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Are you a future or new entrepreneur or aspiring artist, a feeler & "out-of-the-box thinker", maybe spiritual, with a vision, but the path to success seems unclear?
Get the solution-oriented success mindset from Day One, develop a thriving business from your passion to "exit the matrix" and live a life of freedom and fulfilment YOUR way!
(without the guess work, the overwhelm, the healing rabbit hole or endless cookie-cutter strategies)
*** 🔥 New - Beta Tester Opportunity! 🔥 ***

Ignite your vision - from idea to life purpose

Get clarity on how to turn your idea into a profitable business

Whether in mindset or business, let's dismantle common roadblocks that often hinder new creative entrepreneurs and artists, so you can anticipate and overcome challenges before they even arise.

🚫 Overwhelmed by the business organisation and launch process - unsure where to start?

🚫 Stuck in analysis paralysis, not knowing the next step?

🚫 Battling self-doubt, creative blocks and fear of failure?

🚫 Societal conditioning and other people's projections giving you anxiety, making you feel trapped as their voices echo in your head ("life is hard", "Come on, get a real job" *rolls eyes*...)?

I get it, I got you!

I've been there almost 10 years ago before I launched my business, when I decided to leave the corporate world.

The journey from idea to success has its challenges, I've been through the rollercoaster (I know how it feels to be awake at 3h33 am wondering what's your next step and how to make this whole thing work)... which is exactly why I can help so you don't have to go through it!


Hi, I'm Morgane, call me your "Swiss Knife mentor!"

I indeed recently decided to validate my skills by getting my certification in Business and Entrepreneurship Coaching, in addition to being a certified Personal Development, Life Purpose Coach & Energy + subconscious healing practitioner with over 14 years of experience all practices mixed. 

Let's identify and tackle these challenges head-on, providing practical solutions and unwavering support in the personal development, mindset & business fields!

You don't have to do this alone or do any guess-work!

What you can expect from this 6-month program

Start your business on solid foundations from Day One!

✨ Clearing blocks to receive more prosperity: Gain the knowledge and insights to turn your passion into profit and clear anything causing you to have "money blocks" (ex: feeling "unworthy", shame, guilt, false beliefs about "having to work hard to deserve something"...)


✨ Mindset Mastery: Overcome self-doubt, fear, and creative blocks with tailored mindset coaching without falling into the rabbit hole


✨ Thriving Business or Career: Witness your creative idea evolve into a thriving venture, gain clarity on your business activity (target market, services, your desires) and goals as you avoid the pitfalls and hamster wheel. Learn to prioritise your ideas and tasks, set goals, remove any distractions. Clear obstacles to make any strategy of your choice work.


✨ Energy & Emotional Mastery: deal with any emotions and energy shifts that come up and know what to do for yourself to shift back into balance so you can feel inspired and motivated when you need to get things done.

Confidently take actions and see results of your actions: learn the art of confident business decisions and successful results, learn to track your progress and see business and life in terms of solutions

Learn to hear and recognize your intuition: your inner wisdom is always guiding you, learn to turn up the volume and tap into your inner knowledge to navigate business and life with more ease.

Intuitive copywriting: You'll find your own voice to be able to communicate your offers and genius to your People; and if you feel resistance in talking about what you do, we'll clear the root cause so you can own your genius!


Ignite your vision - details

  • 6-month program 100% tailored to YOUR own unique needs

  • Each live call, we will be using my E.A.S.E. method (Energy Alignment for Success and Empowerment© (a mix of energy & subconscious work mixed with coaching as needed)

  • You can reach out anytime during the week (Mon-Fri) for any questions, to get feedback or guidance through text message or voice note (via Telegram)

  • You'll get tools as needed to shift and deal with whatever resistance or situation you're going through (for example: visualisation exercises, journal prompts, EFT/TFT)

  • Extra resources from my library as needed (ex: e-books, guided meditations or courses)

✨ 2 live calls per month via Zoom for 6 months (60 to 75 minutes)

✨ Unlimited support via Telegram Monday to Friday (text and voice notes) - reach out any time!

Topics included: everything related to self-improvement, mindset, personal development, spirituality, energy, subconscious beliefs, business & entrepreneurship life.

🔥* beta tester opportunity * total investment: 2214 euros for 6 months or 6 x 369 euros 🔥

What's next after filling the form?

You'll be receiving an email to tackle formalities: work agreement, payment and setting a date for the start of your program as well as a date for your first live call.

For any questions, please click here to send me an email or to book your free clarity call.

I'm looking forward to accompanying you on your journey to living your life purpose and thriving!

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