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Free Starter Kit
Impostor Syndrome Exterminator

for business owners who want to:

  • stop self-doubt "attacks"

  • ​stop playing small

Welcome!!! Unlock your 2 freebies below!

If you are a service-based business owner who struggles with impostor syndrome and who's tired of playing small and of having the boring voice of doubt talking BS in your head, this free starter kit is exactly what you need!!!

This starter Kit contains:

7 easy tips to ditch impostor syndrome

for business owners who want to stop self-doubt "attacks" & stop playing small

Includes extra journal prompts & success-mindset tips

5-day challenge to crush your impostor syndrome

Includes motivational brain food to crush false beliefs, journal prompts and bonuses

What to expect from these:

  • a new perspective about yourself and about success

  • mindset shifts

  • rewrite the stories you have been telling yourself and see the truth

  • brain food, actionable tips, journal prompts, more love & epiphanies

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