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Feeling weird without explanation? Signs of negative energy & what to do

Albert Einstein said "Everything is energy". We are all affected by energies, but because we can't see the things that are causing us to feel "weird", "strange" or "off", we don't realize how they play a role in the way we feel.

The 1st thing I do with my clients when we start a session or mentorship is an energy cleanse to remove when is in their energy field and unseen, yet making them feel weird, sluggish or drained... you'll understand more as you keep reading :)

signs of negative energy

10 signs that you're affected by negative energies

These signs could indicate the presence of what I call an "energy vampire" (see further in this article), but also negative energies from a place, a situation, etc.

  • sudden stomach ache or nausea without any apparent reason

  • sudden sensations in the chest, back, shoulders or solar plexus (not linked to an organ pain - you will be able to tell it's an energy type of pain)

  • headache, a kind of throbbing pain

  • mood swings: you can become short-tempered, lose patience or react in a disproportionate way to a situation without any "logical" reason

  • feeling like a heaviness on your shoulders, in your solar plexus or a general feeling of heaviness that comes suddenly

  • anxiety or nervousness, feeling that you are smothering inside (without really being physically short for breath)

  • sudden negative thoughts that come out of the blue

  • premonition, feeling that something is happening

  • feeling dizzy in a place where there are entities or a big concentration of low vibrational (=negative) energies

  • feeling of apprehension that has no “logical” explanation when thinking of a specific person or place or when you are receiving a phone call from a toxic person or someone who keeps complaining for example.

10 signs that a negative entity is around

Not all negative entities are malevolent or evil (more info below), some spirits are just low in vibration but don't mean to harm you on purpose, but they can still cause you to feel "weird":

  • feeling like someone is watching you

  • feeling an invisible presence

  • hearing strange noises, footsteps on the floor, voices, whispers or sighs

  • some items can happen to move or be misplaced without rational explanation (ex: you look for your keys while you do know that you have placed them where they should be, frames that move or fall on their own, etc.)

  • feeling that something is off when you walk in a room, for example you start feeling uncomfortable without knowing why

  • loss of energy, you are feeling physically and mentally exhausted

  • feeling an ice-cold sensation in one or several rooms, you can also feel an ice-cold sensation in your body as if your bones were cold (to give an image)

  • having goosebumps or shivers "for no reason"

  • feeling like a breeze that goes through you and pierces through your skin and bones, either on your entire body or just on your face (sensation of cold lips)

  • insomnia, strange nightmares or night terrors

  • if you have children, they can be scared to go to certain rooms or scared of the dark, they can even have night terrors

  • if you have pets, they can seem to be staring at “someone” or “something” but you can’t see anything, their behavior can suddenly change

  • you don’t feel like going back home, you are not feeling home at home and you always want to go out, or on the contrary you are staying at home as if something or someone was forcing you, you are afraid to go out…

  • you can feel like someone is touching you, (in case of malevolent entities, you can even happen to feel that someone is choking you, with invisible hands around your throat or feeling like a weight/pressure on your chest, being pushed in the stairs, items that fly across the room in extreme cases)

  • depression, anxiety, negative, dark (or even suicidal thoughts in extreme cases) without any “logical” reason or specific and apparent event to provoke this.

Energy cleanse is the solution

I've been doing energy cleanses with my clients since I started my business back in 2016. And even before that, I had intuitively understood that before doing healing, I had to remove the things that were preventing my clients from feeling good.

Removing negative energies from your energy field is so important, it prevents you from being drained, it helps with physical wellness, emotional balance, mental peace and vitality....

It is a service I'm still offering to this day. Keep reading for more info & tips.

Why do I start sessions or mentorship with an energy cleanse?

Because when you decide to work with me (or with any healing facilitator or coach, more generally), it means that you're aware that you are facing a challenge, a pattern that has been keeping you in a place where you're not 100% satisfied. You KNOW you're meant for more and you're ready to take action and implement changes

Maybe you're feeling drained without any reasons... your thoughts are a bit negative and don't sound like your own.

The simple fact of booking your session is already enough to start creating changes and for the energies to start shifting within you. It's like starting the engine, if you will, and we get it rolling during the actually session so you can get momentum for after.

It is therefore important to clear the "old" with an energy cleanse, to remove what is stagnant and outdated so you can have a blank slate to start over.

It's a way for you to have the old washed away so we can see what is the next step to take and the next thing to clear so you can bridge the gap between your goal/dream and yourself in the now.

What happens during an energy cleanse?

During a cleanse, energy toxins are removed (see below) and "unseen" information is brought to my consciousness to pass on to you.

It can bring closure to a situation or thought pattern, it can feel like a validation of what you had been feeling (and in that case, it's not me validating you, but your higher self showing you that you can validate yourself through me as messenger, to put it this way).

It can also feel like a shift for more peace, an emotional release that feel super liberating and leaves you feeling lighter...

It's a different and unique experience for each individual. And I'd even say, not all the sessions are the same for one same individual. You constantly grow and evolve and sessions are always tailored to your needs of the moment.

After a energy cleanse

You can ask any complement of information if you need, it is important for me to let you know that you won't stay with your question unanswered (to the best of my abilities of course).

Then we dive into the rest of the work, intuitively but always within a given framework. My unique ROSE framework.

Once your energy is cleared, you will be able to receive more transformation and have a "blank page" on which you can create.

The analogy of a pipe

I use a pipe as an analogy. If a pipe is clogged, the water that goes through it won't be as clear and won't flow freely, it might also cause leaks at some point so you will not have as much clean water as you'd need.

In the same way, if your energy field has toxins from your environment and different things (that we all have from daily life: outdated contracts, toxic people, bad news, stress, you name it...) the work that we do won't be optimised.

Removing what's clogging the pipe (your energy system) will enable you to optimise your healing and coaching session. It will feel like a new start :)

energy cleanse enables the energy work to be optimised and changes to be more effective - fountain with clear water that flows freely
Energy cleanse enables the energy work to be optimised

Energy detox: removing energy toxins, energy vampires, outdated etheric cords and more...

So many things can happen during an energy cleanse! Let's tackle different points one by one...

What is an energy vampire?

An energy vampire is a physical person or an etheric being (aka spirit, a disembodied being) who "sucks" your energy - to harm you deliberately or not.

What is an energy vampire illustration, a toxic human representation on the left, hooked on their target to suck their energy and feel off their emotions, creating drama and chaos in their life.
Here is a little illustration I made for you :)

2 examples of energy vampires

  • The "vampire" is another human being:

- Active vampirism: sometimes some people want to harm you whatever their reasons might be, this is a case of active vampirism.

- Passive vampirism: sometimes someone's actions can harm you without them having the conscious intention to do so (ex: someone who complains all the time, who expects you to justify yourself, who seeks your attention constantly). In this case, energy vampirism is not deliberate/direct but it can harm you as much as an active one.

In both cases, the result is the same: your energy is being drained, you are affected emotionally, mentally and sometimes it impacts your physically too.

  • If the vampire is a disembodied being:

- Some spirits who used to be incarnated(= who had a physical body) are sometimes not aware that they are physically dead (ex: in case of sudden death) and they don't understand why their loved ones aren't seeing them anymore and are mounring their loss.

Some can happen to be "stuck" between this physical world and higher realms for various reasons (ex: guilt for leaving their loved ones, fear of going to the "other side"). They can attach themselves to us (living humans) or to places because they need energy to survive when they're stuck, in that case the spirit goal is not to harm but to survive - harming you is a consequence.

- Another case: some spirits are simply malevolent and just want to harm and annoy people until someone takes actions to stop them from doing so.

In any cases, it is beneficial to remove these spirits and help them transition. In case of malevolent ones, it's important to make sure they don't come back. That's what we also do during an energy cleanse when someone is confronted to this case.

An energy cleanse helps you remove toxins and pour higher vibrational energies - image of high energies piercing through the clouds
An energy cleanse helps you remove toxins and pour higher vibrational energies

Why you can feel drained after having been in touch with certain people

Here are different ways people "harvest" your energy:

  • emotional blackmail

  • codependency

  • asking for validation

  • making you feel guilty

  • taking advantage of your kindness

  • asking for favors from a place of entitlement

  • belittling you, judging, criticizing, picking on you, humiliating

  • expecting things from you

  • jealousy, envy

  • spells, insults, and also things that are said "only as a joke"

  • constantly taking from you

There are so many ways... More generally, anyone who makes you feel bad for being you and who actually micromanages your life, every time someone takes your power away from you, there's an energy leak.

One thing I also want to add: sometimes, someone's words are be kind, it can be a nice conversation.

But you will feel a shift after you finish the conversation, their actions will be different from their words and the energy behind their words will be different. Their words can become like "daggers": they know exactly what to say to hurt you "innocently" and they can happen to look so self-confident and understanding that you wonder if you're "imagining things".

This is a form of energy attack and let me tell you that you are not imagining things.

If you're feeling confused about someone's words because the energy doesn't match or back their words up, trust it, trust yourself. Energy doesn't lie, energy can't lie.

All of these things are leaving you drained, you question yourself and you waste even more energy wondering if there's something wrong with you, analysing what you said, etc.

YOU, my dear, can take your power back, you don't have to bear this - whether it is a "friend", a family member, a coworker... this is simply unacceptable. I want to remind you that you are a powerful being!

How to take your power back? I have a free ebook for you.

Ready to take it to the next level and get rid of the beliefs that makes you feel like you "owe" something to someone? Let's work together so that you can set boundaries and stand in your power!

Cutting etheric cords

What is an etheric cord?

It is a non-physical (= immaterial) cord that connects us to other people, places, animals, items and sometimes also to souls that are not incarnated anymore (ex: deceased loved ones...)

These cords are also called ties, tubes, attachments, they have different thickness, size, or "texture (if I may say so) according to the situation.

Cords are created throughout our life, during our daily interactions, we create them consciously or not, deliberately or not. Some are temporary (ex: "surface connections", like a neighbour you greet and speak to occasionally), they usually disconnect on their own.

Some are deeper, especially when strong emotions are involved or also big contracts for business, or when people are tied by a heavy secret, etc.

They are rooted more or less deeply and strongly according to the level of interaction that we have with other people, places, animals and also according to the nature of the relationships / link (strong emotional bond or imbalance, past life contracts...) items, etc. They can therefore affect us in different ways.

We are connected to the people, places and things that we love but we also happen to be connected to people, places and things that don't serve our highest good.

We were also born with some of these cords already attached to us (ex: from past lives or in the astral realms, like soul family, Guides, Ancestors, but also to people we used to have contracts with in a past life).

Some connections are beneficial for us but some other types of cords can be harmful there can be attachments that are painful or negative.

To summarise what cords are - chart and summary