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Balancing healing & progress: How to thrive without overdoing inner work or give power to "rituals"

Healing is a crucial part of personal growth, but like all things in life, it should be done in moderation. As Theodore Levitt wisely said, "Anything in excess is a poison." So, how much healing and inner work is too much?

Here's my take on it from personal experience...

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Balancing healing & progress: How to thrive without overdoing inner work or give power to "rituals"
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When Healing Becomes Detrimental (not to say "toxic")

Here are a few signs that your quest for healing and doing the inner work is becoming detrimental:

  • When you think you need to fix yourself…

  • When you feel you’re not “healed enough” or that you still need to heal one block before you can thrive or achieve your next big goal.

  • When it becomes an obsession and makes you lose track of your goals.

  • When you become hooked (not to say "addicted") to getting a healing session as a "quick fix" (that actually doesn't fix because there's nothing to fix)

You don’t HAVE to pause your projects “until you’re healed” or “have completely shifted the block” (unless you really need to take a break and reassess, but that’s a different story!)

Healing Comes in Layers

You’re not broken! If something isn’t going your way or if you’re plateauing, it doesn’t mean anything about you in terms of worth or ability.

It doesn’t mean that what you’re pursuing is not for you.

It simply means you need to shift your perspective and rewire a belief that is causing you to spin your wheels. AND it can be done as you keep moving forward.

Healing comes by layers so you don’t need to clear all the layers, you just need to peel the one that’s in your way, keep moving forward until the next block shows up, rinse and repeat…

That’s exactly why I offer pocket coaching during my 8-week program Unshakeable (in addition to the live sessions).

Pocket coaching helps with implementation and you get guidance and support to shift the obstacle in real time as they show up.

If you want to get a small taste of how it is to work together, I’m inviting you to unlock my free training here: "Rewire 5 of the most common limiting beliefs to build a thriving business/career"

Giving your power away to rituals

Do you feel nervous when you skip your morning journaling session?

Let’s talk about routine and rituals here and how they can actually be counterproductive…

So you’ve been looking for healthy success habits to create your thriving business/career out of your passion.

You’ve been following the meditation recommendations, manifestations rituals, journalling and scripting routines that you’ve learnt to a T.

Yet, you still don’t feel your business is thriving

(I’ve been there!)

The truth is that your success does NOT depend on external strategies or morning rituals.

If you feel like you’ve sabotaged your success just because you didn’t have time to meditate this morning… I’m here to tell you that you’re okay.

The gurus out there have told you that you must wake up at 4am and meditate for 1 hour or you won’t be successful.

I say, that’s all really good for marketing.

Building successful habits is supposed to uplift and empower you.

If you’re feeling nervous when you skip your daily routine, or if you feel guilty for not meditating, to me that’s a big red flag!

Empowerment from Within

The key to your success lies within you - not in rituals

Journaling, meditating or exercising because some guru said you must do it to be successful won’t be helpful. It’s fear-based. And everything that’s fear-based is a trap.

It makes you place power into something external, it becomes a sort of dependency.

Building successful habits is good BUT it needs to be intentional and bring something productive that makes you go forward.

That’s why I created my free training that makes you go inwards to unlock the power within… from within!

Results of childhood programmings and wounds are common but not "normal"

How my client, a creative & artist:

  • overcame overwhelm & perfectionism,

  • learnt to prioritise her tasks without freeze mode and

  • unleashed her playful creative side.

as she’s creating her thriving life & career

in 3 weeks of working together...

If you think: ✩ overwhelm, ✩ perfectionism ✩ “freeze mode” (aka analysis paralysis) ✩ being hard on yourself

are just “things you need to live with because that’s how you are”

I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT true!

This is not our natural state.

These things are the results of childhood programmings and wounds.

They are coping mechanisms that you subconsciously built to survive or that were passed on to you by your caretakers form a young age (even inherited from as early as in-utero.

So here's my beautiful client's story:

When my client - a passionate creative & artist - reached out to me, she was tired of merely surviving.

Her desire was to thrive.

But her limiting beliefs built from childhood conditioning & traumas were holding her back from embracing her playful & creative side.

She had the burning desire to do creative work & be an artist, she'd been feeling this calling from her heart and soul for the longest time but she didn't know where to start due to her upbringing.

Determined to break free, she took the courageous step of seeking help, despite never having done so before.

She decided to go all in and to show up for herself week after week for our sessions.

Together, we embarked on a journey, using my unique energy and subconscious healing techniques (called the E.A.S.E.© method) to release the emotional shackles and mind programming of her past.

As I was guiding her to explore her subconscious, sharing insights and asking her thought-provoking questions, She was able to find her Truth, overcome her mindset blocks and break free from her mind's chains.

The results?

✩ She overcame overwhelm & perfectionism enabling her to work more efficiently and with less self-imposed pressure

✩ She learned to prioritise her creative tasks without feeling guilty for following her passion, making her work more organized and focused

✩ A knowing that her talents & skills are enough, feeling legit in her identity as an artist

✩ She no longer feels resistance when she imagines her future self living from her passion, she feels the sky's the limit!

✩ She discovered a newfound flow of creativity, allowing her to express herself more freely in her work, feeling safe to do so

✩ she fully embraced her playful and creative side, which she had been craving to do for decades

✩ The trauma and programmings are now gone from her system, which will enable her to continue on her journey, feeling limitless, knowing that she can achieve anything she desires.

✩ Icing on the cake? She now knows that if she'd ever feel resistance again, she has all the tools to deal with it and be unshakeable.

And this could be you!!!

You don't have to journey alone; sometimes, the courage to reach out is the key to your liberation.

The key to your success doesn't lie in more external strategy or more information...

It lies within you, on the other side of limitations and childhood programming.

So if you’re feeling "blocked" or overwhelmed, like my client, I’m here to help you rewire your mindset and clear the old energies form your system so you can get to do the tasks that will move the needle forward and build your thriving life and career!

Check out my Unshakeable and get in touch with me here, it only takes one message to start changing your life.

See you in my mailbox,


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