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How to create a life you love (the 3-step process)

Have you ever heard the sayings "Love the life you live, live the life you love" or "Create a life you don't need a vacation from"?

That sounds pretty easy to say and not so easy to do, right? However, it's possible!!! And creating a life you love doesn't have to be harder than you think it is!

Let me break it down in a 3-step process that shows you the elements you need to explore to create the life you want to wake up to.

Step 1: Evaluating your current situation

You want to create a positive change in your life or even reset your life, that's awesome! You're choosing yourself and that's what a self-leader does! :)

But of course, in order to create a change, you need to know what to actually change, right?

I'm well aware of the fact that life can be frustrating, you might be going through situations that are uncomfortable or unpleasant, maybe you don't have a supportive environment, you have to do tasks that you don't like...

I get it... there are things we can change and things we can't change.

But here's the key element you need to keep in mind: in order to create a positive change, you need to change from within!

So if there's something that you can't change at this moment in time, you're going to work on changing your perception of it and shift your focus.

The more we focus on something (or someone) we don't like, the more frustrated we get, the more we give this situation (or individual) power... which results in energy leaks, even more frustration, internal conflict and you name it...

Let's evaluate with a simplified action plan
  1. Take your favorite pen and notebook and create 2 columns

  2. One column is going to be for the things/places/relationships you love and want to keep in your life

  3. The other column is going to be for the situations/places/relationships you either don't want to keep in your life or you'd like to bring changes to (more boundaries, moving house... whatever it is)

  4. Most importantly, if there's something you really can't change right now, brainstorm about how you could change your perspective or the way you perceive this thing/place/relationship/situation

As you do this, notice and step away from your rational mind's speech that tells you "that's not possible to change this", "I can't do that" or "that's not how life works"

These are false limiting beliefs aka self-sabotaging patterns.

You want to write them down so you can clear your mind and further analyse where this false limiting belief is coming from.

If you needed help to do heal these limiting beliefs and ditch self-sabotage, please message me or book your free 20-min chat (via this page) so we can see how I could help you.

I specialise in bringing unseen self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts to the surface so we can shift them at a subconscious level and make it easier for you to develop positive habits that support your goals and dreams.

Journaling about how to create a life you love - Photo credit: Thought Catalog via Unsplash
Journaling about how to create a life you love - Photo credit: Thought Catalog via Unsplash

Step 2: Knowing your desires

Defining what life you want to create is an important step. Sometimes, it's easy to focus on what is not working, what is not making you happy... but what do you actually desire?

You need to be clear on that, you don't have to have every single details figured out or set in stone right now, you just need to focus on the positive change you want to bring.

Ask yourself these questions (you can grab your journal and use them a prompts)

  • What kind of life would make me happy to wake up to?

  • What is my true authentic self craving for?

  • What is my soul calling me to do and create?

I'm inviting you to journal about everything that you would like to have or see in your life.

Your own desires, not anyone else's definition of a dream life, not what people are expecting from you... define your own perfect vision of a life you love.

Here again notice your mind's speech and how your rational mind is getting in your way. Write down the false limiting beliefs that are coming up if any but keep journaling away.

Start with the big lines of what you desire and refine as you go - you don't have to do this on one go, you can pause and get back to it later.

This podcast episode that follows will help you have a higher perspective and gain insight from your Higher Self.

Create a life you love shamanic guided meditation journey to your highest vibrational timeline
Listen below or click to save it for later

Create a life you love shamanic guided meditation journey to your highest vibrational timeline

Here's a guided meditation that you can listen to below (or click here to save it for later on your favorite podcast platform as I recommend listening to it as you fall asleep. This time of the night is well known as a favorable time to reprogram your subconscious mind)

Step 3: Understanding that you are the creator of your life


You are the Creator of Your Life, the Architect of your Life Plan, the Author of your Life's Novel.

The Universal Law of Correspondence states "As within, so Without, As Above, So Below", which means that everything that exists in the macrocosm, exists in the microcosm.

In other (and more concrete) words, it means that there's a correspondence, a dynamic between your external reality and your internal reality.

What exists at a larger scale (everything outside of you) exists in a smaller scale (everything inside of you).

All this to say: if you want to create a positive change in your life (that is to say in your external reality), you need to create a positive change within yourself.

To summarize, I want to say that they key to creating a life you love is to understand what's blocking you from creating it. Then, you can take actions to bring the necessary changes.

The key to creating a life that you love is to understand what's blocking you from creating it | Photo credit: Tom Joseph via Unsplash
The key to creating a life that you love is to understand what's blocking you from creating it | Photo credit: Tom Joseph via Unsplash

Understanding what's blocking you to step further into self-leadership

Understanding is really about self-understanding... Understanding yourself means understanding what the origin of this roadblock is and what it is showing you in terms of experience and personal growth opportunity.

Self-understanding leads to knowing what to you need change in your thought patterns, emotional response and in your daily habits too. This clarity brings you mindset shifts, which enable you to create new and positive habits.

These new and positive habits imply more self-love, more self-compassion and doing things that support your goals and serve your highest good.

All of these come with a decision to shift your mindset and create new and positive habits leading to more self-love, self-acceptance, awareness and fulfilment. (A positive vortex :) )

How do you understand yourself?

Self-awareness helps you to uncover your subconscious false beliefs, release energy blocks and stuck emotions and unlock your soul gifts.

Reprogram yourself into becoming the next-level authentic version of yourself and to embody self-leadership.

Not sure where to start? I'd love to assist you!

I've been helping hundreds of clients take their power back, unleash their full potential and unlock their soul gifts.

You can book your free discovery call or send me an email my contact page and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

You could also check out this service page "Unlock your soul gifts". During this session, we remove the subconscious blocks and childhood subconscious programming so you can reconnect with who you were before society told you who to be.

Unlocking your soul gifts enables you to unleash your potential and use them for more alignment, self-trust, flow and fulfilment in your professional and personal life.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Take care,


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