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From mindset blocks to owning your creative genius to having a thriving business

In our minds, there's a constant dance between unproductive thoughts and the creative and intuitive potential that awaits when we break free.

Have you ever felt stuck in the loop of doubts, questioning your worth, and yearning to unlock your true potential? You're not alone.

In this space, we go from persistent thoughts that hold us back to creativity and success beyond limits and limitations!

And of course that's exactly what we'll be talking in this article, here's the map:

So, get ready to navigate the magic of what mindset rewiring brings to business success, and the tangible results witnessed by those who've embraced this empowering path.

Ready to turn your dreams into a thriving business? Grab a drink and enjoy the read!

From mindset blocks to owning your creative genius to having a thriving business
Personal development, mindset, life purpose coaching | Energy and subconscious work

How to use your mind to create, not to feed unproductive thoughts

Let's talk about those persistent (boring) thought that seem to play on repeat in our minds.

We've all had them – those thoughts that keep us stuck, questioning our worth, and holding us back from our true potential.

But guess what? You have the power to break free!

1- Acknowledge the loop

What's that recurring narrative telling you?

Identifying it is the first step to overcoming it and it comes by practicing mindfulness, by being present with yourself.

2- Challenge the narrative

Question the validity of these thoughts.

Are they really true, or are they just stories you've been telling yourself?

Challenge them with self-compassion

(Pssst: I bet they’re just stories! Because they always are!)

3- Choose the thoughts you want to entertain

I don’t like to say “control your mind” because it feels forceful and restrictive...

Instead, I challenge you to CHOOSE which thoughts you want to feed and give energy to.

4- Create a new story

Rewrite the script!

Replace those limiting thoughts with empowering ones!

Affirm your worth, capabilities, and the amazing potential within you.

5- Drop into your heart

Thought loops are restricting you, they’re taking space in your brain and are constrictive, limiting your creativity.

Drop into your heart and that’s where you’ll be in a creative space.

That’s also where you’ll find peace and inspiration.

Remember, you are the master of your thoughts and if you're not yet, you can become this empowered version of yourself.

Don't let these loops control you.

Let’s work together on rewiring your beliefs through energy & subconscious work.

I’m re-opening spaces for single breakthrough sessions.

I also have an 8-week and a new 6-month program (beta testing opportunity)

If you want to rewrite your narrative, change your subconscious identity to become who you are (before society told you who to be) check out my services...and you'd like to have a "no-strings-attached" conversation, I'm here for you, contact me here.

Unapologetically own your genius while you focus on crushing your business and life goals (without getting lost in "what ifs")

Imagine how your life would be if instead of wondering what your next step is, or how you're going to make it happen, you'd just follow your intuition, trusting your creative genius...

How would it feel to be focusing on reaching your goals, knowing that being yourself is enough and you have all it takes?

I see you, feeling that burning desire to turn your passion into a thriving career. But hey, I also feel those annoying whispers of self-doubt, the boring voice of imposter syndrome, and the weight of perfectionism holding you back.

But here's the magic: Your dream identity of creative fulfillment is not just a dream "somewhere up there", it's not unrealistic; it's a tangible reality waiting for you. 

If you can imagine it, it means it already exists - otherwise how could you imagine it, right? Right!

It's simply a matter of bridging the gap between the reality that you are now experiencing and the reality that you desire to experience.

It's not separated from you, you don't need to because a "better person" (whatever the F that means, "person" is nobody, "person is outside of you"). You just need to embody who you already are and who you have always been before your caretakers shaped your beliefs and society told you "who to be".

🌹 With my R.O.S.E framework and my unique approach that mixes deep energetics, subconscious work with personalized coaching, we'll nurture that confidence, break free from the doubts, and unlock your creative flow. Your passion is not just valid; it's your life force that can transform your life if you give yourself permission to unleash it.

🌈 It's time to (re)write your story, from uncertainty to unapologetic passion, from pleateauing to thriving creativity. 

Your current options:

1) single breakthrough session

2) VIP month

3) unshakeable - your 8-week blueprint to get your business and life to thrive

Check out my services here or get in touch now!

How rewiring your mindset will help you have a thriving business when it’s not a business strategy

So you might be wondering "How can rewiring my mindset will help me have a thriving business when it’s not a business strategy?" and I get it...

Mindset is key because:

“Where focus goes, energy flows” - Tony Robbins

That’s the way the human mind is wired: we see more of what we focus on…

Remember that time you wanted to buy that coat, and suddenly you could see similar coats everywhere?

Well, that’s the typical illustration…

So when you focus on what’s not working in your business/career, you only see more of what’s not working

The reason why you’re focusing on negative scenarios is a learnt behavior, a way to survive, to be “prepared for the worst”

But what if all could go better than you’d ever expect?

When you rewire your mindset, it’s not only about shifting your thoughts.

It’s about understanding what caused it for you, identifying the patterns so you can spot them.

Let me give you an example: if you deeply know you can thrive when you listen to your heart, but your mind comes in the way, telling you all kinds of “yes but <insert random excuse here>”, you want to explore what the root cause of it is so you can deactivate the reason why your mind tells you these things.

Shifting your thoughts is easy.

It’s the ability to identify the patterns and the root cause that trip most people up which is why 1:1 coaching is important.

You start thinking in terms of solutions.

You start believing in yourself like never before.

You see yourself as worthy of receiving more AND living your dream life.

THEN any strategy you choose to implement in your business will work, because you’ll have cleared the resistance and you’ll have tools to help you clear any blocks that come up along the way.

Now let me tell you one thing… Mindset rewiring DOES work, it DOES create results… but NOT for everybody

So why is that?

Because it’s not a magic wand that can help when you’re stuck in victim mode…

I’ve seen it work for my clients and that’s because:

✩ they're self-empowered

✩ they take responsibility and are action-takers

✩ they come in with an open mind, ready to hear another perspective and let new beliefs and knowledge land differently

✩ they're not afraid to look within and trust themselves to get the results

✩ they have decided that they've had enough and

✩ they're READY to take their business and life to the next level.

So if you recognised yourself in this, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work for you!

Email me "TRANSFORMATION" to chat about where to start and what the best approach would be for YOU!

Hold tight to your vision no matter what

Even if your mind comes up with doubts

Even if others tell you it’s not possible

I know how it feels to have built your business from scratch, on your own, being awake at 3h33am, wondering what's next and how the hell to make that thing called "business" work...

Always remember that you wouldn't have had this dream, this knowing in your heart, this enthusiasm about your idea or project to launch your business following your passion if there wasn't a bigger purpose.

That's what I've always reminded myself of: "My mind might play tricks on me, but my heart would never do that!"

Your dreams are worth it, no matter what others might say or might have told you in the past, it's only BS (a Belief System) and it doesn't have to be yours.

You can get to a place where you embody your leader self unapologetically even when you feel like "a hot mess".

It doesn't mean life is always butterflies, unicorns and rainbows!

It simply means you still lead yourself, you bounce back no matter what.

You have a solution-oriented mindset and find a way through life (instead of finding a problem for every solution).

You let go of the "yes but".

It's not about "having it all together" (whatever that means), it's just knowing that everything is "figure-out-able".

You'll still experience lower emotions BUT you'll know how to lead yourself out of it by acknowledging and shifting before your mind even attaches a story to it (because then it gets anchored and the pattern get perpetuated).

It's shifting from "failure" to "experience" mindset.

That's what I've been helping my clients with (since 2016).

That's why I created my Unshakeable program back in October 2021.

Unshakeable is an 8-week program for creative entrepreneurs, feelers, artists and intuitives who have been spinning their wheels, feeling stuck and stagnant in spite of applying every strategy and/or doing the inner work.

Together, we clear the unseen blocks and silent burdens that are the real root cause of why you've been hitting the same walls.

The outcomes?

You can finally break free & have a thriving business (whatever that means to you: more freedom, more money, more clients, more gigs...)

For example one of my clients left her 9-5 to open her business to follow her passion and live from her soul gifts after working with me, not only that, she also increased her income by 78% as we cleared her money blocks and increase her capacity to receive more prosperity without guilt or self-sabotage.

If that sounds like a reality you want to create for yourself, drop me an email or book your free clarity call and let's chat :) 

Mastering your mindset is the key to mastering your talents and create more impact.

Unlocking your talents (what I call your soul gifts) begins with mastering your mindset.

Let me explain: it's not just about tapping into your skills but clearing stagnant/outdated energies, healing old wounds and rewiring those sneaky limiting beliefs.

When you start doing this work, it's like a rebirth.

Imagine releasing the weight of self-doubt and patterns that are clouding your mind...

Imagine the clarity, peace and relief you can experience as those limiting beliefs crumble, making room for your creativity to flow effortlessly.

That's how you feel energized, that's how you stand in your power.

And all of this is what makes you magnetic and create more impact, more freedom (including time and financial freedom)

But here's the icing on the cake – it's not just a mental relief.

Healing the mind also translates to a relaxed body.

The negative thoughts produced by the mind create tensions in the body. So when you clear those, your energy circulates better in your whole body.

And this is a game-changer!

Why? Because in this harmonious state, you have nothing holding you back, you can effortlessly tap into your creative flow. The state where ideas come to you, and artistic potential knows no limitation.

Master your mindset, heal those wounds, rewire those beliefs – and watch as your talents unlock in ways you never thought possible.

The impact? It's not just personal, it's a ripple effect that transforms your whole life!

If you're done playing small and want to feel your enthusiasm come back.

If you want to feel energized as you stand in your power on your creative journey, then let's work together!

I have single Breakthrough sessions to address one specific challenge or I have my 8-week program called Unshakeable during which we unlock those limitations - a total mindset makeover to you can go from stuck and "something feels meh" to "woah I feel clear and free" and reach your next-level goals.

Email me the keyword "TRANSFORMATION" and let's chat!

See you soon,

Take care,


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