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Welcome to my website Morgane R.O.S.E. Coaching & Shamanism

Morgane ROSE Coaching personal development self-leadership coach, shamanic practitioner an

Helping you on your personal development journey from self-doubt and overwhelm to clarity and embodied self-leadership for more impact, more inner peace and fulfilment in your business and personal life.

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Hello powerful high achiever! 

You are here on Earthly journey to unleash your full potential, unlock your soul gifts (not to play small or conform to others' expectations) so you can create a life that feels good to wake up to every morning and for which you feel grateful every night when you go to bed (and actually sleep peacefully).

As a high achiever, there's nothing more painful than feeling stagnant, stuck, being in a place of doubt, overwhelm and subconsciously self-sabotaging your success without anyone to understand you, support you or empower you...

That's when I step in as your personal coach, your personal intuitive shaman, accountability and empowerment partner!

I'm passionate about helping established service-based business owners, executives, public figures and more generally high achievers to unlock their potential, increase their creativity and productivity for more impact and fulfilment both in their business and personal life.

Since 2016 (actually even before, since 2009), I've been helping amazing souls radically change their life... For example: heal themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, find their purpose, navigate through difficult life changes with ease and peace, find closure after break-ups or the loss of a loved one, improve their relationships and overcome challenges they thought they were stuck in, quit their 9-5 to open their own business...


In other words, I'm here to boost your self-trust so you can self-realize, feel confident to unleash your potential, break free from limitations and create your successful business and life in your own terms!

If you'd like to step into embodied self-leadership, develop self-confidence and trust in your intuition, you're at the right place!

You don't need more strategy, more courses to learn new skills...

You already have everything within you! You just need to remember how to activate your personal power and unleash your potential so you can expand from within (instead of seeking outside of yourself, seek within your biggest asset aka yourself).


Here's what we get you to achieve when we team up together:

  • release subconscious blocks and overcome overwhelm for more focus and mental clarity to take actions that move the needle forward

  • replace unconscious self-sabotaging habits with a positive self-talk, reframing negative self-talk and self-doubt so you can tame your mind to make it work for you (and not more against you!) and take your success mindset to the next level

  • ditch procrastination so you have more room for creativity and productivity (which means more free time for your loved ones and your hobbies)

  • overcome fears (ex: success, failure, fear of making a mistakes or of missing out) to step into self-confidence, trusting the voice of your intuition and that you have your own back to deal with anything that comes your way

  • unleash your potential, unlock your soul gifts and tap into your emotional intelligence - the days of playing small are over, it's time to be unapologetically yourself and set healthy boundaries

  • self-understanding, self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-love for more inner peace and fulfilment in your personal life (inc. relationships) and business/career.

If all of these speak to you and you wish to know more, I'm inviting you to book your free 20-minute clarity call below (or keep scrolling to know what my clients are saying).

What my clients are saying after their remote shamanic healing and coaching sessions

I have worked with Morgane for 9 months and during this time I have also had breakthroughs with every single shamanic healing session I’ve had with her. I went from being scared of being seen to being comfortable within my being (...) Working 9-5 to having a successful business. All of this occurred with her teachings and shamanic healing! Everything in her teachings course provided a solid foundation to grow my business. (...)  The best gift you can give yourself is having a healing session/teachings with Morgane! I know she will look after you and accelerate your healing/soul path path as she did with mine!

Teresa, spiritual business owner (Australia)


Morgane is a heart-centered and genuine coach who cares deeply about her clients. She's patient, kind, and creates a safe space for you to go within and connect with your source of truth. She helped me gain clarity, identify my triggers and reframe my limiting beliefs around self doubt that held me back from achieving my goals. I left our session feeling assured, energized, and peaceful.
Not only this, Morgane provided me with actionable steps needed to manage self-doubt and develop unshakeable confidence in myself to continue moving forward with my goals. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Morgane to anyone looking for a transformation coach"

Ms. R, Business strategist - Entrepreneur (Canada)

"Thank you Morgane for the powerful Soul Retrieval Session that was amazing. You touched a few real issues bothering me and hope the cleansing you did for the Limiting beliefs and blocks during the course of your session is definitely going to help me in my journey of spirituality and soul ascendency. You are a pure soul and I feel blessed to have come in your contact. Keep helping souls in their journey Many thanks once again and may God bless you."

Rajiv, corporate man (India)

"(...) Since I had my sessions with Morgane, I have felt a positive increase in my energy and vitality, which to me, feels like a miracle. I always know I can trust Morgane, she is a truly beautiful and genuine soul who knows what she is doing. I cannot recommend working with her enough, she always checks in to see how you are doing and you can feel that she genuinely cares. Morgane gives her time and energy so lovingly and her methods can be life changing. Thank you Morgane!!"

Ms. L, owner of several businesses (UK)

A unique mix of coaching & shamanic healing techniques to help you accelerate your journey to reaching your goals & feeling fulfilled!

Are you ready to self-realize and achieve your next level of success in business and life without overwhelm by taming your mind like the Leader that you are?​

We do this through highly transformative sessions that help you unburden yourself and clear blockages that have been affecting not only your business but also your health, wellness, emotions, mindset, soul & energy.

This unique mix of energy work and personal development coaching will help you go deep for accelerated (without bypassing!) and durable results.

If you'd love to experience the big transformation we can create together, you can get it touch via the contact form or book you free clarity call below.

I'm looking forward to teaming up with you to help you activate your potential and accelerate your growth to the next level!

Take care,


(Pronounced "Morgan" or "More Gain" you choose ;) )

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