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Ancestral Healing

Break Ancestral Patterns
Get back to the root to set yourself free, for yourself and your (future) children
Write your own success story

Ancestral healing can help if:

  • You have always felt like an "alien" in your family, as if you didn't really "fit in"?

  • Maybe you're even feeling rejected, misunderstood or not taken seriously...

  • You feel emotions, blocks or burdens deep within you that don't really feel like they are yours - a bit as if you were born with them, basically...

  • Certain patterns are repeating in your life in the same circumstances or maybe at a specific time of the year

  • You have unexplained difficulties or behaviors that affect your social or professional life

A little explanation about ancestral healing, cellular memory and energy

We all carry our Ancestors’ DNA within us. Some of their unhealed traumas, secrets, burdens, false beliefs (more generally everything that is unresolved) are stored in our DNA (our cellular memory), in our energy field and subconscious. Some ancestral curses and / or practices can also affect our life and create blockages.

In other words, we are carrying the weight of baggages that aren't even ours!!! And sometimes for generations!

If we don’t free ourselves, this weight is going to become too heavy... 

If we don’t release that trapped energy at some point, it will end up harming us energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Healing Ancestral imbalances and releasing energy imprints

Healing (unresolved) emotional imbalances inherited from Ancestors will enable you to free yourself from energy patterns that are not yours but had been burdening you.

What is not dealt with or fully resolved by Ancestors stays in your energy field today, it then transform into energetic patterns that are creating blocks in your life.


This Ancestral healing service goes deep, it is highly transformational and can change your perception of yourself and your family and of course uncover blocks you have been facing in your social and/or professional life without realizing the root cause was ancestral.

Analysing your family tree, starting with 3 generations

Analysing your family tree, starting with your parents and grandparents, enables you to:

  • understand family patterns that are following you so you can break them to free yourself

  • identify relationships issues and resolve them for more harmony and balance in all your relationships, including in your business / career.

  • go all the way back to the roots of your false beliefs and programming to free yourself from what is not serving your highest good and creating hindrances in your personal and professional life

  • icing on the cake: free your children (or future children) from the beliefs that you've been carrying, so they can live a free and joyful life

This work is that powerful! Freeing yourself will free your children and help your Ancestors energetically - that is how powerful the healing of ONE can be.

This Ancestral Healing service is for you if:

  • you want to understand your story, find your life purpose and how to include your soul gifts in your professional / business life

  • you've been carrying limiting beliefs and fears forever, you don't know where the are coming from (it feels as if you were born with them), they're creating hindrances in your business and life, yet you have blindspots and need help to get rid of them

  • you are seeing some of your family's reactions/behaviors/patterns in your own life & you want to break them

  • you are not afraid to face yourself or do emotional healing from a place of self-love, self-growth, respect & non-judgment of yourself or your Ancestors

  • you are tired of feeling stuck & want to free yourself from anything that harms you and no longer serves you so that you can finally live the life you know you deserve

  • you know the answers you seek aren't to be found in a "rational" way, you know you are made for more and you're ready to claim it!

Side note: If you were adopted or went to foster home(s), even if there is no blood relation, you didn’t get there by chance so this work is still possible.

Ancestral Healing can help you

  • gain clarity on your life purpose and why you are here on Earth, incarnated in this specific family, this will give you inner peace and acceptance

  • release limiting beliefs & recurring patterns so that you can break free from what is keeping you stuck, which is going to boost your self-confidence and bring balance in your life

  • realize that it's ok to love your family dearly and still not get along with them, you won't feel the need to "fix things", no more guilt, etc. just acceptance

  • see that you have a role to play and that it is perfectly orchestrated, bringing you a feeling of belonging and having a place in the family tree - there is no mistake

  • bring forgiveness & compassion towards your Ancestors and yourself, so that you can become your own friend, heal your relationships and open yourself up to new opportunities

  • rewrite your story from a place of self-love and acceptance to create your own beautiful life

Details, options & investment

  • an analysis of your family tree data so you can see patterns & how everything has been perfectly orchestrated

  • energy work & cleanse to remove blocks, stagnant energies and outdated soul contracts

  • energy reading from your Higher Self & Ancestors to help you resolve unfinished businesses, bring forgiveness & peace within yourself

  • coaching tips easily applicable to improve in your daily life

  • ongoing support during office hours


I want you to get the best experience so I'm offering 2 options for you to choose from

Pre-work: whether you choose a single session or a bundle, you will need to collect simple data about your family (don't panic, I will tell you what you need) you will send these over to me at least 24h before so that I can have material to prepare for our session

 ‧˚*・༓☾ Single Session☽༓・*˚⁺‧

✿ 1 call of +/- 2 hours

✿ 1 week of support after the call

✿ Price: 277 euros

 ‧˚*・༓☾ Bundle☽༓・*˚⁺‧

✿ 3 calls of +/- 75min

✿ unlimited support for 4 weeks

✿ Price: 555 euros

My clients' testimonials after Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing Ana Marie without picture.png

Ana Marie Djanish - Liberation Queen & High-Level Feminine Embodiment Mentor (Croatia)

When you free yourself, you free your family energetically, you are a way-shower. 
You help generations by doing it for yourself and embodying who you were born to be.

Need more info? Read this article

Ancestral healing helps you free yourself from what's holding you back and embodying your authentic self to become a self-leader
Ancestral healing shamanic healing technique to help you break free from toxic family patterns inherited so you can embody your next-level of self-leadership

I'm so excited to help you claim your life back and get you where you want you be!!!

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

Much love,


"Ancestral Healing enables you to grow like a tree - from solid roots up to the sky, where it breathes freely and knows no limit."

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