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Frequently asked questions about remote & offline energy cleanse sessions

Q: Do we have to be on a call during my energy cleanse session?

A: No, we don't. An energy cleanse is done offline, remotely and we don't have to be "physically" in touch, I connect to you through the power of intention. You can read more about how distance healing works in this article.

Q: Do I have to be available to receive or can I just do my normal daily activities?

A: You can choose to be available during the session if you want to make it more special. We can also do the session while you're asleep if that's better for you (in case of time difference for example). But if you prefer not to be available, no worries! The healing will still happen at the scheduled time, and you can relax and do whatever you want during that time. (More info here)

Q: What about "Healing crises" aka "detox symptoms"?

A: Think of it like this: after a good workout, some people feel sore, while others don't. Similarly, after a healing session, some people may experience what we call "detox symptoms," which can vary in intensity. But don't worry, it's a sign that your body is releasing old energies and making space for new ones. Everyone's experience is different, and that's okay! Whether you have a big healing crisis or not, I'll be here to support you for at least 24 hours after your session. And if you want to learn more about healing crises, check out this resource.

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Embrace a fresh start and practice mindfulness. To truly heal, it's important to break old patterns and establish new ones. I'll provide a helpful summary after our session to guide you towards long-lasting change. Remember, healing takes proactive action and dedication, but my sessions can be a valuable way to accelerate on your journey. With self-discipline, awareness, compassion, and self-love, you can make lasting progress.

Q: What is your refund and cancellation policy?


A: If the services are provided within 14 days of payment, the client cannot claim their right of withdrawal as per the Terms and Conditions and the (French) Law. No refunds are given for services that have been provided.

For extra info, you can read this article. If you didn't see your question listed, please contact me.

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