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10 reasons why you need a business energy reading

You've heard of psychic readings, akashic reading or even energy reading for people, right?

What if I told you that you could have a reading of your business' energy?

I tested this service around March or April 2022, just to explore for myself and see how it could help entrepreneurs. It was fun and a lovely experience! But I never launched this service. The 3 lovely clients I tested this reading with all loved it.

You can actually read one my client's experience here.

It's now October 2022 and no later than this week, the 3 of them actually mentioned the reading to me and how it has helped them have clarity, step further into their life purpose and how they used it as a guidance. I don't believe in coincidences... I therefore thought it was time for me to launch it and make this service available to all.

Let's talk about business energy reading more in depth so you can see how amazing it is and how it can change your life as an entrepreneur.

Business reading can improve your life as an entrepreneur

10 signs you could benefit from an energy reading

  • you're feeling stuck, something is not working as you'd like in spite of you applying what you've learnt from business coaches

  • your current strategy feels off or is starting to drain you

  • your current service(s) aren't setting your soul on fire anymore, you need to know how to revive the flame

  • you're struggling to enrol new clients

  • you're experiencing delays

  • you feel you could use an external feedback and perspective shift on your current situation

  • all is well but you're looking to expand

  • you have an idea for a new service or program and you'd like to see what is aligned and if there are blocks so you can clear them for a smooth launch

  • you feel overwhelmed

  • you struggle with procrastination and self-sabotage

Energy reading with a pendulum

How a business energy reading works

Everything is energy, your business is an extension of you. Your energy is unique, your business' energy is unique.

I do not use: oracle cards, tarot cards, runes or any other divination tool.

I sometimes use my pendulum to get complement of information and also to clear some patterns. I do not use my pendulum as a divination tool per se but more as an extension of my own Source Connection.

I use my extrasensory perceptions and intuitive abilities as an energy ready to tap into the energies and I translate them into words for you.

Everything is energy - energy particles, energy reading for entrepreneurs

Why you need a business reading

Well, simply because you are unique, everything is within you and no one else but you knows what feels aligned and what serves your highest good.

There is no one-size-fits-all, you are unique, your business is unique. Reading energy is the best way to pinpoint your needs so you can accelerate your journey to getting your desired results.

We all have fears or false beliefs about ourselves and about life that we are not always 100% aware that we have. I call them "unseen block".

There could be something you're not aware of, yet it is in your energy field, in your subconscious mind and playing against you, for example it could be that you're not consciously aware of:

  • a fear that is preventing you from reaching your next level, for example a fear of success or of failure, fear of judgment, fear of leaving someone behind...

  • false beliefs, you consciously know you deserve the best but maybe your inner child was hurt and you developed the belief "I am not good enough", maybe you have impostor syndrome...

  • a wound or trauma, for example, let's say that right after a big achievement, something traumatic and unrelated happened. Your mind wants to protect you and is trained in detecting danger, your nervous system will have analysed "good news" with "happiness doesn't last" and therefore "success" will now be labelled as "danger". As a consequence, now you have the pattern " it's dangerous to be successful" creating hindrances even if you consciously know better.

Checkout my podcast episode here in which I explain how the subconscious mind can block our success.

Different origins

These unseen blocks can come from this lifetime, early childhood, teen age...

They can also come from a past life or from your ancestors.

To give an example, if an ancestor went bankrupt and felt a lot of shame around losing money to the point of committing suicide, this family trauma can be embedded in your DNA and can come up as a fear of making money, or believing money is evil.

Another example: maybe you made a vow of poverty in a past life that hasn't been broken and now you're struggling to receive money.

Whether it is linked to this lifetime, a past life or an ancestral pattern we can access it and heal it in a reading. I always ask to access to the 1st point in time of a pattern that is accessible at the moment of the reading.

Energy reading for entrepreneurs