4 Signs that past life vows are affecting your business

Have you ever felt like some strange "forces" that seem to be "blocking you"?

You're feeling stuck in spite of taking actions?

Maybe you're not sure what actions to take because you feel overwhelmed?

Our past lives/parallel lives can indeed create hindrances in our current reality, especially "unfinished businesses", like contracts, oaths, promises and vows.

Vows are a form of contract that you make with yourself or with some kind of authority.

Ex: religious, sect, any form of devotion, vow of poverty, vow of silence, etc.

So, here are 4 signs that could show you're currently being affecting by past vows in the now:

  • struggling to accept you are worthy of being paid for your services, need to undercharge, guilt… (ex: you undertook a vow of poverty in a past life and vowed to be of service to your community; now you’re a service provider and you’re struggling…)

  • Being way too hard on yourself if things don’t go as you had hoped or planned (ex: vow of self-punishment, repenting for "sins")

  • Feeling everything from your clients or people in general (emotions, pains, states of mind…) in your body (what I call “over-empathy”) (ex: could be the 2 vows mentioned above)

  • Feeling that you’re not allowed to be vulnerable or that you’ll be “punished”, you have to be “impeccable” or watch your back all the time, which can even go to the extent of feeling observed (ex: religious vow)

Does any of these resonate?

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