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Intuitive Energy-Infused Copywriting

It's not just about words; it's about showing your audience you own your genius and connecting with them on a soul level !

Your webpage: 👀 *staring at you* 
You: 🫣
  • You're unsure how to write a sales page that captures your essence and makes your people think "OMG he/she gets me, that's exactly what I need!"?

  • Maybe you already have a sales page but you could use extra help to make it sound more like you?

  • Or maybe you're not fully trusting yourself to talk about the results you deliver to your clients so you're holding back in your copy... as a result, you're feeling disconnected from your offer or frustrated by your sales page (or all of that...)


(and trust me, i've been there myself...)

​What if you could have someone (pssst, 🙋🏻‍♀️) who can assist you by:

  • clearing resistance and what makes that you're holding back so you can fully own your genius (through energy healing)

  • intuitively capturing your essence to write (or tweak) a copy so it sounds like you (by reading your energy and "translating" it into words)

Words are powerful tools.

Why not use them to authentically express how your genius can help your people?

And what better way than clearing resistance and tapping directly into your true essence?

Intuitive copywriting

When we team up, you get:

  • The sales page(s) of your choice written or tweaked in a way that sounds like you

  • An energy clearing of the resistance that makes you hold back, doubt yourself and be shy around voicing the results you deliver

  • A report of what was cleared

Details and investment for 1 webpage (written or tweaked)

  • 1 live call to discuss your needs, your vision and your sales page(s) in question (approx 30-45min via Zoom)

  • 1 Google Doc with your sales page and a report of the energy blocks that were cleared

  • Delivered in 3-4 business days

  • Follow-up for 2-weeks (for the copy, via Google Doc comments as well as for any questions related to the energy work)

  • Investment: 222€

(extra 77 euros per extra page, up to 3 extra pages, contact me here)

  • After confirming your order by proceeding to payment, you will receive a confirmation and we will get you started at your desired date, without delay!

  • Cancellation and refund policy:
    When this month of pocket coaching starts within the 14 days that follow your payment, it is considered that you renounce to your right of withdrawal as stated in the Terms and Conditions and by the Law.

I'm looking forward to empowering you to step into your next level of embodied self-leadership!


Your new biz bestie & success mindset teammate

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