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Energy Reset

Energy cleansing and healing session for a renewed sense of peace, clarity & momentum to move forward from a blank slate.

Most popular & best-selling service worldwide since 2016

Tell me if that sounds familiar

✧ You've been feeling drained, overwhelmed or burdened by negative energies and you want a cleanse because it's definitely not like you to drag your feet!


✧ You need a boost of energy because you want to be able to take time off with your loved ones and be fully present to enjoy your time with them

✧ You're an action-taker and in spite of doing "all the things", you've been experiencing stagnation, you need a shift - like NOW!

✧ Stress and silent burdens are weighing you down, affecting your mental clarity, sometimes it hits you out of the blue and it's hard to shake... you want to get back into a clear mental space.

✧ You've been feeling disconnected and you need to get back into alignment asap.

I understand the impact that these unpleasant and sometimes unexplained feelings can have on your overall well-being, on your energy level, mood, enthusiasm and fulfilment.

That's why I created this service back in 2016 and it's been my all-time most popular ever since!

Ready to wave buh-bye to old heavy energies and energetic blocks holding you back?

Wanna reclaim your wellness to feel rejuvenated, more relaxed and peaceful?

What if you could hit the "refresh" button?

Imagine feeling refreshed, with a renewed sense of vitality after your session...

Your mind feels calmer and clearer.


You can focus on what you have to do, feel more productive and therefore more fulfilled

You're now more present with your loved ones outside of your working hours, enjoying times with the kids (humans or fur babies) and with your significant other.


You feel relief, like a weight has lifted off your shoulders. Your body has let go of tensions, you feel less pain and you can relax more, leading to more positive thoughts and emotions and an improved overall sense of wellness.

Results speak for themselves...

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Ready to regain energy and enthusiasm?
Energy reset details & options

Single sessions are not longer available BUT my pocket-coaching format is much more empowering and think about it this way:

  • no boring cookie-cutter theory 🥱

  • 100% personalised according to YOUR specific situation and what you're feeling on the very moment.

  • you learn to clear what's distracting you from your goals and stay laser focused.

  • you get 4 weeks of support via text message Mon to Fri where we address anything that's coming up for you in your life and business: resistance, overwhelm, unexplained phenomena so you can move forward and get a feeling of instant clarity, more energy, more positivity and presence in the now moment


This is for you if:

  • you're self-led and make no excuse

  • you are ready to shift habits and thought patterns

  • you're open to new suggestions and perspective while keeping your own discernment

  • you want to accelerate your personal and spiritual development in a no-fluff no BS approach but with benevolence and in a fun and joyful way!


This is NOT for you if:

  • you expect to learn how to "channel beings" or "talk to ancestors", this is definitely not my approach

  • you expect me to do everything for you

  • you're looking for a saviour

  • you're not ready to take action or do the work


1 month of pocket coaching to learn and practice to

  • clear your own energy via text messages

  • gain awareness of your body, emotions and thoughts and to clear blocks, unpleasant sensations and pains instantly

  • Shift your patterns and behaviours to move towards mental clarity, wellness and increased intuition and connection to God.


  • You'll get journal prompts and techniques that you can use and reuse, they'll be yours forever so you can support yourself.

  • Ask any questions and get guidance, techniques and methods that DO work Monday to Friday

  • Support via text messages on Telegram

Any questions? Contact me.​

Refund & cancellation policy:

If the services are provided within 14 days of payment, the client cannot claim their right of withdrawal as per the Terms and Conditions and the (French) Law. No refunds are given for services that have been provided.

I'm looking forward to connecting and teaming with you to help you accelerate your results and boost your wellness.


Energy reset & energy cleanse
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