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Why alignment is the Key to a fulfilling career and life as an Artist & Independent

Hey there, beautiful eyeballs reading this!

You're probably thinking, "Why can't this human, who’s a coach and works with energy and the subconscious mind, promise me a truckload of money as a result of working with her?"

Well, hold onto your hats because I'm about to spill the beans.

It's all about being in alignment, my friends!

Trust me, it's way more important than simply focusing on making money!

And before any further, let me tell you that there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make money - this article is not about that!

My desire for you is to make a sh*t ton of money and have prosperity at every level: financial, time, freedom, love, health, wellness, friendships, contracts... but let's be real: we want durable and fulfilling success, and this comes naturally when you clear blocks and align with who you want to be at a subconscious level, at an identity level. That's why I talk about embodiment and embodied self-leadership.

In this article, we'll dive into the wonderful world of alignment and why it's the secret sauce to a fulfilling and kick-*ss artist career (and actually making the money you desire).

Unlocking the Power of Alignment: The Key to a Fulfilling Career and Life as an Artist & Independent
Alignment is key and comes from within

Empowerment and ethics

First of all, let me say that it would be unethical of me to promise you that you will make more money or that I will heal you… because no one else but you has that power. It would be taking your power away as the powerful creator of your reality that you are.

However, by working on being in alignment, you will get all of that... You are of course responsible for your results - my mission and role is to support you in creating alignment by facilitating a space space and time for you to clear blocks and define your goals and how you will reach them.

You're the artist working in the front line, I'm backstage providing support, encouragement, techniques, "mind hacks", energy techniques to help you overcome blocks, patterns and old stories (that we all have) keeping you stuck and preventing you from being in alignment

As within, so without!

As within, so without, create alignment within so it reflects without
As within, so without, create alignment within so it reflects without

Understanding Alignment

Picture this: alignment is like finding your groove on the dance floor of life. It's all about being in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

We're talking about tapping into your purpose, values, and passions. It's like unlocking your inner artist superhero, ready to take on the world with a pen, a microphone or a guitar.

So, let's get aligned and unleash that creative superhero within!

It has nothing to do with "woo woo" or anything "weird", it's simply about Universal Laws and tapping into what makes you happy, what sets your soul on fire and clearing anything that's telling you "what if <insert negative scenario>", "who am I to do this?", "why me" and all these limitations, projections from people that you might have heard as a child...

Chasing money vs living in alignment
Chasing money vs living in alignment

The Limitations of Chasing Money

Now, before we go any further, let's have a little reality check.

Chasing money like a crazed squirrel on caffeine might not be the best path to eternal happiness. Trust me, I've seen it all in the business world and also in my previous jobs in the corporate world.

The endless pursuit of more money can leave you feeling like a hamster running in a wheel, although the image is cute and fun for a hamster… it’s not leading anywhere for us as humans. Money for the sake of money, from a place of fear and lack is not fulfilling and doesn't (always) last if you don't have the energy or mindset capacity to hold it in. (That's why many people who win a huge amount of money at the lottery often lose it all, because it requires alignment.)

But guess what? Alignment offers so much more! It's like upgrading from a greasy heavy fast-food burger to a 5-star high-vibrational meal for the soul.

When you're aligned, everything falls into place - of course you still need to take actions - aligned actions, more precisely.

The Power of Alignment

When you're in alignment, my friend, you're not only feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. No, no! You're tapping into a treasure chest of pure joy and satisfaction! It's like finding the secret hack to life.

It doesn't mean you'll 100% of the time "high vibe" - I don't believe in "positive vibes only" because bypass is a trap! It's about having all the tools within so you don't give power to situations or people that don't serve your highest good.

That's what I come "becoming Unshakeable", having all the tools not to stay in a place where you're shaken and if you are - because life can hit us hard sometimes - you know what to do for yourself, to take care of yourself and be there for yourself.

Embracing alignment means living a purpose-driven life. You're not just going through the motions; you're rocking out with your true self, leaving a trail of glitter and sparkles wherever you go: you shine from within! And let me tell you, the universe loves that stuff! You have heard of the Law of Attraction, but I also use the Law of Resonance: basically you get more of what you are. Likes attract likes.

Embracing alignment in your career as an artist
Everything comes from within

Embracing Alignment in your Career (and Business)

Okay, let's get down to business, my fellow artists…

As a creative and creator of art, you are also a business owner of course, your soul gifts and your personality are your assets.

Building an authentic presence (which represents your brand) is like creating your own awesome tribe of loyal fans and followers. By embodying your values, you're attracting like-minded individuals who dig what you're all about.

It's like throwing a party where only the coolest people show up, and they can't get enough of your awesomeness. You're shining your light unapologetically and your people want that!

Alignment makes everything fall into place

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting money!

The point I’m making here is that by finding peace, freedom and basically embodying your values, EVERYTHING ELSE FALLS INTO PLACE effortlessly.

When your subconscious beliefs match your conscious beliefs, actions, habits, responses and behaviours, you become MAGNETIC!

You just need to focus on feeling aligned, taking aligned, intentional and focused actions (because you will always need to take actions of course!!!) and creating more alignment.

How to do that?

Ditching self-doubt, clearing resistance and basically removing what’s standing in your way as you keep moving forward.

You don’t need to have it all figured out, you don’t need to chase perfection, you just need to set intentions / be intentional and seek expansion!

There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing against you, it’s all about believing in yourself, in this voice in your heart, your drive, your passion, your inner knowing, your joy and clearing what’s creating tension, distraction and what’s dragging you down.

And that is what I can help you do, because I've been igniting transformation since 2016.

In a nutshell, my friends, alignment is the real deal! It's like finding a golden key that opens the doors to freedom, a vibrant artist career.

So, let's ditch the obsession with piles of money and focus on what truly matters: being in alignment. When you align with your purpose, values, and passions, you'll unlock a world of fulfillment and propserity that no stack of cash only can match!

So, let's raise our paintbrushes and guitars to alignment, my creative comrades. It's time to rock and roll with our true artistic selves!

If you'd like to know more, book your free connection call and let's have a chat, click here!

I also have a masterclass "Break through resistance, clear your path to success" available here.

Take care, much love,


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