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How to access the Akashic Records - learn to read Akashic Records (guided meditation)

What are the Akashic Records?

What is the purpose of akashic records reading?

How to access my akashic records?

What questions to ask in the Akashic records?

Do I need a certificate or to have specific skills to read past lives in the Akashic Records?

These are questions I often get as an akashic reader.

This article will answer these questions for you and you'll also find a guided meditation to guide you there so you can do your own reading :)

I will also share my personal truth about the Akashic Records and how everything is within you...

Grab a hot chocolate and enjoy the read! :)

What are the Akashic records - image of a library for akashic records reading and past like reading

What are the Akashic Records?

They are like a giant etheric library that hold the whole story (and history) of humanity.

All the possible scenarios and realities, are contained in this "etheric library"

It also contains each being's soul life history, all the possible scenarios in all realities. It's called the Book of Life or Book of your life.

The Book of Your Life is "located" in the Akashic Records. This book contains your whole story, not only the story of your life in this incarnation but also the parallel realities and also your past lives. Everything from the moment that your soul was created.

We choose to incarnate at a certain time, day, month, year, in such family, in such area of such country for specific reasons, the role that everyone is going to play, etc.

Everything is done with precision, like complex calculations of an architect who builds a house. Everything is recorded there, everything is written.

It's basically a record of your soul's life and humanity's story.

"Etheric library" means that it's not a physical place, it's "somewhere in the unseen realm"

The image of a library is used because that's an analogy that makes sense. It's always easier for our human brain conceptualise and use visualisation techniques to get guidance and to "translate energy into something tangible", if I may say so (although it's still intangible, but you get the idea).

What is Akashic records reading - image of a book with fairy lights

What is the purpose of Akashic Records reading?

  • get clarity on a decision you need to make

  • see the origin of a pattern that keep repeating in your life and the lesson you need to learn in order to break the loop

  • get general guidance, whether it is for business strategy, relationships...

  • find solutions to challenges

  • see different possibilities and their outcomes

  • heal childhood trauma

  • bring awareness on a specific situation to see the bigger picture and find peace

  • heal past life trauma

  • heal ancestral trauma

  • ask general guidance on what you need to focus on today...

These are just examples, the possibilities are endless!

I have freed myself from a toxic karmic relationship by visiting the Akashic Records, also understood the strength and origin of a soul connection so that I could deactivate the intensity and heal patterns.

The shift is felt instantly for more clarity, understanding and direction.

Reading the Akashic Records can give you direction - past life akashic reading - image of a book a mug, a pen and glasses
An Akashic Record reading can give you direction and clarity

How to access my akashic records?

You can access this library and the book of your life through a journey through time and space. Or maybe, I could say a journey in the now, because everything is accessible in the now, and the "journey", once again, is a matter of conceptualising and while you "journey", you're actually relaxing and detaching your conscious mind (the active brain) so that you can access the "unseen" information.

You can go there with a guided meditation and/or using visualisation.

Always make sure to shield and protect yourself before - in the guided meditation I'm sharing below, the shielding is included. Spiritual Hygiene is a must!

Keep reading, I'll share my guided meditation I created a few years ago, but first I want to make sure to give you a few examples of questions you can ask.

What questions to ask the Akashic records?

You can ask any questions you'd like but there's one big rule to always respect: never ask about someone else without their informed, conscious and explicit consent.

The answer wouldn't necessarily be accurate and that would be considered an intrusion and violation of the Law of Consent and Free Will (more info in this article).

When you're asking about a relationship between you and someone else, it is allowed because the relationship is shared by the 2 of you. Just make sure to ask questions relevant to the relationship (cf example in the free template)

General tips when you formulate questions in the Akashic Records

  • Short sentences

  • Positive formulation (no negation)

  • No “should I” (there is no such thing as "should", speak in terms of "what is in my highest good" for example)

  • In terms of probability (ex: is there a probability that xxx, is it a strong probability? More than 50%?)

  • In terms of timelines (ex: is there a timeline where xxx)

You can unlock your free template with Examples of Questions to Ask in the Akashic Records below and you'll receive an email with a Google doc link so you have everything handy for when you'll be doing the guided meditation that follows :)

Do I need a certificate or to have specific skills to read past lives in the Akashic Records?

Honestly, no, you don't. You can take a certified training - I admit I took two - even if I learnt a thing or 2 from these courses, they didn't really change the way I was accessing the information.

You need to:

  • decide you want to do it and do it in integrity, for the highest good of all

  • trust yourself: trusting that you are getting the correct answers, if you doubt you'll get "mixed signals"

  • quiet your mind and breathe deeply before

  • getting into a relaxed state

  • practise: practicing is the only way you'll get clearer and clearer answers

No certification is needed to validate your knowledge and your know-how, your natural abilities, we are all energy readers naturally! You just need to quiet your mind and center yourself.

relaxing and quieting your mind is needed to access the Akashic Records and do an akashic records reading - woman sitting on the floor to meditate in a quiet place

My personal truth about the Akashic Records

After reading energy for years, I can tell you that you don't need to access the library.

You are energy, if you connect to yourself, you'll be able to read your own energy without necessarily having to visualize the whole journey to the Library (nothing wrong with it if you do).

Your subconscious mind and your energy field contain your own Akashic Records.

Everything is energy and your soul's experiences are coded in your DNA and stored in your energy field and your subconscious mind. An energy reading enables to access what is causing blocks, whether it is in this incarnation (this current lifetime), a past or parallel life or if it's something inherited from your ancestors.

When I'm in a session with my clients, I don't access the Library, the simple fact of setting the intention to connect to their energy and teaming up with them is enough for me to start receiving relevant information according to the intention that my clients are setting as we start the session.

Of course, if someone books a session with me to work on themselves with my help, they obviously gave me prior consent. I am accessing the information with their permission. However, your soul / higher self is always in control and I will only have access to what is in your highest good to access. I'm only a messenger and facilitator of your own healing and sessions are always tailored to your needs.

If you'd like to experience a session with me to break through subconscious blocks, you can check out my Shamanic Breakthrough Session, a unique mix of healing, reading and coaching :)

Without further ado, here is the Guided Meditation I promised :)

Akashic Records Guided Meditation

Grab your free question templates, have your intention and questions ready and be prepared to take some notes :)

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you get the answers you seek from consulting and reading the Akashic Records.

Keep trying, don't get discouraged if you don't get anything right off the bat, you will get there, don't force and try again another day or another time of the day :)

Take care and feel free to connect with me via this page,

Much love,


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