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Energy Reading

A healing reading of your current energy that brings you answers and perspective regarding a question or situation you're facing and for which you could use some help, intuitive guidance and empowerment.

This reading includes an energy and soul healing session.

Expect powerful shifts and insights that will help you move forward, feel energised and will also bring you peace.

Choose your desired reading option

Your healing reading is tailored to your needs and can be in any area of your choice: personal development, spiritual growth, love, relationships, career, business...

One Question


This healing reading is designed to answer one question on the topic of your choice

33 euros

3 Questions


This healing reading is designed to answer 3 questions on the topic of your choice. The questions can be in the same area of life or 3 different areas.

88 euros

3 Questions + energy cleanse bundle


This healing reading is designed to answer 3 questions of your choice.

You also get a total energy cleanse to remove stagnant energies that are keeping you stuck or feeling heavy in the area of your choice.

188 euros (save up 22 euros)

Here's what happens next:

Once you have paid for your desired service, send me an email with your question and your intention for your energy cleanse.

You can send me an email via this contact form at the bottom of the page or to this address: that you can copy and paste.

You will head from me as soon as I receive your email to acknowledge reception of your request and payment and you can expect your healing reading within 2 business days maximum delivered to your inbox.

Thank you very much,

I'm looking forward to doing your reading!

Much love,


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