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Benefits of energy healing

Energy healing has many benefits, more than one can imagine because it works at every level of our being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual; your soul and energy bodies will be impacted as well as your physical body. Energy transcends time and space, it knows no limit.

So here is an article that will provide you with all you need to know about shamanic healing and energy healing.

If you'd like to book a session with me but you're not sure which service you could benefit from, let's chat!

Whether it is a hand-on in-person session or a remote session, the benefits are the same - energy knows no limit - energy healing hand-on
Whether it is a hand-on in-person session or a remote session, the benefits are the same - energy knows no limit

How energy healing can help you

Energy healing can help you in different situations, like for example:

  • physical pains, whether their origin is mechanical, emotional, mental or spiritual

  • all kinds of diseases, including depression 

  • traumas and shocks, whether they happened recently or in childhood (inner child healing)

  • addictions and disorders

  • intolerances and allergies

  • stress and its effects

  • reoccurring patterns, whether their come from the family lineage or past lives (karmic origins) 

  • in times of disease or when you're going through hard times

  • during rehabilitation after a surgery, an accident or a stroke 

  • preparation for certain events (ex: exams, job interview, giving birth, divorce, etc.)

  • recovery from harassment or bullying (ex: helps to re-build self confidence, etc.)

distant energy healing session benefits and values
Remote energy healing is powerful!

​Non-exhaustive list of the benefits of energy healing


  • helps relieve pain (all types, fibromyalgia included)

  • energises and revitalises

  • supports and enhances the immune system and cells

  • accelerates the body's self-healing abilities 

  • assists the body in cleaning itself from toxins (can be a good complement in a diet and against cellulite) 

  • enhances the efficiency of medicines and reduces their side effects

  • helps the body recover after a surgery or chemotherapy

  • slows down the effects of degenerative diseases

  • helps reeducation after a stroke

  • helps people who suffer from diabetes to have a better quality of life

Mentally and emotionally:

Emotional and mental wellness through energy healing
Meditation is good to invite calm, which favors healing & rejuvenation of the body

  • helps to relax and to give/improve the feeling of wellness,

  • calms and help re-organize thoughts 

  • increases memory, imagination, creativity by giving mental and emotional clarity 

  • reduces stress and anxiety,

  • aids better sleep,

  • reduces symptoms of depression, burn-outs, etc.

  • helps deal with anger and negative/painful emotions in general

  • helps breaking addictions, behavioral disorders,

  • helps in case of dyslexia, stuttering, etc. 

  • improves our relationships with others and with self: self-acceptance, getting rid of complexes and negative body image

  • de-activate the deep emotional roots of diseases 

  • frees the mind and body from emotional blocks, whether they were provoked by a trauma or anchored in the cells' memory (transgenerational patterns...) 

  • enables taking a new perspective on things

  • helps change the way of approaching problems


  • removes energy blockages

  • adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system

  • bringing the body into balance and harmony

  • helps in a path of personal and spiritual development 

  • unifies aura and anchors the body

  • brings inner peace and harmony

  • helps the spiritual awakening process

For animals:

Energy and animal healing
Energy healing for animals is powerful too!

  • helps reduce stress and anxiety,

  • increases the feeling of well-being

  • calm fears, aggressive and traumatized animals

  • improves behavioral problems

  • relieves pain 

  • enhances the efficiency of medicines and reduces their side effects

  • help to recovery after a surgery or a procedure

  • for animals nearing the end of their life, it brings comfort, peace and compassion, and helps the soul’s transition

A few things to know about energy healing

  • it's a session that provides you with a deep energy cleanse and energy healing

  • it is a sacred moment and an act of self-love on your journey back to yourself, something that you choose to do for yourself

  • it is a form of energy healing that goes deep, veeerryy deep to levels that you can't reach by yourself just yet

  • it can help you get relief from physical pains and ailments as it strengthens your immune system and launches your self-healing abilities

  • gives you emotional relief and sometimes release, you will feel lighter

  • it brings you a mental break too by calming your thoughts and bringing you a feeling of inner peace and mental clarity

  • releasing blocks, false beliefs and recurring patterns

  • it releases stagnant energies, you will free yourself from these unwanted toxins

  • it also cleanses your energy at deeper levels: etheric parasites, attachments of old energies, entities, toxic relationships, old soul contracts...

The relief is instant or at least very fast and your vibration will raise quickly.

You will also get messages from your higher self, insights and guidance to help you on your path.

However, it belongs to you not to go back to your old patterns and habits after the session.

Spark of energy after an energy healing session and energy work
Spark of energy after an energy healing session and energy work

What takes place during a healing session

Here is a closer look:

  • you receive energy healing that launches your self-healing process, relieving you from emotional, physical, mental and/or spiritual pains and traumas as blocked energies are cleared and released, you will feel better, rejuvenated and your immune system will be boosted

  • attachments linking you to toxic people (ex: false twin flame, imbalanced relationships...) and places are cut, you will set boundaries & take your power back

  • etheric cords linking you to human beings who are harming you (and eventual entities), draining your energy and creating hindrances in your life are removed, you will feel more energized and gain back control of your thoughts, your body and your life

  • implants (aka etheric parasites) are extracted to free you from their influences (see info below) you will be more in control of your thoughts and emotions and you will hear your inner guidance more clearly

  • curses are cleared, you take back control of your energy so you can live free and unleash your full potential

  • your energy centers ("chakras") are cleared and balanced, the energy will flow freely within you for more harmony so that you can live in alignment with your purpose and dreams

  • your aura and your whole system are shielded and strengthened for a stronger immune system, & energy system

  • your anxiety will lessen or disappear, you will feel more relaxed and calmer

  • you will experience more inner peace, joy, hope and even faith, you will reconnect with yourself like never before so you can live your best life

If you think a session could help you, please feel free to contact me and I will be honored to help you on your path.

Take care,


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