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Own your unique creative genius, master your mindset and energy to thrive as an empath!

Turn your empathy into a super power.
Take a new start with more freedom, impact & income as you pursue your passion
(without absorbing unwanted energies or sacrificing your wellness)

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As a passion-driven creative, you're not here on Earth to fit in the mold and I know you have no desire to... It's time to own your magic and turn your empathy into a super power!

You're here on Earth to unlock your unique talents and skillset and own your soul gifts!

You deserve a life full of great opportunities, joy, peace, freedom and prosperity!

Even if you know this, sometimes you experience fear and doubt, your empathy and sensitivity are making you feel "weird", sometimes drained... which affects your enthusiasm and energy level.


As a passionate and creative high achiever, there's nothing more painful than feeling stuck, misaligned, and held back by self-doubt... (I've been there!)

Morgane Rose Coaching since 2016

Imagine this:

  • you have a solution-oriented prosperity mindset: you've tamed the "mind goblin" and broken free from self-limiting beliefs and societal conditioning keeping you trapped, you now own your genius and you are authentically being yourself, creating more impact, becoming magnetic!

  • you're feeling fulfilled and abundantly making money doing what you love, living from your passion without struggle because you have released "money blocks" and you feel worthy of receiving.

  • you've strengthened your energy field and are feeling more energetic, your enthusiasm is back, you've learnt how to set energetic boundaries and you can handle any situations without feeling drained or absorbing unwanted energies

  • you're creating a life of mental, emotional, physical, time and financial freedom guided, guided by your intuition, your nervous system is rewired, you feel calm and you know how to get back into balance when life gets crazy.

Are you ready to become magnetic and live from your passion without sacrificing your wellness or feeling drained?


I'm here to help you achieve all of this ☝️ because I've done it for myself!

Hi! I'm Morgane!

I'm here to help you master your energy and mind so you can thrive as an empath and live abundantly from your passion, without absorbing intrusive energies.

  • Certified Coach in:

    • Personal Development,

    • Life Purpose,

    • Business + Entrepreneurship

  • Born Healing Facilitator (energy + subconscious reprogramming, Certified EFT/TFT Practitioner + Hypnotherapist)

  • 6 ESP activated


(but that's a mouthful... call me your Self-leadership Swiss Knife Mentor...)

Morgane Rose Coaching Février 2024

What my happy clients are saying after their sessions

Elyse, Singer/Songwriter (UK)

"Morgane is my ‘go to gal’ I go to when I need help with something in my business that I cannot fix.

You can rely on Morgane for full support and clarity, as she explains exactly what she is doing and why, so you learn as well and become super empowered.

If you are looking for assistance with a business challenge, and would like top notch professional assistance, then I highly recommend Morgane to help you with ease, joy and fun!"

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A few examples of what my clients have accomplished

Sitting Meditation
Holistic Well-being
  • Improved physical well-being, including reduced pains

  • Enhanced emotional, mental and spiritual health

  • Healed their trauma

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • More peace & flow in life

  • Enhanced intuition, ESP & self-healing abilities

Self-Discovery and Resilience
  • Found their life purpose and uncovered their soul gifts

  • Navigated difficult life changes with ease and peace

  • Found closure after break-ups or loss of a loved one

  • Overcame limitations & recurring patterns to reach their next level

Home Desk
Career and Lifestyle Transformation
  • Quit 9-5 to start their own business & live off their passion

  • Increased their income (up to 78%)

  • Manifested a new apartment or house

  • Got a new job opportunity with ease

Relationship Empowerment
  • Found love

  • reignited the flame with spouse

  • Healed womb & became pregnant

  • Improved boundaries and communication

  • More self-confidence and standing up for oneself

Are you ready to uncover your full potential and create a life you're excited to wake up to every day?

You already have everything within you!

Intrigued? Let's chat and get a free assessment of your situation!

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Let's bridge the gap between you and your thriving life!

If you prefer sending an email instead of booking a free call, you can do so below:

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