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  • Morgane Self-Leadership Mentor

From Passion to Purpose (and prosperity!)

Are you ready to break free from the monotony of your current situation and embrace a life filled with passion, purpose, and fulfillment?

It's time to unlock your true potential and become the empowered, vibrant individual you were always meant to be through a transformative journey tailor-made for you.

From Passion to Purpose (and prosperity!)
Living your Passion --> Sense of Purpose --> Prosperity

Discover Your True Path

You've always known you were destined for something more—a life that resonates with your passions and values.

While your current situation provides financial security, it falls short of igniting your soul's fire.

I understand the longing you feel - I used to feel that void myself - and I’m here to guide you on a path that aligns with your true purpose (just like I did for myself).

As an open-minded, naturally curious and enthusiastic human, you are on a quest for something deeper. You’ve overcome a lot of challenges, feeling like an alien that doesn’t fit in the mold and you KNOW you didn’t come this far to “only” come this far, right?

Like me, you deeply believe that everyone should be able to live their purpose and passion, everyone deserves happiness and everyone’s dreams are legit.

It’s this very deep knowing that’s keeping you going, that’s your engine propelling you towards your next big goal…

When you follow your passion, you can only succeed, you also inspire others to do the same. You become the change you want to see in the world.

You align with your heart's desires, you unlock your zone of genius, you feel excited to start the day, you have motivation, you are inspired, you have more patience, you improve your mental and emotional health for more balance, improved relationships and all of this leads to more prosperity (whatever "prosperity" means to you - to me, it means having everything you need at every level of life and being in overflow)

Following your Passion --> Sense of Purpose --> Prosperity... the 3 Ps :-)

Now, I have a question...

Answer THIS question to start turning your passion into profit

And the question is:

What would you be doing if time wasn’t a problem?

Tell me, if you had extra time, what would you REALLY be doing?

Let me tell you that “time” is a programming (and often an excuse, let’s be honest)!

It's often the script we write for ourselves, isn't it?

How many times have we said, "I don't have time..." as an excuse for not having reached our goal yet?

Or to persuade ourselves that we can’t do that scary thing that we know will move the needle forward in our business right now?

Time as a programming can also take the shape of “I should be further along by now”, “I should already be making <insert desired income> by now”

But here's the truth: It's a script we've learned, not a reality we're stuck in!

My job is to help you bring awareness to the beliefs that are within you and holding you back against your conscious will (so to speak).

From challenges to opportunities (and wins!)

Let's face it—self-doubt can be a bugger - like an uninvited guest coming to p**p the party. You doubt yourself, you question your worthiness and capabilities to really make that shift - that move towards your next level.

When we team up, we dissolve dissolve these barriers, equipping you with the unshakeable self-confidence and belief that you deserve to thrive and the necessary clarity and direction to make it happen.

1) Unshakeable Confidence:

Learn how to deal with self-doubt when it arises and embrace the power within you to pursue your dreams and goals boldly and unapologetically.

Now let me mention something: the human mind works in such a way that getting rid of doubt or fear forever is not realistic - so whoever promises you that is lying to you! HOWEVER you CAN learn to deal with doubt and choose your thoughts (more generally what you put your energy in so that it becomes less present in your life and in your decision-making process)

2) Crystal-clear focus:

Navigate life with a renewed sense of purpose, self-belief and a clear direction, knowing how to set realistic goals and achieve them without distraction as you own your decisions and actions.

3) Bridging the gap:

Merge your vision (aka your heart's desire) with reality!

We work on making your vision come true - you won't become someone you're not, but you will become who you already are at core. You will embody your true nature and uncover your soul's gifts.

You'll also develop and an Unshakeable mindset, thinking in terms of solutions will become second nature as you trust that you have everything within yourself to handle anything your next level throws at you.

4) Powerful mindset shifts:

Your subconscious identity is what feels safe, what's outside your comfort zone is perceived as dangerous... what if you could reprogram your mindset to believe mistakes and failures don't exist?

Now before you roll your eyes and think to yourself "uh, since when do we live in unicorn land?" let me tell you that it's NOT about living in denial or bypassing - I strongly stand against that, it's toxic false positivity and that's not what we're about in my world...

It's simply shifting your vision, your perception of past events, bringing forgiveness to the past (especially self-forgiveness) so you can let of and heal regrets and start afresh with a new mindset where everything is a teaching so you grow and win every time (without bypassing or denying your emotions and experiences - I insist!)

From overwhelm and uncertainty to clarity and peace

Your vision may be clear, but the path to get there can feel overwhelming.

Overwhelm and dissatisfaction may have been familiar companions on your journey.

You know you’re not fully fulfilled right now, you know what your vision looks like but the way to get there is unclear, it might even seem impossible in moments of self-doubt.

It's time to replace uncertainty with clarity and unease with a sense of purpose. You will also learn how to silence your mind to gain clarity in any situation and centre yourself.

With personalised guidance and energy and subconscious work, we will be bridging the gap between your present and your soul’s vision.

My Unshakeable program offers a roadmap — a blueprint that transforms the abstract into tangible actions (and the best part is that these tools and techniques are rinse and repeat, you can use them for life every time you reach a glass ceiling!)

Saying YES to transformation with E.A.S.E.

You're on the brink of a unique transformation. This tailored mentorship and coaching program is designed for people like you (because that used to be me!)

Gain clarity, break free from limitations, and unlock unshakeable confidence as you step into a life that radiates purpose and passion.

Why do I spell ease like this?

Because it's the acronym for my own unique method that does exactly what it says...

You shift with ease, for more ease!

E.A.S.E.© = Energy Alignment for Success and Empowerment

When you work with energy and subconscious levels, you can accelerate the process.

Ever wondered why New Year's Resolution don't work? Because willpower is sometimes not enough when we want to change a pattern that's deeply rooted in our subconscious mind...

The path from uncertainty to unshakeable purpose begins here. You’ve invited to take the first step towards your transformation. Unlock your soul gifts (aka your true potential) and walk on your path towards a life that aligns with your deepest values.

Don't let doubt hold you back any longer, don’t let your dreams remain “dreams that might happen one day if you’re lucky”. Reclaim your dreams, reignite your passion, and embark on a journey towards your unshakeable future.


  • 8 weeks = 8 calls

  • 8 weeks of pocket coaching and empowerment, answer to any questions and pocket coaching deal with situations that rise

  • Exercises and extra resources as needed

  • You will receive a journal prompt questionnaire (+ 8 progress trackers)

  • Intuition journal to build evidence that you can trust your intuition (Google docs)

  • BONUS: - a free energy cleanse to kick off those 8 weeks on a "blank slate" for a new and fresh start (normally valued at 111 euros) - 1 extra weeks of pocket coaching once the 8 weeks are over

There's a special discount that ends on September 21st, enrol in "Unshakeable: From Passion to Purpose" for 1333 euros (instead of its current price of 1555 euros)

You can either pay in full and get an extra pay-in-full bonus or request a payment plan (and I don't currently charge interest for payment plans)

⚡️Who it is for:

Self-empowered entrepreneurs and artists who are passion-led and want to create a thriving life with fulfilment and prosperity at every level (wellness, mindset & finances), who are taking responsibility and choosing expansion.

⚡️Who it is not for:

People who are making excuses and blaming circumstances on others, on the Universe or on their grandma’s neighbours.

What do I do from here, you may ask?

  • If you want to apply for this 8-week program, you can fill in the form by clicking here.

  • If you have any questions, you can contact me.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you !

Take care,


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