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How to clear money blocks to invite more prosperity

I work mostly with business owners but this article is for you, whether you have a business or not, you can benefit from this article.

Let's dive straight in!

What a money block is

Clearing money blocks from various origins

Going deeper and recalibrating

How to clear money blocks
Clearing money blocks

What a money block is

It's basically something within your energy field, in your unconscious, that is resisting receiving prosperity.

So of course here I'm talking about money, but I love the word prosperity. It's stronger to me than abundance because abundance means "a lot of" right?

But a lot of what? Even if "good things" are implied, I prefer prosperity because prosperity includes health, wealth, love... all types of good things, I feel this word is higher vibrational and more precise and helps amplify your intentions.

So even if you consciously do desire prosperity, money, health, love, etc. there might be something in your subconscious mind and energy field block it.

Clearing money blocks from various origins

Money blocks can come from various origins.

I will give 4 methods today.

Clearing past life vows

I of course go much deeper during my private sessions, but today, let's talk about the vow of poverty. For example, the vow of poverty is basically a contract that you made with yourself or with an organisation (ex: religion).

Long story short, nothing to feel bad about. We're not about judgment here. We are just stating facts as I always say, because awareness and self-awareness are key. So if you made a vow of poverty in a past life and now you have your business, and especially if you're a service provider, you might struggle to receive in general, and to receive money more specifically.

Obviously it can be also the case for a vow of selfless service, vow of servitude, all these kinds of vows, even devotion, you know, for example.

First encounter with money

Let's take a trip down memory lane to uncover eventual blocks from childhood. Write down everything that is coming up.

  • Do you remember the very first point in time in this life, in your childhood when you dealt with money, or where you first became aware of money?

  • What was the situation about?

  • What happened?

  • Then in case you find a block or some false programming around money, ask yourself, is that true?

  • Dow does that make you feel right now? Is this statement still valued right now? How has this been making you feel about money?

  • Rewrite your story.

I really invite you to write everything down, everything that is coming up for you.


Affirmations alone don't work if you don't do the work. That's what I always say. They're a great tool, don't get me wrong. They do work, but for example, repeating, I am prosperous, I receive prosperity if you are not changing your core programming, that is to say the way you act or respond to situations, that's not going to be enough.

So affirmations can help and contribute to reprogramming your mind.

So for example, you can say something like, "I am always mindful of the money I spend". This will reinforce your trust in yourself. Being mindful about the money you spend doesn't mean that you are operating from a place of fear or lack. It's about making conscious decisions.

So you will be having your own back when you spend your money.

Another affirmation is "Every amount I spend is replaced by at least 10 times more". That's just an example. Of course, you can make your own.

Be the Observer

Observe yourself in daily life. Every thought that comes to your mind related to money or prosperity.

Always ask yourself if this is serving your highest good or not. There's no "right" or "wrong", it's only about what serves your highest good and what doesn't.

Going deeper and recalibrating

If you would like to go deeper about removing all the past life energies related to money blocks, subconscious mind programming or subconscious fears (ex: being judged, failure, success...)

Whatever fear you may have or whatever blocks you have related to money, even if you haven't identified the nature of the block but you just know that there is something that is making you feel like you can't really move forward, like you're plateauing, we can go in a session and we will find it out.

We'll pinpoint the first point in time in your soul's existence where the block is located. Whether it is in your unconscious, in your energy, it's from this life from another lifetime and we will clear it and reprogram your mind so you can become a match to what you desire.

That's part of what we do during my Unshakeable, my 8-week program to rewire the subconscious beliefs holding you back from having a thriving business, and of course, we tackle "money blocks" and expand your capacity to receive and feel worthy and deserving of having more. Check it out here.

Let's team up and let's take you to your desired level of prosperity, including love, because we will also be releasing blocks to relationships.

Take care,


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