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How to break free from overwhelm and "busy work" to reignite the flame of passion with your business

Ever feel like your creative passion is drowning in a sea of to-do lists and business "noise"🥱?

What if I told you there's a way to turn that overwhelm into unstoppable creative flow?

If you're nodding along, you're in the right place.

Let's break free from the 'how-to' haze and reignite your passion! 🔥✨ 

Because yes, you started your business to live your passion...

But right now? You're feeling your creative juice is running dry because your mind's tangled in day-to-day tasks and "how to"!

Here's how to break free and reignite that flame! 

Here's the map of this article:

How to break free from overwhelm and "busy work" and reignite the flame of passion with your business
Personal development, mindset & life purpose Coaching

Remembering your "why" - your life purpose

You started your business (or maybe you're considering starting it) to make money doing what you're passionate about so you can live in alignment with your vision.

You're craving to create this emotional, mental, physical, time and financial freedom as you inspire others through your business. 

Your desire is to break free from the system and from was you were told was the only way (getting a 9-to-5 that's seen as "secure" but that's slowly killing your soul) and prioritise your wellness and family

Yet, right now you're feeling like you're doing more "busy work" than what you actually love because of the overwhelm, the uncertainty of how to get seen by the world, how to make money

So you start questioning your worth, the voice of doubt is getting louder and you feel that sense of urgency to get results to prove yourself that your dream is valid. And this creates a "panic" mode, you're working even harder because pushing through is the only way that makes sense to your mind right now.

And here's when I step in to tell you to hit the "pause" button and stand still of a second.

I understand what you're going through... when you suddenly look around and wonder "what the censored am I even doing?", you feel you're spending more time guessing what to do next, unsure which task to prioritise...

The truth is that you already know what to do. Your intuition and your creative flow are your GPS, but your rational mind acts like a scrambler that's blurring the signal... 

3 patterns and behaviors that are harming your business and that you can shift!

When the signal between you intuition and your actions is blurring, it can translate into the following behaviors and patterns - to give a few examples:


You're doubting because you were taught to doubt. When you learnt how to walk, you never questioned whether or not you'd succeed, every time you fell on your derrière, you go back up again.

Also an important factor, when you learnt how to walk you never doubted you could because everyone was believing in you.

So you had no reason to doubt.

This is the proof that

1) your true nature is to believe in yourself.

2) your environment can affect you.

And you can learn how to deal with doubt. Doubt is inherent in human nature because we have all learnt it and we've been taught that it's part of life. But I'm here to tell you that you can:

- not only reduce doubt significantly when you clear some of your limiting beliefs and heal your wounds and trauma

- but also learnt to deal with doubt as soon as it shows up.

That's what we work on doing when we work together in my program called Unshakeable.

I also offer single breakthrough sessions for a very specific situation you want to break through. But during the 8 weeks, that's part of what we focus on. Getting your mind to work for you (and no more against you) is the biggest gift you can give yourself because it will take you anywhere!


Overwhelm happens when you're unsure what to do next because you're either seeing the big picture as a whole ("omg there this, this and this to do, where do I even start?") or you're only seeing one next task to do, unsure of what the next one will be and unsure of the results that task will yield...

In other words, overwhelm happens when you project yourself into the future - which is a time that doesn't exist yet...

Overwhelm generates anxiety, because then you judge yourself, you feel bad for running around in circles and you need to take a break to balance yourself, which you see as a waste of time, so you judge yourself even more... fearing failure, pressuring yourself with time that goes by, that can lead to procrastination and "freeze mode", because you're afraid of making a wrong choice and unsure of how to deal with the results of your actions and decisions... see the spiral here?

That used to be me, I'd constantly think of what I am supposed to do, what I need to do next and worry about whether or not the task I'm choosing to do is the one that will bring me results instantly...

But then I learnt to stay in the now and focus on not spreading my energy into too many different directions (that creates energy leaks and it's not beneficial). I learnt to decide, prioritise and plan! This created more safety to my nervous system.

You stop overwhelm by staying centered in the now, planning, prioritising and deciding!

Overwhelm is nothing more than a response from your nervous system that needs safety and more predictability and certainty.

Imagine how your life would be if you could get up every day, knowing what you have to do, trusting that you're moving the needle forward every step of the way no matter what happens?

It's ok to be overwhelmed, it happens to everyone. Just like for doubt, the goal is here not to completely eliminate it forever and once for all because just like for doubt, it's not realistic.

However, you can definitely learn to spot your spiralling patterns, break the freeze mode, learn to create safety within your body and your nervous system. You can also learn to set priorities and feel enough, trusting that what you're doing right now is enough to bring your desired results.


You're getting lost in details, because you're either afraid of failing or you're unsure you'll be able to deal with success so you "gain time" by refining, making sure that if you fail you'll have put enough efforts and that if you succeed you'll be deserving of it.

This is also a distraction, it's counterproductive and slowing your progress down.

It's a way that your mind has found to create safety: in both cases your mind is making sure that you won't be hard to yourself because "you tried your best anyway".

But the energy of perfectionism is coming from a place of fear and uncertainty.

And as you could guess, I used to be that perfectionist... this would steal my joy and kill my creative flow, because I'd second-guess if what I created - whether it was a course, a book, a program for a client - was good enough, what was missing, what could be improved. So YES it did come from a place of caring and wanting to deliver the absolute best... BUT it was tainted by fear! A fear of not delivering enough, or disappointing, you name it.

I had to rewire my beliefs and also make the conscious choice to not interrupt my creative flow, to be gentler with myself and use positive criticism instead of coming from a place of "that sucks, how can I improve it" - can you see the difference in the energy? While I used to abandon myself, I now support myself and look at my work from a place of self-empowerment - not disempowerment or shaming.

And you can too!!!

Trusting and becoming the unshakeable CEO of your passion-lead business

What if you could trust that doing your best is enough right now? What if you could just get into your creative flow and be proud of your creation? What if you could own your gifts without wondering if you're gifted enough or if you have enough skills?

What if you could see life in terms of "there's always a solution and I am always improving everyday" instead of "I'm afraid I'll mess up and that I'm not good enough"?

The root cause of perfectionism can be found in your subconscious mind and in your energy field - this is also a coping mechanism that you don't need!

When we clear the wounds and beliefs that have created this in the first place, you'll find yourself be much gentler with yourself, not adding extra pressure to your day.

No "quick fix", no "strategy"

So I get it that it's easier to look for "quick fixes" and "business strategies" or "manifestation techniques" because you think they will be you quicker results. And I get it! I fell in that trap, and wasted a lot of money along the way because I learnt knowledge but that wasn't helping with my mindset, that wasn't helping rewire my subconscious beliefs or clear my energy from those things creating mixed signals.

What do I call "mixed signals"? Well, it's exactly the same principle as your mind blurring the signal from your inner guidance, wisdom and creativity. Except that it's happening at a much deeper level.

Here's the bigger picture: You want to create a life of freedom yet your subconscious associates freedom with "danger", "unpredictability", "lack of structure" and all of these are within your energy field, impacting you at more subtle levels - what is unseen.

Consider these 3 facts:

- Everything is energy and there's more than what meets the eyes,

- Our subconscious mind rules 90 to 95% of our reality,

- In the 5% to 10% that are ruled by our conscious mind, we have a veil that's conditioning us to see life in a certain way (every heard the saying "love is blind", ever looked for an item that was right in front of your nose? or ever stayed focused on one way of doing things, losing track of other solutions that were available? that's what I'm talking about)

The more you work on reconnecting with yourself, developing your awareness and peeling the layers of conditioning, the more your see life in terms of solutions, opportunities, realistic optimism and the more your intuition developed. And the best way to get out of fear mode and feeling safe and invincible is to be wide open, centered and cultivating balance.

This is why the biggest life hack is to work with the invisible realm: energy and subconscious WITHIN yourself.

When you work on these things, that's when your life starts changing and you're creating a thriving business from your passion.

But stop chasing the next miraculous solution, you'll keep hitting the same walls. Because if a strategy was supposed to work, it would have worked already. So let's work on removing what's causing the resistance.

Ready to Rewrite Your Creative Narrative?

You've felt the doubt, battled overwhelm, and grappled with perfectionism. Now, imagine a transformation where your creative journey becomes a harmonious symphony of passion and purpose. That's exactly what my [Program/Service Name] is designed to achieve.

🌟 Unshakeable Program:

Embark on an 8-week journey where we dive deep into reshaping your mindset, conquering self-doubt, and unleashing your creative potential. Let's turn those whispers of uncertainty into roars of confidence.

💥 Breakthrough Sessions:

For those seeking targeted solutions, my breakthrough sessions are laser-focused on overcoming specific challenges. Whether it's doubt, overwhelm, or perfectionism, let's untangle the knots and set your creativity free.

But wait, there's more!

🚀 Ignite your vision 6-Month Program

For an immersive experience, join me for a transformative 6-month program. Dive into personalized coaching, energy readings to unveil different timelines, and sessions with unwavering support to go form vision to thriving business

Your creative revival awaits, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Ready to rewrite your narrative? 🚀✨

Let's turn your passion into a thriving reality. 💫

Check out my services here to check out what fits you and if you'd like to talk about it, contact me here.

Owning your uniqueness is the key!

99% of my clients are hyper-aware, feel-everything creatives (and the 1% also is but they haven’t accepted it yet) for whom the “conventional road” led to frustration and “yucky feelings” of feeling trapped and running into that same wall…


Because your uniqueness deserves more than generic strategies and theoretical approaches!

Ever felt the frustration of being stuck in the "conventional" highway?

Tirelessly following strategies and rituals without real results? Until you actually get tired and find yourself tossing and turning at 3h33am?

I hear you…

99% of my incredible clients were right there too (and of course, I was too) —hyper-aware, deeply feeling, and bursting with creativity.


Yet the “shoulds” of the business and personal development industries led them to prioritise their mind over their creativity… without really realizing it… it progressively crept in…

So here’s the paradox…

You created your business because the 9-to-5 is sucking your life force and you want to escape the matrix because freedom is important to you…

Yet, you’re feeling trapped by all these “business rules” and “shoulds” you’re told to do if you want to succeed…

Only to realize that the answers aren't in more strategies or manifestation rituals.

So, what to do?

If you know you weren’t meant to fit in the mold, step out of it completely and own it!

That's why my clients chose a different path:

  • the path of self-discovery,

  • creating peace with the past,

  • and unlearning everything they have been told (or told themselves) they couldn’t do.

Because they’re tired of rules that don’t make sense and they know that the answers to their questions, needs and desires are to be found in the “unseen”, beyond what the mind can comprehend.

The mind loves to analyse what happens - especially if you're sensitive - so that it can create a rational cause-to-effect conclusion that it can use for future references when a similar situation would arise.

But what if you could create safety within and trust that no matter what happens, you’re always able to face everything and rise?

My clients know that they’re meant for more, that their path is unconventional, so they look for unconventional ways to make their goals happen in a way that makes sense to them…

And that’s exactly what I help them do through my unique E.A.S.E. method (Energy Alignment for Success and Empowerment), live 1:1 calls during which we clear stagnant energies, rewire limiting beliefs and set goals in actionable steps so you can reach them and enjoy the journey without overwhelm, pressure or being hard on yourself.

Ready to break free?🔥

Check out my services or get in touch...

You could also check out my free trainings, I currently have 2 in the "Free training hug" section of the menu.

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