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How to develop and trust your intuition

I often get asked "how do I hear my intuition", "How do I trust my inner guidance", or "how to make the difference between ego and intuition?".

And that's another topic I am passionate about. More and more leaders and business owners want to reconnect with themselves and follow their heart. Strengthening your intuition is life-changing.

But of course, in order to trust it, you need to develop it... and when you develop it, you need to trust it. I'd say trust comes first...

Centering yourself and trusting yourself is the key to develop your intuition, a couple meditating, silencing their mind for mental clarity to listen to their inner guidance
Centering yourself and trusting yourself is the key to develop your intuition

Ego vs Intuition

Trust your intuition even if it doesn't make any rational sense.

Actually, I could even say, trust your intuition especially when it doesn't make sense hehe...

When you can't make any rational sense to some inner guidance you're receiving, you might want to doubt yourself... but what if I told you that the fact that it doesn't make any rational sense is the very proof that it is not the product of your "ego" aka your rational mind?

Have you ever had that unexplained gut feeling?

It can be an idea that gives you joy and makes you feel excited... It comes out of the blue, in a very subtle way and makes no sense to your rational mind... but it make you feel that internal "oh" or an "a-ha moment".

Or maybe you are being offered an opportunity that everyone says they'd like to have and would call you "crazy" for refusing, your rational mind would find it safe and rational to accept it, yet your whole body and your Higher Self are screaming "don't!!!". When you're imagining yourself taking this opportunity, it feels like your whole system shuts down and you feel nauseous, or a sinking feeling in your stomach... something constrictive, your system is contracting.

Not that it'd be a mistake to still accept the opportunity in question (mistakes are simply a perspective) but it'd put you in a situation that wouldn't serve your highest good and actually be painful for your soul, or cause unnecessary delays.

Deciding to trust your intuition can make your life easier, lady contemplating by the window, ego vs intuition
Deciding to trust your intuition can make your life easier

True intuition stories

I have a lot of intuition stories I could share from my own experience but also clients' experiences but here I'll briefly share 3 pivoting points of my life story.

This "unexplained gut feeling" happened to me a few years ago, when I felt guided to leave it all behind and go to Jamaica for one month to start with. I was a bit afraid, but the inner guidance, my inner knowing were stronger than any "rational" reason my mind could come up with.

I listened and left. I had the inner knowing that I would stay longer than one month, but I could stay one month without having to get a visa, so I thought "one month first"... and I indeed stayed longer to that point that I created my life there.

Listening to my intuition was the most beautiful thing I could do for myself, I had one of the most beautiful, loving, expansive and enriching times of my life.

Jamaican mountains

Even before I consciously became aware that my intuition was high or that it was my inner guidance playing out, it still was!

Back in 2004, I had come back to France after living in the UK, I was looking for a job after my Degree. I had had a job interview and worked at this specific workplace for one afternoon as a test-run.

When I was offered to come back to start working there, I was grateful of course but something within me felt off, it almost gave me anxiety when I'd picture myself going back there... I felt guided to decline this job offer and I followed my guidance.

I politely declined and as soon as I did so, I felt a relief, a deep sense of inner peace and an amazing job opportunity came my way the following week. I signed a permanent contract with the company immediately.

A similar thing happened again about 9 years ago, I had this irresistible nudge not to take a secure job opportunity I was being offered after being laid off for economical reasons. I just had to say "yes" and the job was mine.

I was of course very grateful and happy.

I will cut a long story short here because strange things happened, as if the whole Universe was conspiring for me to understand that I had to follow my intuition and my body's reaction. (My head was spinning, I almost got lost to go there while it was actually in the same street, in the same industrial area I had been working at for the past decade or so...).

I followed my intuition and politely and gratefully declined. Once again, I felt an immediate relief in my whole body and mind, a sense of alignment and inner peace, followed by clarity and guidance on my next steps (which were to open my own business - something I hadn't rationally thought of doing at that time of my life).

Listent to your heart - lady with red nail polish, hands on her chest / heart
Listen to your heart

Ego vs intuition aka mind vs heart

I'm not saying it's easy to trust your intuition, especially at the beginning of this journey. In those examples I shared, my rational mind was like "girl, seriously?" and I took note, yet I refused to listen to the voice of the rational mind because I realized it was the voice of fear.

My mind and nervous system were trying to keep me safe... But safe from what? From Creating a beautiful life for myself? From this perspective, the ego's voice doesn't make any rational sense, right? Had I followed the rational route, I'd have done myself a disservice.

Once again, I insist, following the voice of the mind it not "bad", "wrong" or a "mistake". It is a decision and any decision is valid.

I trusted my intuition and my decision and all I can say is I have never regretted any of these decisions... NO REGRET...

You need to trust that if something is meant for you and serves your highest good, you will always know or feel it. It'll be like a higher calling you can't ignore.

I recorded a podcast episode in which I talk about making decisions, perspective about mistakes and following your intuition. You can listen to it below.

Making the decision is the first step

It all starts with a decision. If you want to confidently make decisions that move you and your career / business and life forward and become Unlimited, you need to decide to step into that version of yourself first.

Repeating "I trust myself" will not make you trust yourself (unpopular opinion here...)

Affirmations alone don't work if you don't do the work

(I might have found a new motto here 😂)

Now don't get me wrong, affirmations can help, they're a great tool to raise your awareness and to remind yourself of your goal.

My point is, if you have a trauma around (lack of) self-trust, affirmations alone will not heal your trauma.

Nothing beats doing the inner work and rising from within, unlocking your heart to expand from solid foundations (aka having your own back no matter what)

Trusting that there's no mistake

When you become the observer (instead of always reacting from a place of fight-or-flight response or judging yourself), you can see the bigger picture and you can see that you are exactly what you need to be.

Every negative experience has a more positive aspect, because we live in a world of duality and everything has an opposite polarity, that's how we maintain balance.

So if you want to change your approach on what you consider your "mistakes", observe, there is always a lesson to learn, there is no mistake.

Here is a podcast episode that talks about it.

Raising your vibration

Raising your vibration comes next, or I could say it goes hand-in-hand with making decision... When you decide, you are actually making change and committing, you're stepping out of the comfort zone, the routine and this is enough to raise your vibration.

It is important for awakening your intuition... Raising your vibration simply means vibrating at a higher level, expanding as a human being.

The side effects of raising your vibration are countless, but in the big lines, you get:

  • improved health

  • improved immune system

  • increased feeling of wellness

  • feeling of freedom

  • more emotional balance

  • a more positive mindset, therefore mental clarity, more creativity and productivity.

  • unlocking your soul gifts (aka unleashing your potential), tapping into your intuition more easily and stepping further into your life purpose.

Of course there are more steps and it doesn't happen overnight, but that was just a summary in the big line of what you can achieve thanks to reconnecting with yourself and raising your vibration.

I have a podcast here that gives you 40+ ways to raise your vibration :

If you'd love to have the 40+ ways to raise your vibration in a PDF file, you can download it for free by clicking on this image.

Don't doubt yourself

Energy is always flowing and change is constant, don't try to hold on to what is not true anymore.

Our mind is there to protect us and to collect data from past experiences, especially those who were considered unpleasant, uncomfortable or even traumatic and scary.

What was true at some point of your life might not be true in your next level of growth and self-improvement.

To give you an example, if I refer to the personal story I mentioned above, in the past it was safer for me to have a corporate job, because that's what society had taught me, whether it was teachers at school, the system or even family beliefs.

But I came to the conclusion that it wasn't true or fun for me anymore to stay in the field I used to be. I was craving expansion... so I had to learn that I was safe no matter what I'd do.

It took a lot of self-forgiveness, because even if I followed my intuition and didn't doubt myself when I made the decisions, life isn't always a constant straight line, we all have ups and downs, right? So during the "downs" it's easy to question yourself, even if you know you did your best - at least it was the case for me in the past...

Self-doubt never brings anything productive, so take self-doubt and more generally the voice of your mind as a piece of advice from a part of yourself that needs care and attention, then decide what you want to do, let go, surrender and trust, especially trust yourself.

Even if you'd make a fear-based decision, it doesn't mean you'd be wrong. What matters is awareness of the choice and owning your decisions, taking responsibility for them. When you adopt this growth mindset, you will never be afraid of making a mistake again.

When you work on healing yourself and on your own growth and expansion, what was true and how you felt a week, a month or a year ago might not be true for you anymore, it might not be how you feel anymore.

It doesn't mean you were wrong or that you made a mistake, it just means that you grew out of alignment with it. This doesn't make you a hypocrite, "unstable" or a "bad person".

Things change and it's ok.

Change is nothing to be afraid of, change means movement and evolution.

"Change is the only constant" - said Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher.
"Change is the only constant" - said Heraclitus, Greek philosopher.

Tips to strengthen your intuition

  • It starts with raising your vibration like we saw earlier and being very mindful of what you put in your body, detoxing your system can be good,

  • detoxing your mind too,

  • removing any intrusive energies or influences that can hijack your inner voice (ex: gossiping, negative talks - including negative self-talk),

  • practicing spiritual hygiene (being mindful and cleansing your energy)

  • learning to observe without engaging in any scenario or without judging yourself

  • knowing yourself and your reactions to make the difference between your ego's voice (loud "party p**per") vs your higher self's voice (subtle & gentle) and trusting that subtle voice inside of you (intuition doesn't come from outside). To use an image, let's say intuition is a very quiet relaxation music and the mind's voice is a loud neighbour playing hard rock, no one can won't hear the quiet music if loud music is playing at the same time, right?

  • silencing the mind and noticing the difference between thoughts running as a program and what comes to you in a more subtle way by cultivating inner peace & mindfulness

  • heal yourself (emotional wounds, traumas, reprogramming your mind from false beliefs) as they're an open door to mind chatter

  • healing anxiety & quieting self-doubt

  • deciding that your ESP (extrasensory perception) channels can only be used for high vibrations and for the highest good of all

  • trusting that your intuition has always been/is always here, it's part of who we are as humans, it's just been "suppressed" or "running in the background"

  • letting go of wanting to be in control,

  • no more looking for validation outside of yourself or wanting something "obvious" to prove your intuition was right

Here is a podcast version "Tips to develop & strengthen your intuition" that will give you complementary information

How different would your life be if you trusted your intuition?

Have you ever thought "if only I could trust myself more" or "if only I had trusted my intuition"?

Here is a journal prompt for self-improvement:

  • How different would my life be if I trusted myself and my intuition?

  • What is the fear that hides behind the fact I don't fully trust it yet?

  • What can I do today (and every day) to trust my intuition more?

How great would it be if you could intuitively feel and know what is in your highest good and what is not?

I wrote a book back in 2018 that was about Understanding your Extrasensory Perceptions, the different ways you can receive or perceive messages from your intuition through your ESP channels. In the physical world, we can get information by reading/seeing, listening/hearing, for example.

It's the same for intuition, we have perception channels through which the message is going to be brought to our awareness.

There are 6 that I have identified and experienced:

  • claircognizance = clear knowing, you don't know how you know but you know

  • clairvoyance = seeing with your mind's eye

  • clairsentience = feeling things in/with your body

  • clairaudience = hearing disembodied voices/sounds

  • clairolfaction= smelling disembodied/etheric smells

  • clairgustance = having a taste of something in your mouth (ex: you see food you have never tried but you can taste it)

Having a healthy lifestyle can help you develop your extrasensory perceptions, I have a guided meditation on YT that can help you.

Build up trust in your intuition - Podcast episode

  • Here you can find 5 simple steps to build up trust in your intuition.

  • I created a free intuition journal to help you keep track of events and build up evidence that you can trust your intuition. You can download here

Get your free intuition journal here, journal of evidence template

Are you trying to connect to your inner guidance but your mind is coming in the way?

Or maybe you want to move on but ego keeps repeating the same old scenarios & boring statements?

I feel you... I know how it feels...

In addition to the Journal of evidences, here are a few more tips and journal prompts:

1) Know that your ego is a database of past experiences considered as unpleasant, painful or horrible, its role is to protect you

2) Go in observer mode, don't engage in any scenario

What can help is to imagine your ego is a little child and listen to his/her fear, what he/she has to say

3) What is the story that your ego is telling you? don't judge it, just observe your inner dialogue, how your body responds, how you feel... journal about it

4) You can then ask yourself, “Is this threat real in the now moment?” The answer will likely be “no”…

5) you will then be able to see some of your actions and reactions as results of wounds that you can choose to heal in order to find balance.

You have all the tools within you to do so.

6) thank your ego for wanting to protect you and tell it that there is nothing to fear anymore. You are safe, you are growing

When you can feel that your ego is activating or that it is getting loud, observe what you are perceiving as a danger and to which situation of the past your current experience is echoing.

Listen to what your ego have to say and choose how you want to respond.

Accept your ego as a part of you because you are one with yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this article and the tools I provided will help you get you started on your journey to the next-level you :-)

If you would like to accelerate your journey and work with me in a more personal way, I'd be happy to assist you.

You can get in touch or book your free clarity call by clicking the button below