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Breaking the chains of guilt, procrastination and false beliefs for unshakeable business success

Hey Passionate Creators! 🌟

Ever felt like your business journey is caught in a whirlwind of tasks, leaving you overwhelmed and questioning your progress?

It's time for a shift!

I'm Morgane, your personal development and mindset coach, here to unravel the hidden reasons behind your never-ending to-do list.

Let's break free from guilt, procrastination, and societal conditioning, turning your business journey into an unstoppable business success as you follow your life purpose!

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Breaking the chains of guilt, procrastination and false beliefs for unshakeable business success
Personal development, mindset, life purpose and business coaching | Energy & subconscious work

The hidden reason why your to-do list seems never-ending, like a bottomless pit of tasks

Caught in the never-ending loop of tasks? Your to-do list feeling like a bottomless pit? 🌀 

Time for a mindset shift!

You're rocking the organizational game by listing tasks, but if the results aren't matching your effort, it's time to address the real culprit – societal conditioning. 🌐

We're fed the idea that busyness equals success. But guess what?

It doesn’t have to be that way… or let me reformulate! There are different types of “busy”

  • Busy as in “running like a chicken without head, doing all the things and not seeing results” and feeling guilty for taking time off while you “should be further along”


  • Busy as in “I know what I have to do, I’m focused on the main tasks, prioritising and seeing progress as I’m getting closer to my goals” and feeling guilty because “life is supposed to be hard, money doesn’t grow on trees, why would it work for me while so many people are struggling”, “it can’t be that easy, right”?

Here’s the actual truth...

First of all, no judgment here! I’m simply here to remind you that you are more than enough and you don’t need to feel guilty no matter what! Running the business race without tackling the core "block" won't cut it.

And by block, I mean “guilt” here…

Why should success be a struggle?

Simply because you have been conditioned by society to believe it has to be hard.

Maybe you’ve seen your caretakers struggle so you’re used to it.

Or maybe you used to be in the corporate world, like myself, trading time and freedom for money and having to do all kinds of tasks - so now as a business owner, you’re wondering what’s next and you’re still having residual reflexes from the corporate world (been through that myself, I get it), but it’s time to do things different now!

It's time to rewire those limiting beliefs, break free from society's grip, and own your unique pace and gifts.

Guilt is a lie, toxic, a poison that gets stored in your body (esp: lower back, liver, stomach), it affects your central nervous system and acts like a filter through which you live life to avoid the pain and your own judgment. It’s also linked to people-pleasing.

Imagine breaking free from this conditioning?

Imagine resolving the emotion of guilt so you can be totally free to act, behave and express yourself freely and authentically?

Imagine a to-do list that's purposeful, time-optimized, and guilt-free?

You’re not only seeing results but you’re also able to enjoy the fruit of your labor and take some time off to relax and be fully present with your loved ones for dinner.

🚀 Ready to ditch the never-ending cycle? My program call "Unshakeable" is here to help you do that! Check it out here or let's chat about rewriting your success story!

You're not lazy, procrastination has a deeper cause - ready for a perspective shift?

What if all this time you’ve been hard on yourself, thinking you’re lazy and mediocre was simply due to the fact that you haven’t found your purpose yet?

How finding your purpose will shift your perspective of yourself for the better...

Let me tell you one of my clients' story

She came into my world struggling with feeling lazy and mediocre, I quote her own words “I’ve always thought of myself as lazy and mediocre in the past but I’m slowly changing that”

And I asked her ONE question that changed her life…

This is the power of coaching!

After this perspective shift and understanding herself more, she was able to heal and forgive herself.

Fast forward to now? She has a thriving business!

This is a glimpse into how I help my clients develop a thriving business through mindset rewiring with my R.O.S.E. framework©.

🌹 R is for Realization: first bring awareness on what’s standing in their way in their current situations

🌹 O is for Observation: once you gained awareness, you detach from the mind’s stories and become the observer, that’s when you deactivate impulsive reactions

🌹 S is for Shift: Once you’ve observed, you can respond from a place of power (vs reacting impulsively, or getting lost in a loop of thoughts, perpetuating the negative pattern)

🌹 E is for Expansion: once you’ve detached from the story, you can create new habits, thoughts and patterns that will enable you to grow and expand

Without that one question, she'd still be running blindly, beating herself up in a direction that's not leading her to her best reality

She'd be spending who knows how much more time, money and energy to "be better" when in reality, she simply needed to find what lights her up...

The reason why my clients were able to get results like 78% increase in income is because I've been there myself, walking blindly and I found my way, so I'm able to spot the trap that my clients would be falling into and help them avoid it...

You see, this was literally after 20-min of talking and she already had this epiphany…

That’s what happens with the power of coaching - ans mixed with energy & subconscious work... it creates life-changing results!

If you want to also get life-changing-brain-explosion moments like my clients, contact me and let’s chat!

The stories others told you about yourself, combined with the beliefs you've made up about yourself are hindering who you're aspiring to be (and how to change that!)

Let's say you've been working hard without seeing your desired results.

You've been taking actions but felt discouraged or confused because as hard as you try, you're spinning your wheels...

This is NOT because you're not doing enough, or because you're not good enough or because you're doing something wrong or because <insert any reason you're trying to come up with>

It's simply because your current idea of yourself doesn't fully match the version of yourself you're wanting to be to experience the life.

I know it might sound weird and you're probably wondering "huh? of course I want my desires to come true and I know I will succeed" and yes that's absolutely correct.

But we're talking about energy and subconscious level here.

We're talking about deep stuff that are buried within your subconscious and still affecting your reality because we are blind to what we perceive as "normal and safe".

But what we've always perceived as normal and safe doesn't mean it is serving our highest good anymore.

So if you're doing all the things and you haven't seen any results, it's simply because there's "invisible resistance" within you.

For example: a subconscious fear of success, false beliefs and societal programming about money, a lack of belief you can make it if your needs, decisions and desires weren't acknowledged or validated as a child, gaslight...

And the good news is that it doesn't have to take long to shift these and rewire.

You already have beliefs about yourself, might as well have beliefs that serve your highest good and support your goals.

If you'd like to shift your subconscious identity and clear the old energies so you can become who you want to be (and already are deep within before society told you who to be) let's chat!

Or you could also check out my free trainings (yes, I currently have 2, grab them while they're here!)

Or you could also check our my services :)

I hope this article helped you shift your perspective.

See you soon,

Take care,


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