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How to be at peace with your past so it doesn't define your present | 6 healing tips

I know it's easier said than done. Nobody said being at peace with the past was a piece of cake BUT let me tell you that it doesn't have to take ages or be more painful than you think!

In fact, it is possible to accelerate your healing journey without bypassing. I know this for a fact, with personal proofs and also through my clients.

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How to be at pease with your past so it doesn't define your present 6 healing tips

Podcast episode - motivational talk about healing the past

In this episode, we are:

- debunking a myth: "The past is past and you should leave it where it is"

- talking about 2 things you need to start healing the past

- why you need to heal the past - 6 reasons to boost you

The secret to healing your past

The "secret" if I may say so, is to heal holistically, meaning considering all the aspects of your being and not only one aspect.

You are whole, your body is not separate from your mind, from your emotions, from your soul or from your energy.

You are ONE with yourself so to accelerate your healing, you need to consider all aspects of yourself.

Every aspect of yourself is worthy of love and acceptance.

Nothing is permanent, what you don't like or struggle to accept about yourself does NOT define you and you can change, improve, grow and evolve!

You do this not by running away from yourself or rejecting yourself, but from a place of self-love, because you're SO worthy of feeling good and at peace that you decide and commit to your own wellness :) It's so worth it... YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!!!

You are whole, you are home within
You are whole, you are home within

Benefits of healing your past and creating peace

I could go on and on about the benefits on your health, sleep quality, diet, nervous system and overall wellness, on your emotions, on your thoughts and mind, on your vitality and your energy level... I can never shut up about it because I know this is the key to creating the life you want to live... A life you love and feel excited to wake up to every day!

So I'll "only" give 6 benefits - but let me tell you that anything you desire and wish you had right now is on the other side of healing and shifting a limiting belief

(Side note: and no, you do NOT need to be 100% healed - does that even exist? - to have anything you desire and yes, you can still definitely be successful even if you have limiting beliefs - I'm basically talking about optimizing your life and removing what's standing in your way and what feels uncomfortable and disturbing and creating hindrances)

6 examples of what happens when you heal and create peace with your past:

  • You can use your emotional intelligence: you still feel emotions, obviously, but you understand that fear, anger and other "negative" emotions are part of life and they're just energy in motion, they don't define you so you let them flow. You understand and regulate your emotions to grow, to perceive situations and other people's intentions, you optimise your communication and improve your interactions. You raise above drama, you realize when drama is about to be created and you don't (actually can't) feed it anymore

  • you know how to deal with your thoughts and shift them, you are aware of their origins and nature and you know how to shift them because you are aware that you can actually choose what you allow in your mind and what you allow to affect you - you're no longer a slave to your thought patterns.

  • your health and wellness improves: better sleep, better diet (you no longer crave junk food and have less to no emotional eating urges), you have more energy and vitality, more creativity

  • you feel free and like everything is possible, you think in terms of solutions and seek expansion from every situation (no longer controlled by fears or by relatives or friends' expectations, you're no longer afraid to disappoint or be judged)

  • your relationships improve, no more codependency but more interdependency, you co-create with your aligned people

  • you live more mindfully and your self-awareness (and awareness in general) increases, which helps you consciously respond and engage in situations (or not!)

Create peace and freedom as you heal your past
Create peace and freedom as you heal your past

6 tips to heal and create peace with your past

1- Physically:

Notice where you hold tensions or pains in your body, especially when you go through stressful situations. Be present with your body and exhale the tensions as you stay centered (= focused on yourself, on your body)

2- Mentally:

Become aware of thought patterns that are coming back and refuse to engage in "worst-case scenarios".

Also become aware of your "false truths" (deliberate use o