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Your business is an energetic entity and here's why a cleanse will help you improve your results

Your business has its own energy, it's an extension of you.

When you create your business, it's registered as a legal person, right?

Your business is an entity with rights and obligations, that's from a "rational" perspective.

Now from an energy perspective: everything is energy as you know. Your business has its own energy according to your values, your services, your brand, your personality.

It's an extension of you. It has a consciousness and it's alive through you.

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Taking a new start

Remember my podcast episode in which I was talking about the importance of cleansing your energy?

If you haven't listened to it yet, click here to save it for later.

Just like you cleanse your body and you cleanse your energy field, it can be a good idea to have a "business cleanse" (what I call a business recalibration), because you constantly evolve and your business needs to evolve with you.

You and your business are in a relationship (sort of)

When you go through life changes, your values evolve, your mindset evolves, your knowledge, your way of doing things, etc.

Therefore, at some point you might outgrow your business or feel that you're not in alignment, lose the fire or feel that something is off, whether you're consciously aware of what it is or not.

It's like being in a relationships, you have to be willing to grow together and readjust, have heart to heart conversations, set things flat and keep building it up.

When that's the case in your business, it's important to take a step back to take stocks and check on your business to see if your current business reflects your current self.

Sometimes we can be doing thing out of habit and we don't realize that this or that is not aligned anymore.

I'd advise to pay attention to your body and how it speaks to you and how your mood or the energy shift when you do certain tasks.

Journal prompts to help you take stocks

Here are a few journal prompts to help you check on yourself and your relationships with your business.

  • Is your business still making you happy?

  • Is there any block?

  • Who is your ideal client?

  • Are you noticing a pattern with your clients? (late payments, clarity calls that aren't leading to sales...)

  • Is there anything you wish you could do but you don't dare do?

  • Are you satisfied with your level of income?

  • What are your dreams?

  • What can you do to work on your dreams a little bit more every day?

How an energy cleanse can help your business

You might be finding yourself plateauing and unsure of what next step to take.

You're working hard yet feeling like you're walking in quicksand

You might be struggling to attract new clients who are aligned with you...

These are just a few examples...

We can check what's going on in your business, what your business' energy is telling you about yourself, if there's a need to rebalance the masculine energies (action mode) and the feminine energies (allowing yourself to receive too) - side note: we all have masculine and feminine energies no matter which gender we are.

We also clear:

- any subconscious blocks that might be creating limitations in your life or patterns such as overwhelm, self-sabotage, perfectionism...

- any eventual past life vows that are creating blocks to your financial prosperity or relationships

- any eventual past life contracts that are outdated and keep in in cycles or repeating patterns

- any eventual energies of jealousy or "bad vibes" sent your way (including malevolent energies, etc.)

We deal with relationships and clear the energies for a reset

Clearing basically helps you put everything flat on the table and take a new start, like have a blank slate to start from.

Of course, clearing is one thing... but what also matters is to build up your empire to the next level!

After a cleanse you have a new chapter to write, it's like a reset. Creating your next level on new and solid foundations.

Focusing on your dreams, your goals, what is working and what could be improved.