6 tips to help you stay consistent

Are you struggling to remain consistent?

You have things to do and sometimes you decide to something you love or that is good for you but you slack, get discouraged, procrastinate, etc.

Is that you? Then these tips are for you:

1) Decide that it has to change

2) Make a list of priorities and start small -> I am a firm believer that it's the small things that enable you to build up and make durable changes

3) is it really you who's procrastinating or is it like an energy that is holding you back? we're talking about entities, attachments and implants here. Know yourself so you will be able to tell if you're facing interferences, it can happen and if that's the case, it is your responsibility to identify the signs and to free yourself from these

4) are you self-sabotaging? do you have a fear of success? procrastination can be a sign of a wound, in that case, once identified, you can work on healing it

5) take responsibility for your actions, don't blame it on work, on the weather, on your neighbor's grandma or whatever ;)

6) remember that you need to be your own best friend at all cost, would you betray your best friend? Would you deprive yourself from what is good for you?