubting yourself, wondering if you're good enough in what you do You could wake up every day, feeling 100% certain that you can achieve anything.

  • Instead of second-guessing every decision and move… You could learn how to cut through the distraction your mind is creating and stay focused on tasks that matters, taking full responsibility of the outcomes

  • Instead of feeling like you're in a never-ending cycle of wanting more but not knowing how to get there… You could have the clarity and confidence you need to lead your own journey

What if you could break out of that rut (and income plateau) you've been in, and start living your dreams (not just wishing for them)?

That’s the world my clients and I live in - and in 8 weeks from now, you could you have created that for yourself!

If that sounds like a reality you desire to co-create with me, I would love to invite you to step into my Unshakeable container.

Unshakeable is my 8-week program designed to help you rewire your beliefs, energy and subconscious through a holistic approach so you can overcome the limitations holding you back from having a thriving business

We will follow my R.O.S.E. Framework to get you to develop an UNSHAKEABLE solution-oriented mindset and turn your passion and gift into a thriving business (and life).

Check out UNSHAKEABLE if you KNOW you’re ready to create a different life for yourself.

You can also get in touch with me by email or book your free consultation via this contact page.

See you soon! Take care,


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