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Crystals for beginners - a Guide to Healing Crystals

This article is an introduction to my Beginner's Guide to Healing crystals. But I will also be sharing some basic info (without spilling all the beans that are in my book :) ).

Here's the knowledge you'll get from reading this article:

Happy reading!

How to cleanse your crystals

Cleansing your crystals before using them is important. They have a "memory" and had a life before entering your life. You're going to want to erase their memory (so to speak) so they can be fully ready and attuned to your energy.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to smudge them ( = cleanse them with the smoke of white sage)

Crystals & chakras

I don't really like to use the term "chakra" anymore since I have learnt some dark New Age concepts that hide behind this term (I run away from anything New Age, but that's another topic...).

Chakra means "wheel" and give the idea of an endless loop (like the endless karmic loop and reincarnation cycles that we have the power to break...) so I prefer using the term "energy center" because that's really what they are :)

This parenthesis about vocabulary being over, let's dive in...

Crystals for beginners - examples of crystals for each of the 7 chakras / 7 energy centers

Please note that the blue calcite and the sodalite can be inverted, blue stones work for both of these centers. I would normally use blue calcite more for the throat and sodalite for the 3rd eye.

I must have inverted them accidentally when taking the picture, but it's not "wrong".

Crystals for beginners, 7 chakras 7 energy centers 7 stones
From bottom to top: root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, 3rd eye and crown

If you want to work on your energy centers (aka "chakras"), do some emotional healing or work on dissolving energy blocks and bringing subconscious beliefs to the surface to releasing them, here is what you can do:

  • set your intention (what you want to heal, release, etc.)

  • lie down and place a stone on each of your energy centers

  • relax and meditate

  • observe what comes up, don't expect, just welcome

  • once done, write down everything you felt, what thoughts came up, if you had epiphanies, etc.

Do this for at least 3 days in a row with the same intention.

Crystals and Sacred Geometry

Crystals and Sacred Geometry are excellent partners. You can combine the power of crystals and the power of Sacred Geometry to support your healing and manifestation process.

Sacred Geometry is the language of nature and the Universe - picture of a flower
Sacred Geometry is the language of nature and the Universe

  • Set your intention and write it on a piece of paper (make it short and clear)

  • Choose a Sacred Geometry shape that you like and resonates with you and print it

  • Choose a Crystal whose properties will enhance your intention (you can find a list in my ebook as a bonus or look on the internet)

  • Place your piece of paper in the center of the Sacred Geometry shape and place your chosen crystal on top

  • Leave it for as long as you feel guided to (3 days or more)

  • You can meditate in front of it every day or say thank you as you look at it (make sure no one touches it so no external energies will come and interfere with your energy)