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Recalibrating your energy to improve your business and create a life you're excited to wake up to

You were not meant to live a life of hustle & struggle, you already know that… It's time to finally do something about it!

I know how it feels to be spending hours working on your business yet not getting the results you had been hoping for...

You're seeing results, but not to your desired level and not consistently... and no one should be going through that, it's exhausting!

That's why I wrote this article and created this service!

Enjoy the read!

Here's what's on the menu of this article:

- Struggling? There's nothing wrong with you!

- The reason why you're feeling stuck in spite of your hard work

- The time of limitations and blocks is over!!!

- How energy works (in short)

- This is what happens when you clear blocks and limitations

Recalibrating your energy to improve your business and create a life you're excited to wake up to - read the blog now!

Struggling? There's nothing wrong with you!

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, especially when you don't have support from your loved ones.

They don't mean any harm, but they're projecting their insecurities and limitations on you (basically everything that society wrongly taught us..) by telling you that it's not a job or to think about the future or to secure your retirement (or whatever other gloomy scenario running in their head - trust me, I've heard that too!).

Usually people connect "job" with "money" and when you're not making a lot of money (YET!), people don't see your work as work... but oh boy is it!!!

Therefore, you end up putting even more pressure on your shoulders to prove them wrong, to prove them that you were right to follow your heart and make your dreams come true! (and let me tell you that you are SO right - in case you needed a confirmation!)

And because you're human, their doubts are rubbing on you sometimes... you end up doubting even if you KNOW from the depths of your being, of your soul that you are meant to live from your soul mission.

You have the certitude that you can change people’s life with your business, your gifts, your talents - that's a FACT! - but where are those soul-aligned clients? *insert crickets sounds here*

You might also be feeling awkward or have a sinking feeling in your stomach when comes the time to talk about prices... you also struggle to actually put a price on your services... you feel bad to charging "a lot of money".

You're feeling icky to set a price for your services, so you either do things for free or undercharge for your genius… which is leaving you depleted and frustrated

You are not alone and there’s NOTHING wrong with you!

Your life at this moment in time does not define your future, you have the ability to change everything and it starts by you... within yourself!

Feeling frustrated in spite of your efforts? I got you! Photo credit: via Unsplash
Feeling frustrated in spite of your efforts? I got you! Photo credit: via Unsplash

The reason why you're feeling stuck in spite of your hard work

There are different things that are causing you to feel stuck and creating blocks in your energy fiels and in your subconscious mind, making it a bit slower and harder to attract your dream clients and reach your income goals and beyond.

So before you blame or judge yourself, remember 2 things:

  • Everything is energy, right?

  • Our subconscious mind rules 90 to 95% of our reality

We - humans - have been "programmed" to live in fear for thousands of years.

Fear has always been used to dominate because a people who is afraid is a people who obeys and forgets their power... and that's a fact!

Why do you think Atlantis fell? Because we forgot who we are!

Think about the times of the kings, when farmers had to pay a tax on salt and if they wouldn't, they'd be punished.

Think about witches' hunts when women were accused of being witches for remembering their extrasensory perceptions that are part of human nature and would be able to cure others with herbs?

I'm not even talking about times of wars and tortures, the emotional and mental impact wars have on humans... I could go on and on but you get the point...

Fear has been passed on generations after generations and that's how it is - not blaming or judging here, just stating facts.

Remember how you were punished for spilling your glass of water or breaking aunty's favorite decoration as you were innocently playing as a child? (even if everyone thought it was ugly, you still got yelled at...)

This, for example, taught you that having fun and being carefree isn’t safe…

This has taught you that happiness doesn't last, also that you always need to be on your guards because "sh*t happens"...

Therefore running your business and earning a living from an activity that sets your soul on fire and makes you happy isn’t safe…

Let's not forget the good ol' past life vows!

Past life vows and contracts need to be taken into consideration too… For example: if you made a vow of poverty in a past life, this might still be blocking your ability to create prosperity…

A vow of silence might make that you struggle with speaking up or having your voice heard...

I made a podcast about it, you can listen to it below.

How outdated soul contracts can create hindrance in your life & how to free yourself!

You also have everything that is related to trauma, whether they happened in this lifetime or other lives.

Everything that is held in your energy field and subconscious mind is still impacting you to an extent and might be at play when you're working on reaching your next level.

It's human, it's common and it can be changed!!!!

Take the leap and jump towards success
Take the leap and jump towards success

How energy works (in short)

You energy field (and subconscious mind - but remember everything is energy anyway) holds trauma, false beliefs, past life contracts and vows, etc.

Your heart desires joy, money, soul-aligned clients, expansion, love... all the good things in life!

Your mind is consciously aware of limitations (all those "what if" questions and doubts) yet it knows your heart's desires are possible...

See the conflict here?

Let me use an image: the Nyan Cat character: a grey cat with a Pop Tart body who floats in the air because it can't land on the floor.

The law of the "buttered slice of bread" says that the bread will always fall on the side where the butter is (makes sense, it's heavier so it will flip over and fall on the heavier side - science fact!)

Then take a cat who's said to always fall back on its legs.

Nyan Cat floats because the pop tart is supposed to fall face down and the cat is supposed to fall on its legs. But because there are opposite forces, it keeps floating.

I know you're probably wondering if I'm losing it (I swear I read this story somewhere, many years ago!) - but why on Earth am I talking about an 8-bit character?

Well, it's to illustrate that as much as you want your desires to materialize, if there are conflicting energies within your field, the Universe will not really know what to respond to. So you will float - like Nyan Cat (aka stagnate)

Thoughts are electric, emotions are magnetic: when you have both working in alignment, you can attract and manifest (aka create).

But if the signal is blurred, you won't have any consistency and you'll experience blocks - see it as a scrambler blurring the frequency...

Everything is energy - the Universe responds to frequencies - law of Attraction & Law of Resonance - photo credit: Unsplash (edited)
Everything is energy - the Universe responds to frequencies - law of Attraction & Law of Resonance - photo credit: Unsplash (edited)

The time of limitations and blocks is over!!!

You’re here because you’re ready to let go of all kinds of limitations so you can expand from within!

No business or marketing strategy on Earth can ever replace your inner power and your voice, your creative juice and your unique essence!

Everything I have listed above (mind programming, false beliefs, soul wounds) can be removed and cleared from your energy field and subconscious mind!

And I can help you with a business recalibration session!

This session is designed to help you remove subconscious blocks, mind programming and soul / karmic contracts that are preventing you from reaching your next level so you can:

- attract you dream clients who gladly pay you for your knowledge and expertise

- become magnetic!

- finally see the results of your actions and make your dreams become goals, then projects and finally reality!

- embody self-leadership and charge for your services in a balanced way (no more betraying yourself)

- fully stand in your power as the creator of your reality and do business according to your own rules - even if (actually, especially if!) it defies rational sense and logic!

- have more emotional, mental and financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones!

- feel at peace, joyful and accomplished every night when you go to bed and feel excited to wake up the next morning

I'm offering different options: single session, session with pocket coaching, 2-month accelerator or the 6-month Life Changer... Check out the details here

This is what happens when you clear blocks and limitations

This is what unfolds after you do this kind of deep work:

- better understanding, better awareness and better discernment of your own energy and what's not yours (ex: other people's feelings) so that you know what to do for yourself when you feel off and shift it with ease

- living a meaningful life in your own terms, reach the goals that matter to you

- getting your enthusiasm, joy and your spark back

- boost your creativity and strengthen it

- learning how to communicate with your body and use it as the super advanced communication tool that it is as you cultivate mindfulness and strengthen your intuition

- have a better sleep, health and improved overall wellness

- spiritual and personal expansion

- reaching your next level that's on the other side of fear, self-sabotage and distraction

- transform your energy for better relationships, personal growth, career/business development, wellness

- become aware of the energies and be aligned with the present moment, aligning you with the highest timeline - so you can reach your goals in an accelerated way

- unleash your potential like never before and ditch the fears of playing small and leaving people behind (because they too can claim their power and unleashe their potential!)

How do you achieve these results?

  • By enhancing what is already within you (aka remembering your soul gifts and your power)

  • By optimising your energy system

  • By removing subconscious programming and re-wiring your mind for next-level success

  • By cultivating self-awareness

We focus on hidden blocks and programming (that we all have to an extend as humans), whether it was created from trauma, passed on from your ancestors or false beliefs you developed throughout your life and you're soul's existence so those shifts can materialise in your business (and in your life).

We also focus on something that is not very well-known: how past life vows are affecting your current life

I do this through my unique R.O.S.E. framework and method, 100% tailored to your needs!

When we work on a longer term, I'm like your Spiritual assistant, supporting you through your energy alchemical transformation.

You reconnect with yourself and heal yourself, you overcome resistance, blocks preventing you from living the life you want.

You experience timeline shifts, you bend time and collapse time.

You also get an energy audit: what's pulling your energy (contracts, vows)

I'm very happy and excited to be offering this new service with a method that I have been researching and improving year after year to be able to provide big shifts when we team up!

If you have any questions, feel free to book your free clarity call here.