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How to receive your distance healing session

Here you can find general information about sessions, how to receive your distance energy healing session, how and why remote healing works and the frequently asked questions.

We'll also bust a few myths about energy healing facilitators (aka "healers") .

Lastly, we will talk about detoxification aka "healing crises" after a session and what they're really about.

Enjoy the read! :-)

Everything is energy - Energy healing and shamanic healing image of light orbs to represent energy
All you need to know about remote energy healing sessions

General info

  • Atmosphere, benevolence and non-judgment

An energy healing session always takes place in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. You will need to turn your phone(s) off. The session will be done with good intentions, benevolence, non-judgment, compassion and active listening.

  • Remote sessions

We first connect and you can tell me about the reasons why you need a session and what you are willing to work on, I will then have an idea of the technique to use.

The we set a day and time that suit both of us according to time difference. Even if the session is done remotely, it is recommended that you are available for your session. Why? Because that way, you can avoid any external disturbance and be fully present with yourself.

At the time of your session, I connect to you through intention and energetically, I will be taking the necessary actions to work on/with your energy according to what I feel and perceive and also to the guidance I receive. I sometimes use crystals and my pendulum if need be.

Once the session is over, I will be sending you an e-mail to summarize and give any eventual information I will have perceived during the session. And you can also contact me if you need or if you have any questions, it is important for me that my clients know they can send me a message to follow-up, up to one month after the session (no additional cost).

  • Feelings and sensations

During a session, you may or may not feel things or have sensations. There is no rule or norm, each person is unique and perceptions vary from one person to another (and even from a session to another). Sensations and feelings are not a measure of efficiency or effectiveness. Everything that happens during a session will always be for your highest good and to work towards balance. It is recommended to stay in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for the whole duration of the session.

You might experience cold sensations or warmth, tingling sensations, visions, etc. it is normal. If you don’t have any sensations or if you can’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean that it is not working or that nothing is happening. Sensations are not a measure, they just happen to some people, everyone is different and everyone reacts differently according to their sensitivity, their life path and experiences, etc. A healing session will always be different from one person to another and each healing session you may have will always be unique because your needs are different from a session to another.

Sometimes the work is done at such deep levels that our human perception can’t translate it into sensations but things are happening for sure. Just be convinced that this experience is sacred and happening for your highest good, you are doing something for yourself.

Healing crises can happen a few hours after the session, it is totally normal. The energy will be doing its work on you and in your body and energy system, you will keep on releasing the energies that were stagnant or blocked and accumulated in your system for years or even lifetimes. Make sure to drink water to help the energy flow and the elimination of toxins.

  • How I work

To explain briefly, when I do an energy healing session or a shamanic healing session, I channel energy from Source, that is to say Universal Energy, and I direct it towards the person on/with whom I am working at that moment in time.

A part of my mind (called ego) goes on mute so that I can become a channel with as little interference as possible. I then get into a transe (shamanic transe - it happens automatically most of the time) so that I can do different tasks, like for example communicate with my client's soul and take the necessary action for their self-healing process to be launched and for changes to take place. We don't always need to consciously know what is happening.

  • Messages and information

Sometimes during a sessions, I happen to receive information that are coming to me through my extrasensory perceptions: feelings, sensations, words, images, smells, messages from clients' Higher Self, Spirit Guides or deceased loved ones.

These extrasensory perceptions (also called ESP) are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfaction (and clairgustance but this is very rare).

I can never know in advance if I will have information or not nor through which of these ESP this eventual information is going to come to me - hence the importance of being a clear channel and avoiding interferences.

  • My duty

I can never know in advance what is going to happen during a session Why? Because each person is unique and has unique needs.

My duty is to channel and communicate what is coming to me without trying to interpret or make sense of it because everything that happens during a session will always happen for the highest good of the client - otherwise I wouldn't be allowed to have this information. These messages are generally what the person needs to hear and know in a conscious way at this moment in time so they can free themselves and get relief for the healing to occur.

How to receive your distance energy healing and energy cleansing session

  • Recommendations to optimize your session

5 to 10 minutes before the time we have set for your live session, get ready so that you can be relaxed when it starts (you don’t want to have to rush).

Turn your phone(s) off, if you share your space with someone, kindly let them know you don’t want to be disturbed or interrupted. If you have pets, make sure they will not want to go out or need food. This moment is

just for you.

If you want, you can choose to burn sage, Palo Santo or incense, take a cleansed crystal, light a candle... whatever feels good to you to set a peaceful and sacred atmosphere. You could put a soft relaxing music if you want to, not too loud as you don’t want to create any distractions.

Don’t expect anything specific as far as sensations or feelings are concerned, expectations come from the mind and create limitations while welcoming comes from the heart and leaves the door of possibilities wide open, don’t try to look or scan your body for sensations, trust and just open yourself to experience anything that comes your way.

You will either sit down (preferably on an armchair or a sofa so that you can relax your muscles more than on a regular chair) or lie down comfortably in a space where you feel at ease and good - I recommend lying in bed. Make sure to cover yourself with a blanket, sometimes energy work can give cold sensations and you don’t want to be cold. Relax all your muscles.

When you are ready and at the given time, just open yourself to receive. If you want you can pronounce a sentence like “I am now ready and opening myself to receive the energy healing session that is sent to me by Morgane for my highest good”. And relax for one hour. You change position if you feel like, always make sure to be comfortable and avoid crossing your limbs for.

If you happened to fall asleep during the session, please don’t worry and don’t be disappointed, your body and soul know what is best for you and sometimes falling asleep enables a better reception depending on people. Nothing happens by mistake, all is well.

After one hour, if you feel you need to wait a bit longer, take your time to reconnect with reality by wiggling your fingers and toes, stretch if you need and get up slowly. Have a glass of water to help the flow of energy and elimination of toxins. Don’t hesitate to drink more water during the day after the session.

You might experience what we call “healing crisis” or “purges”, meaning that the symptoms you are experiencing might intensify for a short period of time as the energy is doing its work, don’t panic, it is normal, it can happen. You can also experience cold sensations or emotional release as you are getting rid of what no longer serves you.

Energy transcends time and space, it knows no limits
Energy transcends time and space, it knows no limits

How & why distance sessions work

When we are not familiar with energy work, it can be surprising to hear about distance sessions. We wonder how someone that we don't know can work on us and help us without being physically in the same room.

I'm going to explain why receiving a distance (or remote) session is as effective and efficient as receiving a session with the healer being physically present in the same room.

In the type of energy healing that I practice I don’t handle or touch your physical body (even when I used to do in-person sessions), I never handled limbs, muscles or bones, all is done by laying on of hands. I don’t have to touch the physical body or to be in the same room as my clients to perform a healing and obtain results.

Healing work is done at an energy level, it impacts your subtle bodies/aura, which will then impact your physical body to improve your general wellbeing and health. That’s what we call it metaphysical, namely what goes beyond the physical.

It is the same principle for guidance, the information I receive don’t come from the physical world but from the ethereal world, from Guides, the Angels, the Archangels, etc.

When you contact me with the intention to receive a healing session and improve your wellbeing, our energies connect.

Of course we exchange before (by e-mail, etc.), you can explain your situations whatever it is (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, stress, insomnia...) and what you are expecting form the session if you want.

I can also work intuitively if you prefer, energy will always act for your highest good according to your needs. Energy healing will always act for your highest good according to your needs - conscious and soul needs.

Energy transcends time and space - it has no limit, therefore there is no restriction, distance has no impact on the effectiveness or quality of the healing.

If you have any questions before or after your session, always feel free to contact me.

Frequently asked questions about remote & offline energy cleanse sessions

Q: Do we have to be on a call during my energy cleanse session?

A: No, we don't. An energy cleanse is done offline, remotely and we don't have to be "physically" in touch, I connect to you through the power of intention. You can read more about how distance healing works in this article.

Q: Do I have to be available to receive or can I just do my normal daily activities?

A: You can choose to be available during the session if you want to make it more special. We can also do the session while you're asleep if that's better for you (in case of time difference for example). But if you prefer not to be available, no worries! The healing will still happen at the scheduled time, and you can relax and do whatever you want during that time. (More info here)

Q: What about "Healing crises" aka "detox symptoms"?

A: Think of it like this: after a good workout, some people feel sore, while others don't. Similarly, after a healing session, some people may experience what we call "detox symptoms," which can vary in intensity. But don't worry, it's a sign that your body is releasing old energies and making space for new ones. Everyone's experience is different, and that's okay! Whether you have a big healing crisis or not, I'll be here to support you for at least 24 hours after your session. And if you want to learn more about healing crises, check out this resource.

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Embrace a fresh start and practice mindfulness. To truly heal, it's important to break old patterns and establish new ones. I'll provide a helpful summary after our session to guide you towards long-lasting change. Remember, healing takes proactive action and dedication, but my sessions can be a valuable way to accelerate on your journey. With self-discipline, awareness, compassion, and self-love, you can make lasting progress.

Q: What is your refund and cancellation policy?


A: If the services are provided within 14 days of payment, the client cannot claim their right of withdrawal as per the Terms and Conditions and the (French) Law. No refunds are given for services that have been provided.

If you didn't see your question listed, contact me.

Myth busting about energy healers

This will probably ruffle some feathers, but I have to be honest: an energy healer doesn't have a magic wand - no one has the power to heal you!

It is very important for me to make it clear because I don't want anyone to give their personal power away to me. It's a team work!

I've been doing energy healing sessions since 2009. Working with energies is a passion, something that comes naturally to me. If you'd like to have a chat with me about how energy work could help you improve your life, you can send me an email or book your free clarity call:) I'd love to connect!

2 hands forming a heart in front of the sun - energy healer are catalysts for your own healing abilities
Love has a high vibration

Deciding to heal yourself is the first step

When you decide to have a healing session with an energy healer (some also call it "pranic healer"), you'll need to decide it's a new beginning, because it is!

There is no "quick fix forever", no energy healer has a magic wand...

However, an energy healing session is an accelerated way to shift the energy and raise your vibration instantly to that you can make the changes you wish to see in your life.

Side note: if you ever come across someone who tells you they can heal you, please run away because no one else but yourself can heal yourself - you can get help, someone can accompany you and trust me, it is really powerful and shifts do happen fast - but no one can do it for you.

What is an energy healer

An energy healer is someone who uses energy as a catalyst, aka a facilitator of your own healing.

It is someone who contributes to launching a process within you, that is to say your own self-healing abilities.

A healer / facilitator is also here to bring you a different perspective on what you are facing as well as relief at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

By seeing the unseen or tapping into the subconscious cause of imbalances and pains, a healer can help you become aware of limiting beliefs, subconscious fears and patterns that you have been holding within you and that don't serve you anymore so that you can let go of them and open doors to new opportunities, release pains (physical pain, but also emotional, mental and spiritual pains).

I don't really like to use the term "healer" but I prefer "healing catalyst" or "healing facilitator" or "shamanic practitioner".

Side note: Reiki healing is one type of energy healing among others. I don't practice Reiki anymore, since I'm not into New Age practices.

Team work: your dedication to heal yourself and my dedication to supporting you makes it powerful! High five between client and coach/healer
Team work: your dedication to heal yourself and my dedication to supporting you makes it powerful!

It's a team work

You will always hear me say this! Even when one of my lovely clients sends me a message to thank me for the amazing results they're seeing, I always make sure to tell them "it's a team work, thank yourself too, you chose yourself and it was my honor to assist you" - or something similar :)

Awesome things happen when you and I combine our efforts and energies in helping you achieve your desired results.

But as I also always say, I don't have a magic wand, you also need to do your part.

Let's use an analogy: if you're on a diet and decide to run 10km to lose weight and you treat yourself with some junk food as a reward for your hard work... it's counterproductive, right?

It's exactly the same with a healing session: if you go back to your old habits, you'll be facing your old patterns.

You always need to be involved in your own healing process, you owe it to yourself, you are the master of your destiny, I'm here as a way-shower and catalyst.

How to recognize a true healer (or coach)

As I mentioned above, only you can heal yourself, healers are catalysts, they're hear to guide you back to yourself and help you unlock your own abilities - whether it is a session in person or done remotely.

No one else than you can heal yourself, you are playing an active role in your own healing whole I work on and with you.

My goal is to empower you and make you remember who you are.

4 things a true healer aka healing facilitator, will always do

(side note, this can also apply to a coach...)

1) Lead your back to yourself so you can remember your inner gifts and abilities as well as guide you to find the answers that are within you

2) Empower you! A legit facilitator or coach will never seek to make you dependent on them! When I offer unlimited support in my bundles or programs, it is NOT to make you dependent on me. On the contrary, it is to help you deal with what comes up, teach you how to become the observer and to know yourself better so that when our work together is over, you know how to be there for yourself.

3) Walk the talk (and not just talk about it) I have seen several healers in the past wanting to have people around them in a co-dependent way, acting like they want to be "admired" or to feel important (you know, that "guru vibe", that "I know everything and what I say is always right" type of vibe? *cringes*).

I saw it with my own two eyes and experienced with a local Reiki Master who had a bunch of women around him who were literally seeing him as a God and as a savior. I ran away when I saw his true nature... When a client decides to work with me, I want it to be because it is bringing them closer to where they want to be, closer to themselves and to their dream results and goals! Because they choose to - not because I want them to depend on me or to be manipulated to do so. This is something I can't stand when I see it happen! When you teach a baby how to walk, you hold their hand until they can walk by themselves, right? And if they fall you go and help them back up on their feet... Well, this analogy is how I see spiritual work and how I see myself as a shaman. I'm a bridge to help you go from where you are to where you want to be (and also back to yourself!). A true healer/coach/mentor/guru will always empower you and encourage your to trust yourself. The only person you need to "depend" on is yourself. Please stay mindful of who you work with and to whom you grant access to your energy. 4) Always respect you and where you're at on your journey. A true facilitator will NEVER force you to talk about something you're not ready to talk about and will never make you feel like your healing or self-improvement depends on your collaboration with them and them only

I want to share some personal story on this very topic in case it could help you, because I went through that before and it created a trauma on top of the initial trauma - NO ONE deserves that!

feeling forced to talk about something personal story - image of a book with glasses and flowers on top of a pile of blankets
Personal story time with Morgane

Feeling forced to talk about something - story time as a client & my experience as a facilitator

1) My story as a client : "The day I was forced to talk about a trauma (what a true healer would never do)"

Back in early 2014, I was still a Reiki student, my business wasn't open yet.

A Reiki Master I had an in-person session with showed a big sign of unprofessionalism (he was not my teacher, just someone I had heard of and was referred to, I was curious to try a session with him).

After a healing session, I was releasing stuck emotions related to a specific trauma, I was crying. I was vulnerable and I just needed someone to hold space for me while I was processing heavy stuffs. I didn't need to talk, I just needed to evacuate and be in the present moment, I needed reassurance.

But instead of that, I could feel he was looking at me, wanting to know what was going on. I felt his ego energy being purely nosy and trying to establish "authority".

So he said "you won't heal if you don't talk about it to me now" and let me tell you that this is pure BS... Of course at the time I didn't know better, I wanted to heal so bad that I started wondering "what if he is right" as he kept pressuring me.

So I told him...

As a result, not only did I have to process the initial trauma in itself, but I also had to process the fact that I had just been forced to talk about it without being ready, and this can create another form of trauma!

But it didn't stop here... what did this so-called "healer" do after? Out of the blue, he told me that this trauma was my fault because I let it happen.

How delicate and compassionate of him, right?

So, that day, I promised myself I would never to that to a client when my business would be open! I'm grateful I learned that lesson, it brought awareness to me, so I will never do that to someone!

When you are processing trauma or whatever release you're having after a session, it is a sacred moment, a moment of liberation, a moment for the healer / facilitator to hold space and be there, giving the energies of presence, benevolence and compassion.

Of course, it's totally ok if you want to talk about your trauma, you can and you are very welcome to do so - if and when YOU are ready and decide to.

The point I was making here is that no one has the right to force you to talk about something you don't want or are not ready to talk about.

If you want to talk about something, it is because you choose to do so with your own free will - not because someone is curious to know and uses blackmail / manipulation techniques.

Healers are here to help you free yourself from trauma - not to create more harm - lady facing the sea with both arms spread, embracing the cleansed energy and emotional freedom
Healers are here to help you free yourself from trauma - not to create more harm

2) My story as a facilitator: never forcing my clients to talk about what they're not ready to talk about

A few years ago, when I was still going to my clients' houses for in-person sessions, I used to go a lady's house every week, she had an auto-immune disease and had experienced heavy trauma.

And you know what?

To this day, I don't know what her trauma was - she said she wasn't ready to talk about it and I never asked.



1) I am not here to force anyone to talk about things they are not ready to talk about

2) I can help without knowing the issue that my clients are facing - energy speaks louder than words

3) I experienced it, I was in shock to have spoken about it while I wasn't ready... and I don't want to do to others what I don't want them to do to me.

When you work with me, I will ask you if there is anything that you need to address or work on specifically or if you prefer an intuition-lead session.

When you work for someone's highest good, you don't HAVE to know what is bothering them.

You just trust you will receive the necessary information that you need to channel for them to be consciously aware of at this moment in time.

I will always welcome anyone to talk about their trauma if and when they are ready, but I will never force! This is a value that is dear to my heart.

To get back to my story about my lovely client, as the sessions went by she was opening up more and more without telling me the whole story. She'd speak about how she felt.

I didn't point it out, I didn't tell her "oh you see, you're starting to share more", because she was doing it naturally so I let it flow out of her - pointing it out might have made her scared to open up more, or might have made her feel pressured.

However, I was always congratulating her of her progress and the good results she was getting in general.

One day, as I was about to leave after our session was done, her husband came back from work and I will never forget what he said as he shook my hand to greet me "Nice to meet you Morgane, I don't know what you are doing to my wife, but thank you" and he was sharing how energized she always was after a session.

This truly made my heart happy, because I am doing this work from a place of passion and mission and all I want is to help lovely souls feel better in their body and their mind and also emotionally.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel empowered team work makes the dream work - people joining hands/wrists together
Say no to co-dependency and yes to empowerment!

If you feel you could use some help from an energy healing / shamanic healing practitioner, feel free to contact me by email or to book your free clarity call via this page.

Vibration, toxins and detox aka "healing crises" after an energy cleanse & healing session

When we work on increasing our vibrational frequency (which is, in a way, the level of energy and frequency at which we vibrate), we impact all the people and places that we come in contact with (even strangers at the supermarket, for example).

It happens subconsciously at an energy level, like a subtle exchange that can't be perceived consciously by most people.

Sometimes our very presence is enough to launch changes or reactions, some people will "purge" without realizing what is really happening, their behavior, mood, emotions, etc. can change just by being in touch with us.

"Purge" is a term used to describe a healing phenomenon: everything that has a low vibration is going to resurface in order to be eliminated from our system when we come on contact with a higher vibration.

When we work on ourselves, we create positive ripple effects, we impact positively the people and places around us.

When we work on ourselves, we create positive ripple effects - image of a stone, bouncing on water, creating ripple effects
When we work on ourselves, we create positive ripple effects

Any low-vibrational energies contained in our system can be considered as toxins.

There are different types of toxins:

  • Physical toxins: everything that we eliminate via our urinary system (kidneys), our digestive system (liver, intestines), skin (sweat), lungs (carbon dioxide)

  • Emotional toxins: emotions that are low vibrational (they are not bad, they're here for a reason, they simply vibrate at a low frequency)

  • Mental toxins: low vibrational thoughts, negative thought patterns, worst-case scenarios, self-harming thoughts, negative self talk...

  • Spiritual toxins: energy blockages, accumulation of low vibrational energies that haven't been eliminated, in extremes cases parasites in the aura, entities attachments...

It's important to support your system while going through energy detox - mug of water with ginger and lemon to detox your system
It's important to support your system while going through energy detox

We can eliminate toxins in different ways after an energy cleanse:

  • Physical toxins: elimination via the above-mentioned bodily functions (ex: going to toilets, yawning, sighing, sneezing, sweating...)

  • Emotional toxins: emotions that are (re)surfacing, ex: anger, rage, sadness, tears, mood swings...

  • Mental toxins: low vibrational thoughts, ex: projecting negatives or worse-case scenario, anxiety for no apparent reason, repetitive patterns, cycling thoughts in a loop, re-experiencing traumas or "random" episodes (nothing is really random, our higher self always has a reason even if we are not consciously aware of it), it's about becoming aware and allowing without engaging - trusting it's being released

  • Spiritual toxins: activity in the energy centers (chakras), vivid dreams, weird feelings and sensations, timeline jumps (aka quantum jumps), old physical pains reappearing to be cleared from the system (their imprint is being released), as well as eliminating these toxins through the above-mentioned ways: physical, emotional and mental.

Elimination of toxins and more generally of low vibrational energies happens by layers, a bit like when we peel an onion, to give you an image. It is about welcoming these purges and tell ourselves that this will pass.

A healing crisis is the sign that a healing session was successful, nothing was done wrong, you can't go wrong with energy healing when you and your facilitator both have intentions to improve your life.

Once over, you will have increased your vibrational frequency and you will have taken one more step towards emotional and mental freedom for more joy, more vitality, more creativity and overall wellness.

Free yourself with an energy healing session
Free yourself with an energy healing session now!

If you're interested in having an energy cleanse, I'm inviting you to check this page "Energy cleanse".

If you're not sure of what you need or if you have any questions, let's chat!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Take care,


Much love,


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