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Break free from negative thought loops: rewire your mindset for more creativity & business success

Ready to break free from the relentless (not to say boring...) loop of unproductive thoughts and own your creative genius?

In this article, I'm telling you everything about mindset, creativity and on how to create a thriving business/career as a creative entrepreneur and/or artist.

Here's the map:

Let's transform your mindset and turn your dreams into a reality as you unapologetically own your genius! Enjoy the read!

Break free from negative thought loops: rewire your mindset for more creativity & business success
Personal development, mindset & life purpose coaching | Energy & subconscious work for creative entrepreneurs and artists

Use your mind to create, not to feed unproductive thoughts

Let's talk about those persistent (boring) thoughts that seem to play on repeat in your minds.

We've all had them – those thoughts that keep us stuck, questioning our worth, and holding us back from our true potential.

But guess what? You have the power to break free! And here's the framework on how to do that.

1- Acknowledge the loop

What's that recurring narrative telling you?

Identifying it is the first step to overcoming it and it comes by practicing mindfulness, by being present with yourself.

2- Challenge the narrative

Question the validity of these thoughts.

Are they really true, or are they just stories you've been telling yourself?

Challenge them with self-compassion

(Pssst: I bet they’re just stories! Because they always are!)

3- Choose the thoughts you want to entertain

I don’t like to say “control your mind” because it feels forceful and restrictive...

Instead, I challenge you to CHOOSE which thoughts you want to feed and give energy to.

4- Create a new story

Rewrite the script!

Replace those limiting thoughts with empowering ones!

Affirm your worth, capabilities, and the amazing potential within you.

5- Drop into your heart

Thought loops are restricting you, they’re taking space in your brain and are constrictive, limiting your creativity.

Drop into your heart and that’s where you’ll be in a creative space.

That’s also where you’ll find peace and inspiration.

How to drop into your heart: close your eyes, you can place your hands on the center of your chest and just feel the energy there.

Remember, you are the master of your thoughts and if you're not yet, you can become this empowered version of yourself.

Don't let these loops control you. You can rewire your beliefs through energy & subconscious work and I can help you!

If you want to rewrite your narrative, change your subconscious identity to become who you are (before society told you who to be) and you'd like to have a "no-strings-attached" conversation, I'm here for you.

Contact me here either via the contact form or by booking you free connection call.

Unapologetically own your genius while you focus on crushing your business and life goals (without getting lost in "what ifs")

Imagine how your life would be if instead of wondering what your next step is, or how you're going to make it happen, you'd just follow your intuition, trusting your creative genius...

How would it feel to be focusing on reaching your goals, knowing that being yourself is enough and you have all it takes?

I see you, feeling that burning desire to turn your passion into a thriving career. But hey, I also feel those annoying whispers of self-doubt, the boring voice of imposter syndrome, and the weight of perfectionism holding you back.

But here's the magic: Your dream identity of creative fulfillment is not just a dream "somewhere up there", it's not unrealistic; it's a tangible reality waiting for you. 

If you can imagine it, it means it already exists - otherwise how could you imagine it, right? Right!

It's simply a matter of bridging the gap between the reality that you are now experiencing and the reality that you desire to experience.

It's not separated from you, you don't need to because a "better person" (whatever the F that means, "person" is nobody, "person is outside of you"). You just need to embody who you already are and who you have always been before your caretakers shaped your beliefs and society told you "who to be".

🌹 With my R.O.S.E framework and my unique approach that mixes deep energetics, subconscious work with personalized coaching, we'll nurture that confidence, break free from the doubts, and unlock your creative flow. Your passion is not just valid; it's your life force that can transform your life if you give yourself permission to unleash it.

🌈 It's time to (re)write your story, from uncertainty to unapologetic passion, from pleateauing to thriving creativity. 

Your current options:

1) single breakthrough session

2) VIP month

3) unshakeable - your 8-week blueprint to get your business and life to thrive

Contact me and let's chat, it doesn't oblige you in anything afterwards, but it could be the start of your new life.

How mindset rewiring will help you have a thriving business

So you might be wondering "How can rewiring my mindset help me have a thriving business when it’s not a business strategy?" and I get it...

Mindset is key because:

“Where focus goes, energy flows” - Tony Robbins

That’s the way the human mind is wired: we see more of what we focus on…

Remember that time you wanted to buy that coat, and suddenly you could see similar coats everywhere?

Well, that’s the typical illustration…

So when you focus on what’s not working in your business/career, you only see more of what’s not working

The reason why you’re focusing on negative scenarios is a learnt behavior, a way to survive, to be “prepared for the worst”

But what if all could go better than you’d ever expect?

When you rewire your mindset, it’s not only about shifting your thoughts.

It’s about understanding what caused it for you, identifying the patterns so you can spot them.

Let me give you an example: if you deeply know you can thrive when you listen to your heart, but your mind comes in the way, telling you all kinds of “yes but <insert random excuse here>”, you want to explore what the root cause of it is so you can deactivate the reason why your mind tells you these things.

Shifting your thoughts is easy.

It’s the ability to identify the patterns and the root cause that trip most people up which is why 1:1 coaching is important.

You start thinking in terms of solutions.

You start believing in yourself like never before.

You see yourself as worthy of receiving more AND living your dream life.

THEN any strategy you choose to implement in your business will work, because you’ll have cleared the resistance and you’ll have tools to help you clear any blocks that come up along the way.

Now let me tell you one thing… Mindset rewiring DOES work, it DOES create results… but NOT for everybody

So why is that?

Because it’s not a magic wand that can help when you’re stuck in victim mode…

I’ve seen it work for my clients and that’s because:

✩ they're self-empowered

✩ they take responsibility and are action-takers

✩ they come in with an open mind, ready to hear another perspective and let new beliefs and knowledge land differently

they're not afraid to look within and trust themselves to get the results

✩ they have decided that they've had enough and

✩ they're READY to take their business and life to the next level.

So if you recognised yourself in this, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work for you!

Let's connect to chat about where to start and what the best approach would be for YOU! Your time is NOW!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you and helping you embody your dream self!

Much love,


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