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Feeling stuck in your business (or life) in spite of a clear goal? It's time for a breakthrough!
Transform your challenges into milestones and get back into the flow now!

Recalibration Breakthrough session

Break through to move forward with a sense of new beginning...

You have a clear goal when it comes to your business, your income or even what you envision for your personal expansion and life in general, however, you are:

  • feeling trapped in stagnation, unsure what to do next to break through

  • losing excitement, motivation and energy while normally you're a pretty enthusiastic and someone who gets things done

  • putting in effort without seeing results, whether it is in your business/career, in your own personal or spiritual development...

  • feeling like you're affected by energies around you and this affects your creativity, your vitality, focus and performance while all you want is to make a living doing what you love, spreading joy.


I Get It. It's Tough and debilitating.

(Trust me, I've been there... hitting the same walls and not seeing the "elephant in the room")

But What If It Could Be Easier?

Let's uncover the root cause of this "stuckness", re-energize you and pave the way for you to create more income, freedom, and joy in your business and life.

Who a breakthrough session is for:

This is for passion-driven empathic souls who are hitting "invisible walls" in spite of taking actions and doing all the things, whether you are:

  • facing a stubborn money block,

  • dealing with a "clarity crisis", energies affecting you but you're not sure what's going on or what to do to get back on track (trust me, I've been there!)

  • feeling the weight of self-doubt, or being hard on yourself, hindering your creativity

  • or if you know there's resistance and misalignment in a specific situation, even if you haven't yet identified exactly what it is

This breakthrough session is your personalised key to unlocking your path to go from where you are and where you want to be!

What's in it for you

  • Money Breakthrough:
    Clear what's blocking your flow, your capacity to receive more, feeling worthy to receive prosperity and any subconscious and energetic blocks that could be affecting you


  • Clarity & Creativity:
    Gain a crystal-clear vision of your path forward as you remove the "noise" created by doubt and stories the human mind is oh-so talented at creating so you can unlock your creative flow and open yourself to your own genius


  • Mindset Shifts for more confidence and ease:
    Overcome doubts, negative self-talk, bring closure to some past events that were still hovering over your head and affecting you in silence so you can move forward with more confidence and ease.

  • The Unseen & Energy:
    Uncover and shift hidden energy barriers hindering your progress throughout time and space, feel lighter and empowered.

Tailored Breakthrough

I don't do one-size-fits-all. Your breakthrough is crafted to tackle YOUR specific challenge, providing a roadmap to kick down barriers and move from stuck to forward & upward.

Break free

Let's get to the heart of the matter. We'll uncover the hidden roots of your challenge, enabling you to dismantle them to free yourself without spinning your wheels any longer!

Perspective shift

This transformative experience will enable you to shift, gain awareness & understanding you need to continue your path with more alignment and flow as you create your next level.

Mrs C.B. Business Owner

I had an amazing private session with Morgane Rose. She is so gifted. My focus was to do some inner work to help me move through some blocks that were preventing me from moving forward with my goals. Well, I got so much more than I thought I was going to get. Not only did we remove these blocks to help me perform more optimally, but we also removed 2 very big traumas, and some old limited beliefs holding me back from sharing my gifts with those who are in need. If you are ever wondering about whether energy work may help, I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of time with Morgane.

Choose the option you prefer according to your needs

No matter which option you choose, your breakthrough session will always include my unique E.A.S.E. method©: Energy Alignment for Success and Empowerment, blending energy and subconscious work with coaching.​


Single breakthrough session

  • 1-hour live call

  • Energy + subconscious work as needed + coaching

  • walk away with a shift in your perspective, clearing the way to your desired goals

  • 3 days post-session for support & questions

  • 222 euros

  • 1 month of 6 months to clear money and creativity blocks, strengthen your energy field to turn your empathy into a super power and thrive doing what you love.

  • If you get a breakthrough session and choose to join one of the 2 options within that same month, your session will count as a first session and down payment

For any questions, please contact me

I'm looking forward to assisting you in creating your success and crushing those goals

Much love,


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