5 signs that unresolved wounds are creating blocks in your business / career

We all have wounds, whether it is from childhood (more generally this incarnation) from past lives or even ancestral wounds that we have inherited from our parents. These things are stored in our energy field/aura/subconscious mind and most of the time we're not aware that they're creating hindrances and making us feel like we're running in a hamster wheel.

Here are 5 signs that unresolved / unhealed wounds are creating blocks in your business:

  • Money blocks: you're not sure how much to charge, feeling uncomfortable closing sales, inconsistent income

  • Client blocks: Loneliness, fear of betrayal (whether it is betraying yourself, betraying your clients by fear of not delivering...), fear of being judged, inconsistent flow of clients

  • “Savior” complex: you want to help SO BAD that you take more responsibility than it is your role to take, you burden yourself with unnecessary weight on your shoulders

  • Fear of failure: you have this paralysing fear of failing, being persecuted and that you will never be able to reach your dreams, you genuinely believe others can do it, but not you or if you do, you have to struggle

  • Fear of success: you have associated success with “temporary”, with “having to maintain the level”, with “super busy all the time”, maybe you were taught that "life is hard" or "you can't get what you want in life"

These are simply a perception based on non-truths and you know what? The good news is that you CAN totally reprogram your mind and release these from your energy field so they don't "haunt" you anymore.

How wonderful would it be if you could spend your day taking actions that bring results instead of second-guessing yourself or having this non-stop conversation in your mind "will this work? what if? IDK WTF I'm doing, why is it not working" etc. And I can help you with that!

You can email me the word "breakthrough" if you'd like to heal these and release them from your energy field/subconscious mind so that you can finally reach your next level and focus on tasks that bring your clients and more $$$€€€

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