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Home Healing

Making you feel home at home

Did you know that the energy of your home can affect you?

There can be 4 types of negative energies in your home:


Entities = souls that are lost or trapped in the lower dimensions, some are in distress, some are evil


Egregores = thought forms that influence the atmosphere of a place


Memories = when something violent or tragic happens, some of this energy can be crystallized in the place where it happened


✦ Earth radiation = Hartmann & Curry network can be toxic as well as Earth flaws.

Here are a few symptoms and signs that can be felt in case low vibrational interferences:

physical pains, headaches or migraines

digestive issues

dizziness that feels like energy sensations/vortex in your head and/or in your whole body

 heaviness, lack of energy, fatigue

 insomnia, disrupted sleep patterns, waking up tired, not wanting to get up

 stress, anxiety, negative thoughts, depression

 low emotions (ex: getting angry or crying "for no reason")

 feeling nervous or hyper for no apparent reason, like something is about to happen, tension in solar plexus

 lack of mental clarity, trouble focusing

 feeling observed, like someone is watching you

 feeling a cool breeze or sudden cold sensations on your face or "in your bones"

 one room feels colder than others for no rational reason


 items move, are misplaced, disappear or fall "on their own"

 hearing footsteps, sounds, sighs, whispers

 electricity or electronic dysfunctions

 plumbing sounds, dysfunction

 you don't want to stay inside or on the contrary you don't want to go out

 children crying, not wanting to go to bed

 children having nightmares or night terrors, crying at night

 children not wanting to stay alone or are scared to go in a specific room

 pets acting strange (ex: staring at something "invisible", dogs barking at something, cats following/glancing at something)

 cats staying at the same spot can indicate negative Earth radiation

 insects always coming back in a specific spots (ex: ants)

 some plants don't grow or die while others are doing fine in other rooms


*None of these symptoms are a diagnosis, this is just for information purpose only, I am not a medical doctor and in case of doubt, refer to the relevant authorities

This home healing service aims at:

removing any eventual entities so that they stop sucking/draining your energy and influencing your thoughts and your life negatively; whether they are lost and trapped souls or dark entities, I will make sure that don't come back (includes closing eventual portals in severe cases)

cleansing your place's memory to remove past energies so you and your family don't carry this heaviness anymore, you will have a new and refreshed energy to move forward and really feel at home in your own cosy energy

checking if some Earth's radiations are affecting your environment and give you tips to correct the energy to improve your life

raising the vibration of your environment, which contributes to raising yours, making your energy and immune system stronger, your mindset will be more positive, you will feel more at peace in your home and within yourself; a high vibrational home tells lost or dark entities "you're not welcome here", they won't enter as the vibration will be too high for them

placing a psychic and energy protection around and in your home so that no low vibration can penetrate (we're talking about entities but also human beings with bad intentions)

You will feel better, more comfortable, a feeling of peace and safety.

This service includes:

a total cleanse of your whole property, room by room (including your garage, cellar, attic and yard if applicable)

a shield for every person and animal present in your home at the time and day of the cleanse if you can't go out

a detailed summary with advice

a follow-up, meaning that you can contact me on Telegram for any additional question up to 2 weeks after the cleanse without any additional cost

a final check-up 2 weeks after the cleanse


✤ Session: minimum 2 hours, the duration can vary, each home is unique.

✤ Investment varies between 555 for a small apartment and 1111 euros for a bigger house with cellar, attic, garden, garage.

The investment can vary according to the size of your house, the number of entities, if there are portals, etc.

Contact me first so we can discuss before so that we can be on the same page. I usually reply within 24 hours maximum.

"No one should feel like a guest under their own roof..."
Let me remove any intrusive energies so that you can feel home at home...

I am looking forward to working with you !

Shaman Morgane

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