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Ancestral healing - heal family patterns & rewrite your story

We all carry our Ancestors’ DNA within us. Some of their traumas, secrets, burdens, false beliefs, unprocessed emotions are stored in our DNA.

To say it differently: what is unresolved is imprinted in our energy field and cellular memory and also stored in our subconscious mind.

In other words, we are carrying the weight of ancestral wounds that are like heaving baggages that aren't even ours and most of the time we don't realize the extent to which it can impact us!!!

Healing ancestral trauma and rebalancing ancestral karma can change your life.

Shamanic ancestral healing enables you to break free from negative family patterns, break ancestral trauma and ancestral curses.

When you do this for yourself, you heal your family tree for yourself, for the next generations and also for your ancestors - remember, everything is energy, so even if your some of your ancestors aren't in this physical world anymore, it will help their consciousness in more subtle ways.

In this article, we will talk about:

If you're interested in knowing more about my ancestral healing service, it's available through personal requests only. You can contact me via this page to request yours or to chat about how ancestral healing could help you.

I use a mix of psychogenealogy techniques to which I was trained, as well as shamanic techniques and energy reading to bring peace and help you break free so you can write your own beautiful story (instead of repeating your ancestors' pains) - even if you don't know much about your family, using energy techniques enables to have complement of information.

Healing your family tree can improve your life - image of a tree - shamanic ancestral healing
Healing your family tree can improve your life

Healing family patterns: going back to the root cause, the answer is within

Let me know if that sounds familiar:

  • struggling to find your life purpose

  • feeling lost, not fitting in the mold

  • feeling a void that you are sometimes trying to numb with all kinds of things (watching TV, alcohol, shopping, emotional eating, etc. no judgment here, we've all been there, trying to cope in our own way) but the void is still there

  • you are facing repeating patterns that you can't seem to get rid of

  • you are feeling uncomfortable in your family, there might even be open conflict, resentment, unexpressed emotions and things you are struggling to process...

Let me tell you, the answer is to be found within you, in the now. Going back to the roots of where you come from will help you clarify where you want to go - and not the other way around. Your true essence is the answer.

Even if you were adopted, raised by non-relatives or when to foster homes, this work is still possible if we think in terms of patterns.

In order to find your true essence, you need to go back to the origin of your life, your childhood and your family. Studying your family's history will help you see why you decided to incarnate with them.

And trust me, this is life changing, it changed my life by proving to me that I was exactly where I needed to be, that some of my limiting beliefs were not mine and actually had an explanation.

I found my purpose within my family and it reinforced the knowing of my life’s purpose in general. It has brought me peace and forgiveness.

This work has also changed the life of the clients I had sessions with, they were transformed into the highest version of themselves, reached more inner peace and clarity in their whole life history and they now have new foundations to build the future of their dreams.

When you know your origins, you can build your dream future every minute that goes by.

You can have peace of mind and resolve emotions and inner conflicts that were frustrating you or "haunting" you - you know how sometimes we think of a song and we can't remember the title? or you remember someone but can't remember their name? So you keep thinking about it in a loop... some family issues can feel that way, we keep thinking about it, trying to find a solution or an understanding that would make rational sense and bring us relief...

Well, this is possible with ancestral healing. You have even more solid foundations to reach your next level of success.

Breaking free from family patterns with ancestral healing - woman raising hands in the air feeling free
Breaking free from family patterns with ancestral healing

Sticking with family or choosing yourself?

Have you ever hear this kind of statement "You have to stick with your family and try to make things work because y'all share the same DNA"?

Well, I don't agree with that.

Yes, we share the same DNA and yes we can love our family yet not appreciate some members, it's totally ok and you don't HAVE to make things ok if it's a toxic environment. Sometimes some family members do horrible things to each other, sometimes to their innocent children too...

Remember that your responsibility is to do what is supporting your best interest from a place of self-love and growth.

The only way you can help your family is by helping yourself and freeing yourself.

Sometimes you can help directly and sometimes you can help indirectly, meaning that by doing you, your folks will see that you are a way-shower, even if it ruffles some feathers, at the end of the day your folks will see that they can do the same.

Sharing an ancestral healing story - breaking family patterns. Image of a lady with a cup of warm drink reading a book
Story time with Morgane :)

Setting boundaries is compatible with kindness.

When you set boundaries, you don't need to point finger or use "big" words, yo simply need to express yourself with kindness. YOu don't have to justify yourself if you don't want to.

Breaking free from family patterns - three women outside throwing flower crowns up in the air
Breaking free from family patterns

Ancestral Healing empowers you and teaches you boundaries with family members. It teaches you to be comfortable with yourself and that you have to make your own decisions based on your own wellbeing (vs trying to please people with whom you only have DNA in common).

It also teaches you how shame and guilt are usually carried in the family, as well as fear of judgment and it helps with that.

Ancestral healing journal prompt

Ancestral healing journal prompts

  • Is there any relationship in your family you wish you could be at peace with?

  • Do you wish you could say something to someone? If yes, what? Write them a letter, you don't have to give it to them, write it for yourself. Even if this person is deceased.

  • How do you see your role in your family?

  • Who do you want to be?

  • How could you be that version of yourself?

Whether the human in question is still alive or not, it is possible to bring inner peace with ancestral healing and energy work.

You can write and re-write your story. A story that starts with your name.

Your story starts with you - your name, your life - ancestral healing, origin of your name - image of a right-handed lady holding a pen and writing with a cup of warm drink in the 2nd plane of the picture
Your story starts with you - your name, your life

Ancestral healing and the origin and meaning of your name

Did you know that you chose your name before incarnation?

Yes, even if you don't like your name, it was chosen for a specific reason and a bigger purpose.

If you want to know a bit more about yourself, study the meaning of your name!

It sounds "simple", right?

Maybe, but

1) life isn't meant to be complicated and

2) it is crazy what you'll learn when you understand the meaning of your name, even if it's a simple search on the Internet to start with.

I did a deep study of all my birth names and I got so much clarity, I then decided to legally change my name and gave birth to myself version 2.0.

I decided to legally change my name after having used my new name for a while...

I had to go to court indeed (that's how "simple" things were in France at that time, thank God it has improved now from what I have heard).

I was scared, not only because all these cold administrative procedures make me very uncomfortable (I was legit physically shaking and got a headache after waiting for more than 3 hours in a building that had a lot of heavy energies), but also because I wasn't sure my name change request would be approved, it all depended not only on my lawyer but on a judge...

I find this principle very unfair... how can someone else decide whether or not you can change your name? It's your freaking name after all, right? But that's another story, when you know the real history of our modern society...

After that, I still had to wait 2 more months to have the final decision from the judge... A total of 2 years of procedure, a file that was 2 centimetres thick, a lawyer, a lot of money... But it was so liberating when the positive answer came!!!

Let's say your don't like the bright red color and you're forced to wear a bright red sweater every day of your life... That's how my birth name felt to me... something I was very uncomfortable with, I didn't like the sound, the energy, the way people were always misspelling or mispronouncing it... I actually have a lot of funny stories about it...

I had been wanting to do that for a few years and learning about psychogenealogy in 2014 and doing Ancestral Healing is what made me go for it,

I learned so much about myself and I had had a great result at my exam (19 points out of 20) my teacher had written a note to congratulate me on the depth of the work I had done...

I didn't change my birth name to escape or run away from myself, or because I hated it and was angry. I changed it from a place of self-love, shedding the old that wasn't serving me and to claim my sovereignty, owning my own life and breaking free from family trauma.

My birth name was indeed a variation of the name of a baby who had died suddenly at one year old... among other uncomfortable things.

And I haven't regretted it one second, I really became myself fully. I know it might sound weird, but that's my story and I'm here to testify how life-changing ancestral healing is (of course you don't have to change your name :) )

Do you know what your name means?

Open a new tab and search the meaning of your name on your favorite search engine. Let me know in the comments what you will have discovered or message me! I'd love to know!

Life is your canvas, create an amazing story full of colors - raising arms facing the sun
Life is your canvas, create an amazing story full of colors

Client's story - when Ancestral Healing helped my very 1st coaching client you heal herself from depression and boost her self-confidence

I remember my very first client as a personal development coach back in 2015.

She was depressed, she had even confessed thinking about committing suicide and almost did it. She lacked self-confidence, was doubting herself a lot and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel.

Disclaimer: I am insisting on the fact that it's not ancestral healing alone that healed her depression. She was taking all necessary actions at a medical level and chose to work on her personal development as a complement to all she was already doing. So not all the credit goes to ancestral healing, but it for sure contributed in improving the way she was seeing herself and improved her self-esteem and self-confidence. It's important for me to be clear on that - I can't promise "miracles" :)

At the beginning of our work together, I sat with her; her relationship with her mother came up, I asked her questions and she realized that there were patterns from her mother that she was subconsciously repeating.

I showed her in a loving way how she could free herself and energetically help her mother too - this work has nothing to do with blaming or rejecting responsibility.

This work is about self-love, compassion for the self and for other family members. We went deep, I did a whole program for her and after we finished that program, she was a different version of herself:

  • she had grown self-confidence

  • she was empowered and she told me that now she was seeing light at the end of the tunnel,

  • she had new ideas for her new career (while she was hating her current job),

  • she had decided to do what was good for her and what would make her happy so she could show the way to her daughters and to whoever in her family would want to follow her.

Her depression and suicidal thoughts? Gone! She chose life because she realised there was more to life than she could have seen before.

And this could be you!

Imagine if you could not only understand what is keeping you stuck and "small" but also free yourself from these burdens...

Imagine how you would feel if you could clearly see where you are coming from to decide where you are headed...

Click here to know more about how you can achieve that with me in your team and in your back pocket.

Price range goes between 333 euros for a single session including family tree analysis up to 888 for one month of work together.

Amazing things happen when you believe in yourself - Client testimonial after one month of ancestral healing

When my client Ana Marie (aka the Liberation Queen), Feminine Embodiment & Spiritual Mentor and I started working together, she was feeling like an alien that landed in a family without really knowing why.

She was also feeling overwhelming emotions when thinking of her painful past & family’s story.

She had clear goals, she needed answers and even if she didn’t have much info about her family at first, she managed to collect data and together we connected the dots and filled some blanks.

Ana Marie went all in, she wasn't afraid to face her fears, she embraced it all and started seeing shifts after our 1st session, it was that quick!

Now she knows more about herself, about her family, she knows the origin of things she had to face as a child and is at peace with these things.

She even reconnected with one of her cousins and could remember beautiful memories of her childhood that she had forgotten about!

That’s how powerful that work is! Let me share her testimonial :)

Testimonial by Ana Marie Djanish, the Liberation Queen
Testimonial by Ana Marie Djanish, the Liberation Queen

I am so happy that my Ancestral Healing program was able to give so much clarity and inner peace to this amazing lady.

I love this work, I love helping amazing clients do the inner work and get to the next version of themselves! This can be you!

Ready to uncover the real you? Treat yourself with this life-changing Ancestral Healing program.

Going to the root by healing your family tree - Breaking free from family patterns and traumas with shamanic ancestral healing - tree with moss and roots and special effect with rainbows of light and hearts
Going to the root by healing your family tree

What ancestral healing can do for you

I'll share what Ancestral healing and psychogenealogy did for me when I first started back in 2014, it helped me:

  • realize I had a role to play in my family, for a bigger purpose than the one I could have imagined

  • take the space that was mine in my family, mentally and emotionally

  • see concrete proofs that there is no mistake, we are born where we need to be, and this brought me acceptance

  • understand how the family's subconscious plays an important role on us and how we can be conditioned

  • find inner peace and forgiveness of myself and ancestors

  • understand how our first, middle and even last names influence us and how they are not chosen randomly

  • comfort my decision to legally change my name, not from a place of rejection but from a place of self-love and freedom, reinventing myself

  • reinforce my inner knowing that it's totally ok to not appreciate some family members but to still love them and wishing them well from a distance

  • have a better understanding of some patterns and how they were created

  • have more compassion and understanding towards my ancestors, and therefore towards myself

  • face some fears in a loving and liberating way

  • understand how our planet's, country's and local area's history can impact our ancestors and us, directly and indirectly

These techniques are life changing and I'm very happy to be able to help other people improve their life, free themselves from what doesn't belong to them and create their own beautiful story.

Breaking free from family patterns - lady in a field, with open arms, facing the sun
Breaking free from family patterns, saying YES to yourself

7 tips to break free from family patterns

I want to share some tips and reflections that have helped me and gave me "light bulb" moments and relief when I realized these things...

1) Remembering that only you knows better what is good for you

Your parents or caretakers don't know better than you what is good for you now that you are an adult.

What was good for you in the past is not necessarily true nowadays anymore.

Isn't that a brain explosion moment?

As children, we think our parents are right and know better because they are the adults...

Your parents/caretakers might have "known better than you" at some point in your life when they had authority over you and custody of you, when they were teaching you and bringing you up...

You grew up with that belief that they have authority and power over you...

But now you are your own person and it's ok to detach from what they have taught you, it's ok to disagree, it's ok to make your own decisions, you are growing and evolving, it's healthy to question, detach and disagree with some things. You don't have to be a "good boy" or a "good girl" anymore.

2) Not all traditions need to be kept alive

You don't have to keep repeating patterns, beliefs or traditions that don't serve your highest good just to conform to your parents' or caretakers' expectations of you.

It's time to fly free from anything that doesn't resonate or serve you.

Ancestral healing journal prompt, pen and journal

Here are some Journal prompts:

  • Am I trying to match my family's expectations?

  • How does it transpire in my life?

  • Who would I be if I let that go?

3) Remember your uniqueness and purpose

If you feel like you don't fit the mold of your family, it means you're the 1st one to break the patterns.

It's ok to be the "weirdo", why be like everyone else when you could be YOU?

You owe it to yourself to honor your uniqueness, even if that means being the "weirdo" of the family, you never know, you might inspire others to do the same.

A bit of humor for all my people out there :) Image credit: unknown, the image shows a minion and it's written "every family has one weird relative. If you don't know who it is, then it's probably you"
For all my people out there :) Image credit: unknown

You were chosen by your Ancestors and you answered the calling to free your lineage.

It takes courage to break generations of pain, hurt and false beliefs

I know it can feel like a curse or even unfair sometimes... but you are doing what many couldn't do! It's actually a gift!

Freeing yourself and healing from family burdens and wounds doesn't make you selfish or a "bad person".

It just makes you a strong independent being who takes his/her power back, doing it for yourself, for your ancestors and for the generations to come is a real mission and it takes courage.

4) Letting go of your family's expectations of you

Your family's expectations of you whether it is how their perceive you or your choice of career or of life, if you choose to move out of your area or even to go abroad, are not your responsibility, none of your business, they're not even your problem...

Whether it is your own family or your partner's/spouse's family, always be yourself, don't accept humiliation or judgment, stay polite and cordial but don't let them diminish your value or ridicule you.

It's your life, you can do what you please, follow your heart, don't sacrifice yourself.

5) Loving your family members vs liking them

Sharing the same DNA as other human beings doesn't mean that you have to get along or appreciate them

Practice unconditional and universal love, don't wish anyone any harm, set boundaries, stay polite, you don't have to force yourself to be friends with your family members just because you share the same DNA or some papers say so

You don't have to like your family, caretakers, extended family.

Love them just like you love other human beings on this planet, practice unconditional and universal love.

Don't wish anyone bad of course, just stay yourself and polite. Don't force yourself to be "friends" because you share the same DNA.

I don't like being around some family members, it has nothing to do with judgment but it is a matter of energy and compatibility... When I understood that, it brought me peace and relief (instead of beating myself up and feeling guilty).

I love them and respect them like I love and respect everyone on this planet but that's it... I wish them well and I live my life. I care from a distance, with benevolence. And it's ok

Once again, it has nothing to do with judgment, but if you feel uneasy or even sick around someone, trust that!

Wish everyone well, don't force yourself to associate with anyone you don't resonate with.

6) Let go of the need to understand

Are you struggling to understand your relatives, caretakers?

You don't need to understand them, you just need to care enough to hold space for them and have benevolent thoughts and wishes towards them, be compassionate and let the rest go.

7) Allow yourself to be who you want to be - change is ok

When people say "never change", they don't want the role you fulfil in their lives to change because you meet a need they have (aka "I need you to be there for me so if you change you will not meet my needs anymore"), they don't want their beliefs about you or their view of you to be challenged... and to go deeper, they're also afraid that they'd have to change too...

Change is nothing to be scared about, as uncomfortable as it can be and don't hold yourself back from changing or growing to please anyone.

I hope this article helped you and if you'd like to learn deeper about this and really delve into the next version of yourself to improve your life, contact me here or book a free call now and let's chat about it!

Take care,


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