10 signs you have psychic abilities

  1. We all have intuition, but yours is very strong

  2. You have telepathy with loved ones, friends...

  3. You sense things before they happen (ex: the thought of someone comes to you and you receive a message from them within a few seconds)

  4. You've experienced premonition (ex: in dreams) or even received prophetic visions

  5. You are sensitive to your environment (ex: easily disturbed by artificial light that is too bright, loud noise, temperature changes)

  6. You sense energies and recognize energy signatures

  7. You learn easily, you know things without knowing how you know them, if someone explains something new to you, you "get it" as if a memory was awaken within you or you received a "download"

  8. You have random memories from the past coming up very clearly (even if they make no rational sense)

  9. You have experiences with your extrasensory perceptions (ex: visions inside your mind, seeing orbs, hearing disembodied sounds or voices, smelling etheric smells, etc.)

  10. You go to a place for the 1st time but it feels familiar, like you've been there before

How many of these signs have you experienced? Let me know down below!

If you'd like to develop/strengthen your abilities and be connected to your Higher Self so that you can hear your inner wisdom and trust yourself to make decisions, let's work together, my programs can help you change your life!

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