Don't make this mistake!!!

In the past, I made the mistake to believe someone while my inner guidance was showing me signs not to... actually I did it several times (yeah, *facepalms* lol)...

Had I listened to my inner guidance, I'd have saved myself from unnecessary doubts, disappointment, pain and on top of that losing money… and I "should have known better".

I overcame these things and I am going to share some tips that you can use so you don’t make the same mistake as I did:

1) decide to trust yourself

2) realize that everything happens for a reason and even what we consider as mistakes can teach valuable lessons that are sometimes subtle, in other words, you can always turn something you see as a “mistake” into gratitude for the knowledge gained

3) realize you have the power, don’t give it away to someone else

4) learn the difference between resistance from the ego who is afraid to go out of the comfort zone and the Higher Self who truly has your highest good at heart

I'm sharing this because it is important for you to know that a true facilitator will never try to convince you but will always empower you to trust yourself and help you make the difference between ego and higher self by asking you the right questions...

What is something that a mistake has taught you?

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