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Being an empath - The empath and the narcissist (unpopular opinion)

I want to share something very important I definitely had my share of: being an empath. I was always blessed to be guided away from situations involving narcissists before they became too bad.

This might sound like unpopular opinions about what it means to be an empath and more generally the dynamic (or pattern) between empaths and narcissists, (that I refer to as trauma bonding, you'll understand why further in this email) and how unhealed wounds play a role in all that.

Please read with your heart and open yourself to a (maybe new) perspective.

It's very important for me to share this because I see a lot of empaths being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people (who are very wounded and have no intention to question themselves, nor do they see any benefit in doing so).

Being an empath, you feel and experience other's emotions and moods like they're yours

My goal as an "empath"

As an empath myself (well, at least, that's what I used to call myself), I used to be vulnerable to some people "preying" for energy food (aka what I call "energy vampires").

Some would be taking advantage of my kindness, hypersensitivity and of my wounds that made that I had poor boundaries.

I was overgiving, overcaring to the point of making others' needs come before mine and of course, some narcissists would feast on me like flies attracted by the strawberry jam jar that you left open...

Basically, I was that strawberry jam that had no lid aka boundaries, come to think about it, I love that analogy that just came to me...

Empaths are to narcissists what strawberry jam is to flies - quoting myself here...

My goal is to raise awareness and help people who are hypersensitive and empaths (true empaths!) - like you, since you're reading this article :) ) so that you can take your power back.

So, welcome to my "the narcissist and the empath" article!

What is an empath?

Definition quoted from the Cambridge dictionary: "(especially in science fiction stories) a person who has an unusually strong ability to feel other people's emotional or mental states"

From a shamanic perspective I think this definition is not "deep enough" in the sense that it's not an "unusual ability". We are all born with these abilities, some of us just don't remember. A lot of my clients - if not all of them - experience this.

Empaths have the abilitiy to understand what other people feel, to sympathize, but there's no need to carry it on your shoulders and make it yours :) - I used to do that and I can guarantee that nothing good ever came out of it... It doesn't help others AND it harms you...

Also it goes beyond "just being an empath", a lot of empaths are clairsentient = having the ability to feel things in their body or even claircognizant = just knowing how someone feels even if they don't tell you.

To summarise my point about empathy:

  • yes empathy is definitely real and not that uncommon

  • I personally prefer using the word "clairsentient", it feels more empowering and less stained by creepy "New Age Cults"

  • yes it's beautiful, it is a gift

  • however, it's still a label and it's always for our highest good to keep digging beyond labels because labels can put us in boxes, which is the opposite of what we want as leaders and empowered beings. Never stop diving deep and exploring your abilities (in other words, alway use labels in an empowering way and grow from it)

  • YOU, my dear, are a powerful human, a spiritual being, a soul having a human experience

  • knowing yourself will help you distinguish what's yours from what's not so that you are not overwhelmed anymore and don't absorb things that are going to burden you

  • cleansing your energy / your aura will also help you remove unnecessary energies you have picked up during the day and shift faster to higher vibrations.

Side note: If you'd like to learn more about how toxic energies affect you, I have a course that you can check out here.

Link to my beginner's course on how to protect yourself from toxic energies to improve your life

Are you clairsentient?

  • Do you sometimes feel sick when you're close to someone who is actually sick or depressed?

  • You feel things in your body as if it was your own but it's not, because it only appears in the presence of a specific being?

  • Do you also feel "icky" when you receive someone's message/phone call?

I bet you answered yes to most - if not all - of these questions...