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Energy reading & Timeline Healing

Recalibration & Healing Readings to clear your path, bring peace and get you to create your desired reality.

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This is for you if:

  • You're currently unsure of what to choose between the different opportunities that are being presented to you as you're facing a life change

  • You've been facing the same pattern over and again in business or in your life, even in relationships and you'd like to revisit the point of origin so you can clear it once for good.

This service is not about fortune-telling, it is meant to:

  • empower you to make informed decisions following your own guidance in terms of timelines and probabilities

  • anticipate the blocks and challenges that would be presenting themselves according to the different scenarios so you can accelerate your path and get the teachings you're meant to get without spinning your wheels.

  • clear energetic blocks that are likely to be presenting themselves and hinder your progress

  • visualize the path to your highest vibrational timeline and clear what's in your way so you can bridge the gap

  • blend intuitive guidance with energy healing to create a roadmap for personal growth and manifestation so you can step into your most aligned and empowered self now!


  • Ask your question or describe your situation and expectations in the fields (button below)

  • Get your timeline healing reading delivered to your inbox with the 48h following your payment

  • Special offer January 2024: 77 euros

Relationship Recalibration session

Rebalancing your energy so you can attract aligned relationships (including romantic) and bring more harmony and depth to your existing relationships with ease.

  • Do you feel alone (maybe even like an alien) and wish you could have a trusted friend or partner you could share your "weird" with?

  • Maybe you feel misunderstood (or worse: judged!) among your current circle?

  • Do you find it hard to set boundaries (or even keep them) without feeling guilty or the need to justify yourself for your actions and decisions?

  • Maybe you're in a relationship and wish for a deeper connection to re-ignite the flame?

  • Maybe you've been single for a while and wish you could attract your ideal partner, your Divine Soul Mate?


Knowing how to be alone is one thing, that's a skill to have... but feeling alone in relationships knowing that you're meant for a deeper connection is another thing.


As humans, we're social creatures, no one should feel alone! Life is made to be shared with like-minded people who have your back - just like you have theirs.


Let's open yourself up to meet soul-aligned people - including a romantic partner if that applies - and harmonise your already-existing relationships as you learn to set boundaries and stand in your power!


With this type of session, we will remove anything that's standing in your way, for example:

  • stagnant and negative energies

  • memories of traumas from past relationships

  • soul wounds (ex: shame, humiliation, betrayal, rejection, etc.)

  • soul contracts and past life vows

  • subconscious programming and limitations

After that, you will:

  • become magnetic and attract your Tribe

  • feel safe to be yourself unapologetically (the time of playing small or holding back is over!

  • reconnect deeper with yourself so you can feel safe within yourself and therefore with other people

  • shift your energy to even higher vibrations so you can contribute to helping others shift just by being and shining your light

  • feel 100% safe to let your guard down

  • naturally harmonise your already-existing relationships (and those who aren't align will fall off naturally and softly for everyone's highest good)

  • have no tolerance for drama or any desire to be around it (and no, it has nothing to do with arrogance or being heartless, it's all about boundaries and compatibility)



This is for you if:

  • If you've ever heard that you were "too this" or "not enough that"( know that no one should ever have to apologise for who they are!) and you're ready to break the shell to expand and be yourself

  • If you have a job with responsibilities, you're an entrepreneur, you manage staff or if you consider yourself a public figure and find it hard to find people who will see you for who you are beyond your function, occupation or career

  • You're ready to do the inner work, take responsibility for your energy and change the way you've been seeing relationships

Ready to reconnect with yourself and lead from a place of power so you can become magnetic?


  • 1 live call - 60minutes via Zoom

  • 7 days of support for implementation and any questions after your live session

  • 333 euros

Energy Cleanse & Reset: more info here

Wanna learn energy healing?
Contact me for more info about my program

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Please note that my techniques are intended to complement, not replace, any medical treatment you may be receiving - as clearly stated in my GTC.

If you have underlying health conditions or severe pain, I recommend consulting a qualified healthcare professional.

I have no medical knowledge, competence or authority to make any diagnosis or give my opinion on any treatment or prescription and I never have and never will ever pretend to do that.

If you have any questions, need a sprinkle of cosmic stardust, or want to chat about how we could team up for a deeper transformation, feel free to reach out here!


I'm here, ready to support you on this incredible journey of personal growth and empowerment!


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